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League of Super-Assassins

The League of Super-Assassins is a team of fictional DC Comics villains that fought against the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Members of this group of super powered beings came from the planet Dryad. Tricked into thinking that the Legion of Super-Heroes were somehow connected to the destruction of their planet they set out to destroy the Legion. Controlling them was the "Dark Man" which was actually a clone of Tharok, the evil genius of the Fatal Five. The "Dark Man" subjected the youths to experiments giving them super powers.


The League of Super-Assassins was originally created as rough analogies for the membership of Marvel Comics' X-Men lineup at the time, created by mutual agreement between the separate books' writers to have an inter-company crossover by proxy. The Shi'ar Imperial Guard was an homage to the Legion of Super-Heroes which appeared in X-Men #107.

Blok: A silicon-based life form with a rock-like humanoid appearance and increased mass and strength. He also was able to absorb certain types of energy and had a life span much longer than that of humans. Based on Colossus

Silver Slasher: Real name Ki-Lan, a female with a metallically enhanced body and razor sharp fingers. She was also able to spin her body at increased speeds and her metallic body gave her strength and hardness to cut through most substances. Based on Wolverine

Titania: A super strong female with increased invulnerability. She is Silver Slasher's cousin, and her strength rivaled that of Mon-El and Superboy. Based on Thunderbird

Lazon: Real name Chey-Nu. He can turn into any form of light. Based on Sunfire

Mist Master: Real name Yer Sti-Tuan. He can turn into any form of gas or vapor. Based on Storm

Neutrax: Real name Wi Kan Muur. He sits in a flying chair much like Metron of the New Gods. He has the ability to neutralize others powers for short periods of time. Based on Professor X

After capture by the Legion, Blok chose to aid the Legion against the Dark Man and was offered membership in the Legion.

Many of the other members were either released from prison or escaped and joined the Legion of Super-Villains, starting with Legion of Super-Heroes (Baxter) issues 1-5.

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