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Kuy language

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Native to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia
Native speakers
ca. 450,000  (2005–2006)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Either:
kdt – Kuy (Kuay)
nyl – Nyeu (Yoe)
Glottolog kuys1235[2]

Kuy, also known as Kui, Soui or Kuay (Thai: ภาษากูย; Khmer: ភាសាកួយ), is a Katuic language, part of the larger Austroasiatic family spoken by the Kuy people of Southeast Asia.

Kuy is one of the languages of the Austroasiatic family. It is spoken in northeastern Thailand by about 300,000 people; in Salavan, Savannakhet and Xekong provinces of Laos by about 64,000; and in Preah Vihear, Stung Treng and Kampong Thom provinces of northern Cambodia by 15,500 people.


Spelling variants and varieties include the following (Sidwell 2005:11).

  • Kui
  • Kuy
  • Kuay
  • Koay
  • Souei. The term "Souei" is also applied to other groups, such as a Pearic community in Cambodia.
  • Soai
  • Yeu
  • Nanhang
  • Kouy. A textbook in French is published for this variant (Parlons Kouy).


Van der haak & Woykos (1987-1988) identified two major Kui varieties in Surin and Sisaket provinces of eastern Thailand, Kuuy and Kuay. Van der haak & Woykos also identified the following divergent Kui varieties in Sisaket Province, Thailand.[3]

Mann & Markowski (2005) reported the following four Kuy dialects spoken in north-central Cambodia.

  • Ntua
  • Ntra: includes the subdialects of Auk and Wa
  • Mla: 567 speakers in the single village of Krala Peas, Choam Ksan District, Preah Vihear Province
  • "Thmei"

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