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Kifri (or "Kifrî") is a town in Iraq and the seat of Kifri District. The district population was estimated at 42,010 in 2003 (source: 2003 - NGO Coordination Committee in Iraq). A Turkman majority, and Arab and Feylis minorities, form the population both in this town and in the surrounding District, which is currently part of As Sulaymaniyah Governorate.

Until the 1970s, many inhabitants of the town of Kifri and the villages west to the city were Turkmen. The population in the eastern villages was almost completely Kurdish. Until present time the origin citizens of Kifri are Turkmens; others are just gathered from villages around Kifri. However, after 1980 enforced Arabization changed this situation, and after 2003 a Kurdization policy - accompanied by large-scale emigration of the Turkmen (mainly to Baghdad and Kirkuk) - changed the demography of the city. The oldest districts - namely Ismail Beg, Dedeler and Sade - are the original districts mainly inhabited by Turkmen, whereas the newer ones such as Imam Muhammed and Awberi are Kurdish. The mostly well-known old places are Baba Şahsivar, ismail beg, karaoğlan, kapalı çarşı, büyük camii, öksürme deliği etc. these places named by Turkish or Turkmani language this is a proof for showing the major inhabitants in Kifri. The arched old bazar with its hans is typical of Ottoman architecture. Unfortunately due to neglect this interesting heritage is being nullified.

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