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Koutiala Cercle

Koutiala Cercle
Location of the Cercle of Koutiala in Mali
Location of the Cercle of Koutiala in Mali
Country 23x15px Mali
Region Sikasso Region
Cercle Koutiala
Admin HQ (Chef-lieu) Koutiala
 • Total 8,740 km2 (3,370 sq mi)
Population (2009 census)
 • Total 575,253
 • Density 66/km2 (170/sq mi)
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)

Koutiala Cercle is an administrative subdivision of the Sikasso Region of southern Mali. The administrative center is the town of Koutiala. The Cercle is divided into 36 communes.


Koutiala is the heartland of the cotton production in Mali and its main town is sometimes called "the white gold capital" for its cotton.[2] However, the industry has been affected by stagnation since the 1980s.[3] Aside from cotton it is also noted for grain production, primarily millet, sorghum and maize.[4]

Administrative divisions

The Cercle of Koutiala is divided into 36 communes:[5][6]


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