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Krechek served in Yogyakarta
Alternative names Krecek
Course Main course
Place of origin Indonesia
Region or state Yogyakarta, Central Java
Creator Javanese
Serving temperature Hot or room temperature
Main ingredients Rambak or krupuk kulit, potato and soybeans cooked in spicy coconut milk stew with chili peppers
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Krechek or krecek or sambal goreng krechek is a traditional Javanese cattle skin spicy stew dish from Yogyakarta and Central Java, Indonesia.[1] Traditionally it is made from the soft inner skin of cattle (cow or water buffalo), however the most common recipe today uses readily available rambak or krupuk kulit (cattle skin crackers).

The rambak cracker are cooked in coconut milk-base stew, with diced potatoes and fried soy beans. It is mixed with bumbu (spice mixture) with ample of red chili peppers. Because the skin crackers absorbs coconut milk and spices, they become moist. Krechek has a soft and moist texture with rich and spicy taste and reddish-orange color. Some recipe might add cow liver as sambal goreng hati krecek,[2] while others might add diced tofu.[3]


Krechek is served with white steamed rice. It is often served as side dish, part of nasi gudeg, nasi campur or nasi uduk set.


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