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Kue cubit

Kue cubit
Type Cake
Place of origin Indonesia
Main ingredients Flour, sugar, milk, baking powder
Variations Laba-laba
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Kue cubit is a common snack food in many Indonesian cities. It is a cake, around Script error: No such module "convert". in diameter. It can be obtained from street sellers near schools. Kue cubit uses flour, baking powder, sugar and milk as its primary ingredients. The liquid dough is poured into a steel plate with several small round basins so that it will form a round shape when cooked, and poured with meises (chocolate granules) on top of it. The seller uses a special hooked stick to take the cake off from the steel plate.

The cake is called kue "cubit" (Indonesian: pinch) because of its small size: to eat it one has to pinch it. Another variant is called kue "laba-laba" (Indonesian: spider), referring to its spider-web-like form created by pouring the liquid dough spread around the steel plate. The cake is related to the Dutch poffertjes.

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