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Lamet people

Total population
22,200 (est.)
Regions with significant populations
Laos, Thailand
Lamet, Lao, Thai
Animism, Buddhism

The Lamet people are an ethnic group in Thailand and Laos.

Name Variations

Lamet are also often referred to as:[citation needed]

  • Lamed
  • Khamet
  • Khamed

Geographic Distribution

There are approximately 22,000 Lamet in the Louang Namtha Province, Oudomxai and Bokeo Provinces of Laos.[citation needed] There are also approximately 100 Lamet in Thailand in the Chiang Rai and Lampang Provinces.[citation needed]There are also 90 Lamet in the United States and 30 in France.[citation needed] In Laos, the Lamet are a hill tribe.


The Lamet claim to be an indigenous population to northwestern Laos.[1] They are a Palaungic ethnic group.


The Lamet speak an Austroasiatic language related to Palaung and Wa.[1] Most adult males also speak Tai Yuan.[1]


The Lamet practice slash-and-burn agriculture, as well as hunting, gathering and fishing.[1] The Lamet trade with the Lao and Thai to obtain their necessaries.[1] Some Lamet also work for wages.[1]


Marriage customs

After marriage, the newly married Lamet man moves into his wife's family home and works for her father. He then begins to make marriage payments up to a fixed amount, after which the couple either moves in with the husband's parents, or the couple makes a new household.[citation needed]

Significance of Wealth

Wealth is considered an important characteristic among male Lamet. For the Lamet, weatlh is measured by one's inventory of buffalo, chimes, and bronze drums.[citation needed]


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