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Lazarević dynasty

Coat of Arms
Country Serbia
Parent house Nemanjić dynasty
Titles Prince, Despot
Founded 1371
Founder Lazar Hrebeljanović
Final ruler Stefan Lazarević
Dissolution 1427

The Lazarević (pronounced [lazǎːrɛv̞itɕ]; Serbian: Лазаревићи/Lazarevići; 1371–1427) was a Serbian medieval royal family, which ruled Moravian Serbia and the Serbian Despotate.

The dynasty began with Lazar Hrebeljanović, son of Pribac Hrebeljanović -a noble at the court of Dušan the Mighty and of Princess Jelena Zupan Rascia-Nemanjić of Serbia. Lazar married Milica of Rascia of the Nemanjić dynasty and was later given the title "Knez" by Serbian Emperor Uroš the Weak. He gained lands in Central Serbia and through his ties with the Nemanjićs he became the regent of Moravian Serbia. In the Battle of Kosovo against the Ottoman Empire, Lazar was killed and Serbia became a vassal state, leading to the end of Serbian sovereignty.


Rulers of Moravian Serbia from 1371 to 1427.

Family tree

  • Pribac

Lazarevići: Lazar married Milica (Милица) in around 1353 and issued at least seven children:


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