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Khejuri II

Khejuri II (CD Block)
খেজুরী II সমষ্টি উন্নয়ন ব্লক
community development block
Location in West Bengal, India

Coordinates: 21°51′27″N 87°54′42″E / 21.8575100°N 87.9115520°E / 21.8575100; 87.9115520Coordinates: 21°51′27″N 87°54′42″E / 21.8575100°N 87.9115520°E / 21.8575100; 87.9115520{{#coordinates:21.8575100|N|87.9115520|E|type:city(117409)_region:|||| |primary |name=

Country Template:Country data India
State West Bengal
District Purba Medinipur
 • Total 132.77 km2 (51.26 sq mi)
Population (2001)
 • Total 117,409
 • Density 880/km2 (2,300/sq mi)
 • Official Bengali, English
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Lok Sabha constituency Kanthi
Vidhan Sabha constituency Khejuri

Khejuri II (community development block) is an administrative division in Contai subdivision of Purba Medinipur district in the Indian state of West Bengal. Khejuri police station serves this block. Headquarters of this block is at Janka.[1][2]


Khejuri port

Raja Rammohun Roy sailed for England from Khejuri port in 1825.[3][4][5] The devastating cyclone of 1864 destroyed the port at Khejuri.[6]

The area around Khejuri has come up. first century maps project an emerging island in the area which was dumb. Seventeenth century maps show two islands – Khejuri and Hijli. The entire area was submerged under water. Long embankments have been built to keep the saline water away and the land recovered with great effort. In the days of the Nawabs of Bengal, this area had many salt pans. In the early days of the East India Company, the port and the town flourished at Khejuri. As Kolkata grew in importance Khejuri lost its usefulness to the British.[7]

Political battleground

Khejuri was a Left Front stronghold for about two decades till the Nandigram movement.[8] As those who were opposed to the land acquisition policy of the Left Front government started protesting in the Khejuri area, in 2007, terror was unleashed by the CPI(M) cadres, then in command of the region and many had to flee the area.[9][10][11] For a long time Khejuri was used by CPI(M) activists as a launching pad for attacks on Nandigram.[12] After a long struggle between CPI(M) and Trainamool Congress for control of Khejuri, it came under control of the latter.[13] CPI(M) has made attempts to recapture Khejuri but failed.[14] The situation has continued to be tense with many people forced out of the area.[15]


Janka, a constituent panchayat of Khejuri II block, is located at 21°51′27″N 87°54′42″E / 21.8575100°N 87.9115520°E / 21.8575100; 87.9115520{{#coordinates:21.8575100|N|87.9115520|E||||| | |name= }}.

Khejuri II community development block has an area of 132.77  km2.[2]

Cyclones and floods

The entire area is subject to recurring cyclones and floods.[6]

Kaukhali light-house

A light-house was built in 1810 at Kaukhali, a village about five miles south of Khejuri. It is near the mouth of the Rasulpur River.[16] It stood 75 feet high and was visible for 15 miles. Sagar Light House is located 13 miles away across the river on Sagar Island.[17] Kaukhali light-house was abandoned in 1925.[18]

Gram panchayats

Gram panchayats of Khejuri II block/ panchayat samiti are: Baratala, Haludbari, Janka, Khejuri and Nijkasba.[19]


As per 2001 census, Khejuri II block had a total population of 117,409, out of which 60,130 were males and 57,279 were females. Khejuri II block registered a population growth of 17.82 per cent during the 1991-2001 decade. Decadal growth for the combined Midnapore district was 14.87 per cent.[2] Decadal growth in West Bengal was 17.84 per cent.[20]


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