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Kreis Wenden

1880 postage stamp. The district ran its own internal postal service from 1863 to 1903.

Kreis Wenden (Cēsu apriņķis, Венденский уезд) was one of the nine subdivisions of the Governorate of Livonia of the Russian Empire. Its capital was Cēsis (Wenden). It was situated in the central part of the governorate (in present-day northern Latvia).


At the time of the Russian Empire Census of 1897, Kreis Wenden had a population of 124,208. Of these, 94.3% spoke Latvian, 3.5% German, 1.0% Russian, 0.6% Yiddish, 0.2% Polish, 0.2% Estonian and 0.1% Romani as their native language.[1]


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