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Leslie Arliss

Leslie Arliss (6 October 1901, London – 30 December 1987, Jersey, Channel Islands) was an English screenwriter and director. He is best known for his work on the Gainsborough melodramas directing films such as The Man in Grey and The Wicked Lady. during the 1940s. He was not the son of George and Florence Arliss as has sometimes been reported erroneously. HIs parents were, in fact, Charles Sawforde Arliss and Annie Eleanor Lilian Barnett Hill (known as Nina in later years).


Arliss started his professional career as a journalist. Later he branched out into being a critic. During the 1920s he entered the film industry as a screenwriter, and author of short stories. In 1941 he became a director, initially for Associated British, but soon changing to the Gainsborough Pictures. Later he worked for the Alexander Korda-British Lion Film Corporation. His last works for cinema were a number of short films in the mid/late 1950s, two of which (Dearth of a Salesman, Insomnia Is Good for You) featured a young Peter Sellers before he became a major film star in the 1960s. The films were thought lost, but have been recently rediscovered and are due to be shown at the Southend Film Festival in May 2014.[1] He later directed several series of television programmes.

Films for which he was a screenwriter

Films for which he was both director and screenwriter

Films for which he was a director

  • Man with a Dog (short) (1957)
  • Dearth of a Salesman (short) (1957)
  • Insomnia Is Good for You (short) (1957)
  • Danger List (short) (1959)

Television work

  • The New Adventures of Charly Chan - 1952
  • Sailor of Fortune - 1955-6
  • Buccaneers - 1956-57
  • The Invisible Man - 1959


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