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Kent Community Network

The Kent Public Service Network (KPSN), formally the Kent Community Network, is the broadband wide area network (WAN) for schools and Kent County Council facilities in Kent, United Kingdom. Kent schools first used the Internet in 1985 for international email projects. Kent County Council's NGfL programme of 1998 provided every primary and special school with an Internet-connected laptop computer and provided networked access to secondary schools. DfES made Kent an ICT Pathfinder authority. KCN currently provides broadband to over 540 schools and continues to expand. Internet connectivity is provided by two 2.5 Gbit/s connections, which terminate at the Maidstone and Canterbury WAN centres; these links are provided by KentMAN, who are a JANET service provider.

The Kent Community Network provides broadband connectivity to every part of Kent, whether urban, rural or coastal. It aims to connect every secondary, primary and special school using a high-capacity connection which usually means optical fiber cable to the school.

The Kent Community Network provides Websense filtering to member schools.

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