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Kodacolor Technology

For other uses of the "Kodacolor" brand, see Kodacolor.

Kodacolor Technology is a Kodak-owned brand used to collectively market several of its inkjet printing technologies. It was announced on 6 February 2007 at the launch of Kodak EasyShare All-in-One Printers.[1] Kodak claims that these technologies enable consumers to print crisp text documents and Kodak lab-quality photos at home.

Kodacolor Technology is protected by United States patent 7,655,083.

Key elements

Kodacolor Technology consists of four main groups of technologies:

  • Patented, Pigment-based inks
    • Kodak utilizes a proprietary milling process for uniform pigment particle sizes. In the initial development of their pigment ink. Through trial and error, companies such as Kodak realised that pigment particles were settling at the bottom of the storage containers, which negatively affected image quality.[2] The solution to this issue was to mill the pigment particles much smaller with this proprietary process, so they would stay suspended in liquid.
    • The five-ink inkjet color cartridge is really four colors (black, magenta, cyan, and yellow), plus a clear protective ink/coating. This proprietary coating is for uniform gloss levels on the printed page.
    • wider color gamut coverage than previous pigmented inks, due to finer particles
    • Polymeric Binders for Durability
    • Kodak claims that prints will last over 100 years unprotected (whereas dye-based inks prints typically last only 15 years before fading)
  • Instant Dry, micro-porous photo papers
    • optimized so that the pigment particles sit on the surface of the porous paper while the liquid they are suspended in is absorbed.
    • ink drop absorption (drying time) takes 15 milliseconds
  • Color and image sciences
    • scene balance algorithms for auto image improvement
    • image restoration algorithms
    • advanced multi-level half toning and rendering processes combine to create continuous smooth tone images
  • Proprietary High Speed Inkjet Printing System
    • Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) print head
    • Micro-Precision, Uniform Dot Placement
    • Dual Drop Sizes - 2.7 pL (colours) & 6.5 pL (black and clear coat)
    • 3,840 nozzle high density permanent printhead
    • 1/2 inch printhead swatch height (fewer passes)


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