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Lega Basket Serie A

Lega Basket Serie A
Current season, competition or edition:
31px Lega Basket Serie A 2014–15
Lega Basket A
Sport Basketball
Founded 1920
No. of teams 16
Country 23x15px Italy
Continent FIBA Europe (Europe)
Most recent champion(s) EA7 Emporio Milano
(26th title)
Most titles Olimpia Milano
(26 titles)
Related competitions Italian Cup
Italian Supercup
Level on pyramid 1st tier (Italy)
Relegation to Serie A2
Official website Invalid language code.

The Lega Basket Serie A is the first-tier level club competition in Italian professional basketball where play determines the national champion. It is organized by Lega Basket. The season consists of a home-and-away schedule of 30 games, followed by an eight-team playoff round. Quarterfinals and semifinals series are best-of-five, and the finals series is best-of-seven (in the 2012-13 season, all series are best-of-seven). The last placed club is relegated, and is replaced by the winner of the playoffs of the second-level Serie A2 Basket.

File:Beko Serie A 2015 Alternate Logo.png
Current alternate league logo
File:Lega basket.jpeg
Former league logo

Current teams

Team City
Acea Roma Roma
Acqua Vitasnella Cantù Cantù
Banco di Sardegna Sassari Sassari
Consultinvest Pesaro Pesaro
Dolomiti Energia Trento Trento
EA7 Emporio Armani Milano Milan
Enel Brindisi Brindisi
Giorgio Tesi Group Pistoia Pistoia
Granarolo Bologna Bologna
Grissin Bon Reggio Emilia Reggio Emilia
Openjobmetis Varese Varese
Pasta Reggia Caserta Caserta
Sidigas Avellino Avellino
Umana Reyer Venezia Venice
Upea Capo d'Orlando Capo d'Orlando
Vanoli Basket Cremona Cremona

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The national basketball league was first organized for play in Italy in 1920. The first title was won by SEF Costanza Milano, and the team holding the record for title championships is Olimpia Milano, who have won 26 championships. Twenty different teams have won the championship since its inception. In recent years, the league has been dominated by a handful of teams:

  • Virtus Bologna, with five scudetti between 1993 and 2001.
  • Benetton Treviso, with five scudetti (league titles) since 1992.
  • Virtus' crosstown rivals Fortitudo (who dropped from the professional ranks in 2009); although only with two scudetti, they had an 11-year run from 1996 to 2006 in which they appeared in the championship series 10 times.
  • Montepaschi Siena, with eight scudetti since 2004.

Until the 2000s, the Italian Championship was the most important national domestic league in Europe, but now the Spanish ACB League and Greek Basket League are considered to be stronger than Serie A (European national basketball league rankings).

Through the 2007–08 season, 18 teams competed; however, in September 2008, two clubs, Basket Napoli (not related to the current NSB Napoli, which moved from Rieti to Naples after the 2008–09 season) and Orlandina, were forcibly relegated from the professional ranks for financial irregularities and were not replaced for the 2008–09 season. Today, 16 teams compete in the highest level of play.

Title holders

[citation needed]

Titles by club

[citation needed]
Club Champions Winning years
Olimpia Milano
1935-36, 1936–37, 1937–38, 1938–39, 1949–50, 1950–51, 1951–52, 1952–53, 1953–54, 1956–57, 1957–58, 1958–59, 1959–60, 1961–62, 1962–63, 1964–65, 1965–66, 1966–67, 1971–72, 1981–82, 1984–85, 1985–86, 1986–87, 1988–89, 1995–96, 2013–14
Virtus Bologna <center>15px15px15px15px15px15px 1945-46, 1946–47, 1947–48, 1948–49, 1954–55, 1955–56, 1975–76, 1978–79, 1979–80, 1983–84, 1992–93, 1993–94, 1994–95, 1997–98, 2000–01
Varese <center>15px 1960-61, 1963–64, 1968–69, 1969–70, 1970–71, 1972–73, 1973–74, 1976–77, 1977–78, 1998–99
Mens Sana <center>15px15px15px15px15px15px15px15px 2003-04, 2006–07, 2007–08, 2008–09, 2009–10, 2010–11, 2011–12, 2012-13
Assi Milano <center>15px15px15px15px15px15px 1921, 1922, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927
Ginnastica Triestina <center>15px15px15px15px15px 1930, 1932, 1934, 1939–40, 1940-41
Treviso <center>15px15px15px15px15px 1991-92, 1996–97, 2001–02, 2002–03, 2005–06
Ginnastica Roma <center>15px15px15px15px 1928, 1931, 1933, 1935
Cantù <center>15px15px15px 1967-68, 1974–75, 1980–81
Reyer Venezia <center>15px15px 1941-42, 1942–43
VL Pesaro <center>15px15px 1987-88, 1989–90
Fortitudo Bologna <center>15px15px 1999-00, 2004–05
Costanza Milano <center>15px 1920
Internazionale Milano <center>15px 1923
Virtus Roma <center>15px 1982-83
Juvecaserta <center>15px 1990-91

