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Lego Indiana Jones

Lego Indiana Jones
Sub‑themes Raiders of the Lost Ark
Temple of Doom
The Last Crusade
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Subject Indiana Jones
Availability 2008–2009
Total sets 15
Characters Indiana Jones
Henry Jones Sr.
Marion Ravenwood
Rene Belloq
Short Round
Willie Scott
Elsa Schneider
Official website

Lego Indiana Jones is a Lego theme based on the Indiana Jones film franchise, licensed from Lucasfilm. The exclusive franchise (for the 'Construction Category Rights') was first announced in June 2007,[1] and followed the successful Lego Star Wars franchise, also with Lucasfilm. The first set of products were launched in 2008, based upon two of the three earlier films (Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade). Sets featuring scenes from the fourth film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, were released alongside the film, later in 2008. The Temple of Doom film was not featured until 2009, in a large set which re-created the mine-cart chase using new narrow-gauge Lego train track.

The theme also features in a video game series. Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures was released on June 3, 2008, based on the original trilogy. A sequel, called Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, was released in November 2009, including scenes from the new Kingdom of the Crystal Skull film, along with a level editor feature.

A computer-animated short film series called Lego Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Brick, directed by Peter Petersen, was also released on the official Lego site. It combines details from all four Indiana Jones films in one adventure.


The development of the Indiana Jones Lego theme followed a similar process to other Lego themes, with sets being designed by Lego's team of designers in Billund, in consultation with franchise owner Lucasfilm. The inclusion of guns within the sets (including machine guns) was a cause of some internal controversy.[2]


Of the initial wave of sets released in 2008, Temple Escape (7623) was one of the biggest, and features the famous boulder chase scene from the opening sequence of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Measuring 53 cm long, the set included numerous 'booby traps' from the film, including shooting spears and tumbling rocks. As well as Indiana Jones himself, the set included minifigs of René Belloq and Satipo. Pilot Jock and his seaplane were also included as a late addition, with the Lego designer and Lucasfilm agreeing that they were an important addition to complete the scene (allowing Indy to escape).[3]

Two other medium-size sets released at the same time also featured scenes from the Lost Ark film. The Lost Tomb (7621) depicted a snake-filled tomb, which Indy must escape from, and Race for the Stolen Treasure (7622) depicted the chase scene from the film, with Indy riding a horse in pursuit of a truck.

Later in 2008, four sets were released featuring scenes from the new film. The biggest of these was Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (7627), which focused on the final scene of the movie, and included a rotating circle of 'crystal skeletons', as well as the falling obelisk tower. The characters Mutt Williams, Irina Spalko and an two Ugha Warriors were all included in minifig form, as well as Indy and an unnamed Russian soldier.

In 2009, the 'gap' of having no sets from The Temple of Doom was filled with two new sets featuring scenes from the film. The biggest of the two, The Temple of Doom (7199), included new narrower gauge (4-studs wide rather than the usual 6 studs) Lego train tracks in order to re-create the mine cart chase scene from the second half of the film. Six track piece were included in two shapes, four as curves and two as slopes. Straight track pieces for this new type of train track have not yet been released in any set.

The second-biggest set released in 2009 was Venice Canal Chase (7197), which depicts the boat chase scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The set includes two boats, one driven by Indy and Elsa Schneider, and the other driven by two Grail Guardians. The boats appear largely identical bar a few colour differences, but contain different button-activated actions - one boats splits in two when a button is pressed, the other one features an 'exploding' motor. The two Grail Guardian minifigs are notable for their dark red Fez hats, which is a new Lego element. The set also features a Venetian style bridge and an exploding pier.[4]


see List of Lego Indiana Jones sets

Name Number Minifigures Released Film Pieces
Motorcycle Chase 7620 Indiana Jones, Henry Jones, Sr., German Motorcyclist 2008 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 79
The Lost Tomb 7621 Indiana Jones, Marion Ravenwood, Skeleton 2008 Raiders of the Lost Ark 277
Race for the Stolen Treasure 7622 Indiana Jones, German Guards (Three), Horse 2008 Raiders of the Lost Ark 272
Temple Escape 7623 Indiana Jones, Rene Belloq, Satipo, Jock, Skeleton (Two) 2008 Raiders of the Lost Ark 552
Jungle Duel 7624 Indiana Jones, Irina Spalko, Mutt Williams 2008 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 90
River Chase 7625 Indiana Jones, Russian Guards (Two), Marion Ravenwood 2008 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 234
Jungle Cutter 7626 Indiana Jones, Colonel Dovchenko, Russian Guards (Two) 2008 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 511
Temple of the Crystal Skull 7627 Indiana Jones, Mutt Williams, Irina Spalko, Russian Guard, Ugha Warriors (two), Crystal Skull Skeletons (three), Conquistador Skeleton 2008 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 929
Peril in Peru 7628 Indiana Jones, Mutt Williams, Irina Spalko, Russian Guard, Pilot, Colonel Dovchenko 2008 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 625
Jungle Cruiser 20004 Indiana Jones (no bag) 2008 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 83
Shanghai Chase 7682 Indiana Jones (tuxedo), Willie Scott, Short Round, Lao Che, Kao Kan 2009 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 244
Fight on the Flying Wing 7683 Indiana Jones, Marion Ravenwood, German Mechanic, German Pilot 2009 Raiders of the Lost Ark 376
Ambush in Cairo 7195 Indiana Jones (Cairo), Swordsman, Cairo Bandit, Marion Ravenwood 2009 Raiders of the Lost Ark 79
Chauchilla Cemetery Battle 7196 Indiana Jones, Mutt Williams, Cemetery Warriors (two) 2009 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 189
Venice Canal Chase 7197 Indiana Jones (professor), Elsa Schneider, Kazim, Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword guard 2009 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 420
Fighter Plane Attack 7198 Indiana Jones (no bag), Henry Jones Sr., German Pilot 2009 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 339
The Temple of Doom 7199 Indiana Jones (Kali), Willie Scott (Kali), Short Round, Thuggee, Chief Thugee, Mola Ram 2009 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 654


The line was discontinued in 2010, but since Lucas plans to make a fifth installment to the franchise, the sets may be re-released along with new sets of the possible fifth Indiana Jones film. Due to the fact Disney bought Lucasfilm and may not be making a new Indiana Jones movie, chances of new sets are low.


The Indiana Jones sets proved to be one of the most popular Lego themes, and by the end of 2008 were credited, along with Lego Star Wars, of boosting the Lego Group's profits within a stagnant toy market. The product line was said to have "sold extremely well - especially on the North American market." [5] The sets were occasionally compared to those of the discontinued Lego Adventurers label (which was strongly influenced in its own right by the Indiana Jones franchise), which ran from 1999 to 2003. Marion Ravenwood is the only Lego Minifig to have blue eyes.

Video games

In common with some of the other movie franchise Lego themes, Lego Indiana Jones also features spin-off video games. These combine scenes from the films with the graphic style of the Lego pieces and minifigures.

Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

This was the first videogame released in the series, produced by Traveller's Tales and published by LucasArts in 2008. It features scenes from the first three of the original Indiana Jones films, which can be played in any order.

Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues

This game was produced as a sequel to The Original Adventures, and includes scenes from the fourth film in the franchise (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull), as well as all-new scenes from the three original films. The game also added a new level editor.


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