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Krems an der Donau

This article is about the city. For the river, see Krems (Lower Austria).
Statutory city (Austria)
View of Krems from the Kreuzberg mountain
View of Krems from the Kreuzberg mountain
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Location of Krems in Austria

Coordinates: 48°25′N 15°37′E / 48.417°N 15.617°E / 48.417; 15.617{{#coordinates:48|25|N|15|37|E|type:city_region:AT|| | |name=

Country Austria 23x15px
State Lower Austria
District Statutory city (Austria)
Town rights 1305
 • Mayor Reinhard Resch (SPÖ)
 • Vice-Mayor Wolfgang Derler (ÖVP)
 • Statutory city (Austria) 51.61 km2 (19.93 sq mi)
Elevation 203 m (666 ft)
Population (2012)
 • Statutory city (Austria) 24,110[1]11px[when?]
 • Density 467/km2 (1,210/sq mi)
 • Urban c. 50,000
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 3500
Area code 02732
License plate KS

Krems an der Donau Template:IPA-de is a town of 24,110 inhabitants[when?] in Austria, in the federal state of Lower Austria. It is the fifth-largest city of Lower Austria and is approximately Script error: No such module "convert". west of Vienna. Krems is a city with its own statute (or Statutarstadt), and therefore it is both a municipality and a district.


Krems is located at the confluence of the Krems and Danube Rivers at the eastern end of Wachau valley, in the southern Waldviertel.

Krems borders the following municipalities: Stratzing, Langenlois, Rohrendorf bei Krems, Gedersdorf, Traismauer, Nußdorf ob der Traisen, Paudorf, Furth bei Göttweig, Mautern an der Donau, Dürnstein, and Senftenberg.


File:Krems an der Donau 1900.jpg
View of Krems in 1900
File:Stein adD.JPG
Danube in Krems with the harbour in background

Krems was first mentioned in 995 in a certificate of Otto III,[2] but settlement was apparent even before then. For example a child's grave, over 27,000 years old, was found here. This is the oldest grave found in Austria.

During the 11th and 12th centuries, Chremis, as it was then called, was almost as large as Vienna.

Krems is the primary producer of Marillenschnaps, an apricot brandy.

Krems is the hometown of Martin Johann Schmidt, called "Kremserschmidt", the leading painter, draughtsman and etcher of the Austrian late Baroque.

City division

  • Innenstadt (Inner City)
  • Weinzierl
  • Mitterau
  • Stein
  • Egelsee
  • Rehberg
  • Am Steindl
  • Gneixendorf
  • Lerchenfeld
  • Krems-Süd (South Krems)

Population development


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The population (with principal residence status) in the agglomeration was about 50,000 at the end of 2010.


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Main sights

File:Krems danube001 2004.jpg
View of Stein, a quarter in the west end of the city

Old town

  • Rathaus
  • Pfarrkirche St. Veit
  • Bürgerspitalkirche
  • Göglhaus
  • Gozzoburg
  • Piaristenkirche
  • Pulverturm
  • Dominikanerkirche
  • Großes Sgraffitohaus
  • Simandlbrunnen
  • Dreifaltigkeitssäule
  • Steiner Tor: The gate, erected in 1480, is the second remaining medieval gate

Outside the Old Town

  • Kremser Tor
  • Minoritenkirche
  • Salzstadl
  • Pfarrkirche Hl. Nikolaus
  • Frauenbergkirche
  • Göttweigerhofkapelle
  • Großer Passauerhof
  • Mauthaus
  • Linzer Tor
  • Kloster Und
  • Kunsthalle Krems
  • Karikaturmuseum Krems
  • University Krems


Krems Central Station
File:S5 Landersdorf.JPG
Motorway to Vienna in the industrial area of Krems

The city's main railway station is a junction of the Franz-Josefs Railway to Vienna, the Kremser Railway to St. Pölten, the Donauufer Railway to Spitz and the regional railway to Horn. It is at the intersection of the Stockerauer Speedway S5 and the Kremser Speedway S33, and is traversed by the Danube Road B3, the Retzer Road B35, the Kremser Road B37 and the Langenloiser Road B218. Krems is a junction of the Wieselbus bus lines, which provides radial connections between Sankt Pölten and the different regions of Lower Austria.

Main Roads

  • Stockerauer Schnellstraße (S5) from Krems to Vienna
  • Kremser Schnellstraße (S33) from Krems to St. Pölten
  • Donau Straße (B3) from Krems to Linz
  • Aggsteiner Straße (B33) from Krems to Melk
  • Retzer Straße (B35) from Krems to Retz
  • Kremser Straße (B37) from Krems to Rastenfeld
  • Langenloiser Straße (B218) from Krems to Langenlois


Air traffic

  • Krems Airport

In the city

A network of four bus lines operates at regular intervals within the city. Every summer, a tourist train connects the ancient parts of the city with museums, the central railway station and the passenger ship terminal of Krems.


Municipal council

The municipal council consists of 40 members and since the municipal elections in 2012 it consists of the following parties:

Municipal elections in Krems were held in October 2012.

City's senate

The city's senate consists of 11 members:

  • SPÖ: 5 members
  • ÖVP: 4 members
  • FPÖ: 1 members

Public facilities

Educational facilities

File:Ringstraßengymnasium Krems.JPG
Bundesrealgymnasium Krems Ringstraße
File:Campuskrems vonoben.jpg
Danube University Krems
  • Bundesgymnasium Rechte Kremszeile
  • Bundesgymnasium Piaristen
  • Bundesrealgymnasium Krems Ringstraße
  • Oberstufenrealgymnasium Englische Fräulein
  • Bundesreal- and Bundesoberstufenrealgymnasium (BORG) Krems Heinemannstraße
  • HTBL Krems
  • HLF Krems
  • HLA/HLW Krems
  • BHAK/BHAS Krems

Leisure and sports sites

Swimming is available at Kremser Strandbad (indoor swimming pool) and outdoor.


Twin towns

Krems is twinned with the following cities:


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