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Labour Party (UK) deputy leadership election, 1983

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A Labour party deputy leadership election took place on 2 October 1983 to replace incumbent Deputy Leader Denis Healey. Healey had served in the position since 1980, becoming deputy leader at the same time that Michael Foot became party leader. Foot and Healey had both announced their resignations after the general election on 9 June 1983, in which a disastrous performance left the Labour Party with just 209 seats in parliament.

The election was conducted using the Labour party's electoral college. It was won by Roy Hattersley, who won more than two-thirds of the votes. On the same day, Neil Kinnock won the leadership challenge.



Candidate Affiliated Constituency Parliamentary Total (%)
Roy Hattersley 35.266 15.313 16.716 67.296
Michael Meacher 4.734 14.350 8.806 27.890
Denzil Davies 0.000 0.241 3.284 3.524
Gwyneth Dunwoody 0.000 0.096 1.194 1.290
Roy Hattersley elected


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