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Kenya national rugby union team

Template:Infobox rugby team The Kenya national rugby union team is the Kenyan national team in Rugby. It is controlled by the Kenya Rugby Football Union.

The team participates at the Confederation of African Rugby (CAR) tournaments, but has never qualified for the Rugby World Cup.

A Kenya representative rugby team first played against the Royal Navy on 27 July 1925.This game billed as the first representative game was played at the Royal Nairobi Club and Kenya won 11-3.Two Royal Navy teams the HMS Chatham & HMS Effingham toured that year. A touring Combined South African Universities in 1929, starting a long tradition of Kenya national teams playing touring universities (mostly South African), clubs and military units (mostly Royal Naval vessels). Kenya played its first international in 1954, beating Tanganyika although the score of the game is not known. This fixture was repeated in 1955 and 1956 and then in 1958 Kenya played Uganda. These two countries were the major source of opposition for the side during the ensuing decades with matches being played frequently but irregularly as political problems in the region often interfered with fixtures. Zambia and Zimbabwe also provided regular opposition from the mid-1970s until the late 1980s when the formation of the CAR and the expansion of the World Cup provided opportunities to play competitively against many other nations. Its biggest win is against Nigeria, 96-3 on 10 August 1987 and worst defeat against Namibia 12-84 on 27 May 2006.

The Kenyan sevens team takes part in international Rugby sevens competitions and has been more successful than their XV counterpart. Their breakthrough season was 2008–09, in which they made the semifinals of the 2009 Rugby World Cup Sevens and advanced to one final and two semifinals in that year's IRB Sevens World Series. Before that, perhaps their most successful moment in sevens was beating rugby giant Australia in the London Sevens 2006, going on to reach the Final of the Plate competition. In the 2007 rugby sevens in New Zealand, Kenya went on to draw 2nd in their pot, beating such rugby giants as Argentina and Tonga, before being narrowly defeated in the quarter-finals by eventual runners-up Fiji.

Kenya compete annually against Uganda in the Elgon Cup.

During the 2011 Rugby World Cup – Africa qualification, Kenya was placed in pool C, and came away with a 76-8 win over Cameroon and a loss to Tunisia which means they did not qualify for the semi finals.

The home ground of Kenya national rugby union team is the RFUEA Ground in Nairobi.

International Results

File:Kenya v Tonga try.jpg
Kenya scores a try against Tonga in rugby sevens.
Against Played Won Lost Drawn For Against  % Won
 Arabian Gulf
<center>2 <center>0 <center>0 <center>61 <center>41 <center>100
23x15px Botswana <center>1 <center>1 <center>0 <center>0 <center>80 <center>9 <center>100
23x15px Cameroon <center>4 <center>4 <center>0 <center>0 <center>156 <center>55 <center>100
23x15px Madagascar <center>3 <center>0 <center>2 <center>1 <center>60 <center>73 <center>0
23x15px Morocco <center>3 <center>1 <center>2 <center>0 <center>37 <center>74 <center>33.33
23x15px Namibia <center>5 <center>1 <center>4 <center>0 <center>68 <center>267 <center>20
23x15px Nigeria <center>1 <center>1 <center>0 <center>0 <center>96 <center>3 <center>100
23x15px Senegal <center>1 <center>1 <center>0 <center>0 <center>22 <center>7 <center>100
23x15px Tunisia <center>5 <center>2 <center>3 <center>0 <center>94 <center>163 <center>40
23x15px Uganda <center>16 <center>11 <center>5 <center>0 <center>372 <center>274 <center>68.75
23x15px Zambia <center>1 <center>1 <center>0 <center>0 <center>33 <center>10 <center>100
23x15px Zimbabwe <center>10 <center>3 <center>7 <center>0 <center>154 <center>276 <center>30
Total 52 28 23 1 1233 1252 53.85

2013 Africa Cup Squad

The Victoria Cup is the newest competition in African rugby; the 2010 season was the first year it has been held. Three teams, Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe compete for this Cup in a format similar to that of the Tri Nations. Just as the Bledisloe Cup (Australia and New Zealand), Freedom Cup (New Zealand and South Africa) and Mandela Challenge Plate (Australia and South Africa) have been subsumed into the Tri Nations and as the Calcutta Cup (England and Scotland) is now part of the Six Nations, so the pre-existing Elgon Cup between Kenya and Uganda will from now on be played for within this new competition.

Current Squad

Kenya squad for the 2013 Namibian Tri-Nations.[1]

Recent call ups:

Recent Results

Kenya competes annually with the Uganda for the Elgon Cup, as well as competing for the Africa Cup. Kenya is currently one of four teams in division 1A of the Africa Cup which doubles as the Confederation of African Rugby qualification route for the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Africa Cup 2013

Elgon Cup 2013

Africa Cup 2012

Vodacom Cup

File:Simba XV logo.jpg
The Simba XV logo

The Kenyan national team were also included in the South African domestic Vodacom Cup competition in 2014. In early 2014, the KRU confirmed that they would compete in the competition.[2] They would play in the Southern Section of the competition and be based in Cape Town, playing their home matches at City Park Stadium, Crawford.

Media sources started reporting in November 2013 that they would play in the competition[3][4] pending clearance by the IRB,[5] which was subsequently attained.[6]

The South African Rugby Union confirmed their participation on 5 February 2014.[7] The following day the KRU confirmed they will play as the Simba XV for the tournament (and known as Tusker Simba XV for sponsorship reasons).[8]

After initially indicating that they intend to once again enter a team in the competition in 2015[9] and being included in the fixture list for the competition, the Kenyan RFU announced their withdrawal from the competition a month before its scheduled start date due to financial considerations.[10]

Notable players

  • African Leopards Representatives
    • Innocent Simiyu (versus South African Students 2005 and British Army Senior XV 2006)
    • Dan Weku (versus British Army Senior2006 XV and French Under 20 2007)
    • Derrick Wamalwa (versus French Under 20 2007)


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