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This article is about the procedure to increase the size of an opening in a lamina. For the procedure to completely remove a lamina, see Laminectomy.
File:Hemilaminektomie LWK5 - Roe ap 001.jpg
Radiograph of the lumbar spine after hemilaminectomy of the fifth lumbar vertebra
ICD-9-CM 03.09

A laminotomy is an orthopaedic neurosurgical procedure that removes part of a lamina of the vertebral arch in order to decompress the corresponding spinal cord and/or spinal nerve root.

This was originally performed as a hemilaminectomy, consisting in the removal of either the left or right half of the lamina, but is now more commonly carried out as the removal of a portion of both sides of the lamina (while retaining the rest to preserve vertebral stability as much as possible). Laminotomy is also often accompanied by facetectomy.

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