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Leapfrog (comics)

Not to be confused with Leap-Frog (comics).
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The Leapfrog first appeared in Runaways #14 (April 2004). It is the method of transportation for the Runaways.

The Leapfrog is the personal mode of transport for the Marvel Comics superhero team Runaways. The ship takes on the form of a large frog.[1] Originally created by Janet Stein and Victor Stein, the Leapfrog was used by the Pride when they had to perform their Rite of Thunder for the Gibborim. After the Pride was destroyed by the Gibborim, control of the Leapfrog rested with Chase Stein and has since been used as the primary mode of transportation for the Runaways. The Leapfrog doesn't actually fly; it "jumps" forward to move.[2]

When the Runaways took the Leapfrog as their own transport after the deaths of their parents, Chase took control of it. However, they didn't keep it long, as they were taken into the custody of Social Services by the Avengers. Once they fled their respective homes, they found the Leapfrog at the old Avengers West Coast compound.[1] Due to the Leapfrog's unusual appearance, it has a cloaking device to enable it to pass by unnoticed.[1] The Leapfrog contains lasers which can be shot, with two settings: stun, and kill.[2] They can also be used as stand-alone weapons, as shown by Victor Mancha in shooting Dr. Doom.

The Leapfrog is implied to have a mind of its own. The first time it spoke to Chase, it mentioned it could speak in five thousand languages. When a depressed Molly Hayes speaks to the Leapfrog about Heaven, the Leapfrog makes up its mind to be tactful and assures Molly that Gertrude Yorkes is in Heaven.[1] When Chase decided to take leave from the team, Victor began piloting Leapfrog. The ship can be operated by remote control, as seen when Hunter took control of the lasers. Most recently, the Leapfrog was capable of time traveling - because of this, they were able to get Klara Prast from 1907.[1] Karolina Dean has flown the Leapfrog also.[3]

After a missile crashes into the Runaways' Malibu home, the Leapfrog is also caught in the crossfire.[4] The Leapfrog is dismantled. However, Victor salvages the artificial intelligence of the Frog and installs into a new version of the Leapfrog - one that is able to fly.[5]


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