A1 Finals

[citation needed]
Season Home court advantage Result Home court disadvantage 1st of Regular Season Record
<center>1976–77 Sinudyne Bologna <center>0–2 18px Mobilgirgi Varese Sinudyne Bologna <center>19–3
<center>1977–78 18px Mobilgirgi Varese <center>2–1 Sinudyne Bologna Mobilgirgi Varese <center>18–4
<center>1978–79 18px Sinudyne Bologna <center>2–0 Billy Milano Emerson Varese <center>18–8
<center>1979–80 18px Sinudyne Bologna <center>2–0 Gabetti Cantù Billy Milano <center>22–4
<center>1980–81 18px Squibb Cantù <center>2–1 Sinudyne Bologna Turisanda Varese <center>27–5
<center>1981–82 Scavolini Pesaro <center>0–2 18px Billy Milano Scavolini Pesaro <center>25–7
<center>1982–83 18px Banco di Roma Virtus <center>2–1 Billy Milano Banco di Roma Virtus <center>22–8
<center>1983–84 Simac Milano <center>1–2 18px Granarolo Bologna Simac Milano <center>25–5
<center>1984–85 18px Simac Milano <center>2–0 Scavolini Pesaro Banco di Roma Virtus <center>23–4
<center>1985–86 18px Simac Milano <center>2–1 Mobilgirgi Caserta Simac Milano <center>26–4
<center>1986–87 18px Tracer Milano <center>3–0 Mobilgirgi Caserta Divarese Varese <center>22–8
<center>1987–88 Tracer Milano <center>1–3 18px Scavolini Pesaro Divarese Varese <center>23–7
<center>1988–89 Enichem Livorno <center>2–3 18px Philips Milano Scavolini Pesaro <center>21–9
<center>1989–90 18px Scavolini Pesaro <center>3–1 Ranger Varese Scavolini Pesaro <center>22–8
<center>1990–91 Philips Milano <center>2–3 18px Phonola Caserta Philips Milano <center>21–9
<center>1991–92 Scavolini Pesaro <center>1–3 18px Benetton Treviso Scavolini Pesaro <center>22–8
<center>1992–93 18px Knorr Bologna <center>3–0 Benetton Treviso Knorr Bologna <center>24–6
<center>1993–94 18px Buckler Bologna <center>3–2 Scavolini Pesaro Buckler Bologna <center>24–6
<center>1994–95 18px Buckler Bologna <center>3–0 Benetton Treviso Buckler Bologna <center>25–7
<center>1995–96 Teamsystem Bologna <center>1–3 18px Stefanel Milano Buckler Bologna <center>23–9
<center>1996–97 18px Benetton Treviso <center>3–2 Teamsystem Bologna Benetton Treviso <center>22–4
<center>1997–98 18px Kinder Bologna <center>3–2 Teamsystem Bologna Kinder Bologna <center>23–3
<center>1998–99 18px Varese Roosters <center>3–0 Benetton Treviso Teamsystem Bologna <center>22–4
<center>1999–00 18px Paf Bologna <center>3–1 Benetton Treviso Paf Bologna <center>27–3
<center>2000–01 18px Kinder Bologna <center>3–0 Paf Bologna Kinder Bologna <center>29–5
<center>2001–02 Skipper Bologna <center>0–3 18px Benetton Treviso Skipper Bologna <center>29–7
<center>2002–03 18px Benetton Treviso <center>3–1 Skipper Bologna Benetton Treviso <center>30–4
<center>2003–04 18px Montepaschi Siena <center>3–0 Skipper Bologna Montepaschi Siena <center>26–8
<center>2004–05 18px Climamio Bologna <center>3–1 Armani Jeans Milano Benetton Treviso <center>28–6
<center>2005–06 Climamio Bologna <center>1–3 18px Benetton Treviso Climamio Bologna <center>27–7
<center>2006–07 18px Montepaschi Siena <center>3–0 VidiVici Bologna Montepaschi Siena <center>30–4
<center>2007–08 18px Montepaschi Siena <center>4–1 Lottomatica Roma Montepaschi Siena <center>31–3
<center>2008–09 18px Montepaschi Siena <center>4–0 Armani Jeans Milano Montepaschi Siena <center>29–1
<center>2009–10 18px Montepaschi Siena <center>4–0 Armani Jeans Milano Montepaschi Siena <center>26–2
<center>2010–11 18px Montepaschi Siena <center>4–1 Bennet Cantù Montepaschi Siena <center>26–4
<center>2011–12 18px Montepaschi Siena <center>4–1 EA7 Milano Montepaschi Siena <center>24–8
<center>2012–13 Acea Roma <center>1–4 18px Montepaschi Siena Cimberio Varese <center>23–7
<center>2013–14 18px EA7 Milano <center>4–3 Montepaschi Siena EA7 Milano <center>25–5

A1 Final Performances by Club

Club W L Total
Virtus Bologna <center>8 <center>4 <center>12
Mens Sana <center>8 <center>1 <center>9
Olimpia Milano <center>7 <center>9 <center>16
Treviso <center>5 <center>4 <center>9
Fortitudo Bologna <center>2 <center>8 <center>10
Vuelle Pesaro <center>2 <center>4 <center>6
Varese <center>2 <center>2 <center>4
Juvecaserta <center>1 <center>2 <center>3
Cantù <center>1 <center>2 <center>3
Virtus Roma <center>1 <center>2 <center>3
Libertas Livorno <center>0 <center>1 <center>1

Individual awards

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