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Leviathan (Marvel Comics)

For the Marvel Comics villain that used this name, see Gargantua.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Secret Warriors #11
Created by Jonathan Hickman
Stefano Caselli
In-story information
Type of organization Terrorist

Leviathan (Russian: Левиафан) is the name of an evil Soviet-based organization in Marvel Comics.


Little is known of this mysterious organization, save that it was born out of the Communist Bloc in the same way that Hydra was born out of the Axis powers, and that Leviathan brought 100,000 of the Eastern Bloc's finest Cold War agents to the facility known as Cold Storage, where the majority were placed in cryonic suspension until needed. Apparently, the higher ups of Leviathan were involved in a collaborative game with the Hydra leader Baron Strucker, S.H.I.E.L.D. leader Nick Fury, and Hand grandmaster Soji Soma where the meeting was set by Aries. They gathered together alien technology from the Brood and a collection of tanks. Together, these devices could turn a man into a Super Soldier. Leviathan then chose to betray their partners and take the technology for themselves. Hydra and the Hand struck back, stealing the alien power source making it so that the tanks would turn their occupants into monsters.[1][2]

During the Dark Reign storyline, Leviathan attacks Agarashima, stronghold of Clan Yashida where Silver Samurai is attacked by mysterious, demonic warriors. After a small struggle, he is subdued. The black warrior plunges its claws into his face before determining that he does not have what they're looking for. The largest grabs the Samurai demanding to know where "the box" is. The same warriors then attack the Nemesis shipyards where Gorgon is and introduce themselves as members of Leviathan.[3]

Gorgon fights the soldiers of Leviathan. He easily defeats the squad through use of his sword and petrification. He comments that they should have brought an army. The Leviathan squad leader says that that day will come. He then starts charging only to be knocked back. Trying to get back up, the squad leader says that there are plans within plans and his masters are waking from their long sleep. He uses his claws to puncture Gorgon's face intending to find information for his masters. Gorgon quickly reacts by slicing off his arm before using Godkiller to pin him. He then demands to know what they're after. The squad leader reveals that they have Viper. Killing the Leviathan soldier, Gorgon rushes through Nemesis only for Leviathan to escape with Viper in tow. The ruling council of Hydra (consisting of Baron Strucker, Gorgon, Kraken, and Madame Hydra) discusses Leviathan's attack on Nemesis which cost them two dreadnaughts and half of its personnel. Gorgon concludes that there is a traitor in this room. However, Madame Hydra asserts that the whole attack may have been staged. Nonetheless, Kraken informs everyone that the Psi-agents that had been retrieved from Red Worm have been repurposed to find the traitor. At Leviathan's cold storage facilities called The Long Winter, Leviathan brings in Viper for interrogation. The leader demands to know where "the box" is. When she refuses to comply, they plunge their claws into her face before determining that she doesn't know. They learn that Madame Hydra has it. The Leviathan leader grumbles that this is a delay in their plans. He then declares "Summon the horde... wake the best." And before him are countless lines of containers.[1]

Madame Hydra's transport approaches Leviathan's base Long Winter. The Leviathan commander allows her to land. However, Leviathan wants something valuable in return: the box that Madame Hydra had procured from the Yashidas.[4] Madame Hydra presents the Japanese box to Leviathan leader Magadan, much to the dismay of Viper. However, it is not intended for trade, but a gift. Viper frantically ask how she could betray everything she believes in. Madame Hydra responds that she had done this more than more and shoots her. Magadan shows glee at the death of one of Hydra's leaders. Madame Hydra then takes off her headdress to return to her identity as Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. Valentina has gotten back into her old clothing, before detailing to Magadan about Hydra. She explains that while Hydra is technologically advanced, they are struggling with recruitment and divided interests. Magadan's lieutenants then hook up the box and defrost one of the containers awakening its occupant Orion. As Orion clothes himself, Valentina and Magadan update him on the state of Russia. Orion then declares that they she "taunt the Baron, tempt the Fury."[5] Hydra arrives at Long Winter only to find it deserted except for a few squads left behind and the corpse of Viper. One Hydra agent brings to Baron Strucker a holographic recorder which projects an image of Orion (whom Strucker recognizes as Viktor Uvarov). When the device recognizes his voiceprint, Orion's message plays that despite the unfortunate mishaps between their two organizations during his sleep, they should meet at the Crown in three days.[6] Ten days ago, the Leviathan delegation has arrived at the Hydra base called the Crown in Kyoto. Kraken tells Baron Strucker that there are three arriving. Among them is Magadan, Orion, and obviously their traitor. Orion, Magadan, and Valentina Allegra de Fontaine have arrived to meet with the leaders of Hydra. Valentina is more shocked to see Viper alive with tentacles on her head and having regained her status as Madame Hydra. As the meetings begins, Orion gives out an offer of subservience from Hydra. Baron Strucker refuses to and orders Gorgon to kill him. However, Orion survives a stab to the shoulder from Gorgon as Magadan whacks him away with his hammer. It is then that a Leviathan squadron attacks.[7] It is now all-out war between Hydra and Leviathan. Both terrorist organizations have gone extreme in their methods taking out entire bases without regard for civilians. Eventually, the Leviathan thought to make a ceasefire only for Magadan to get assassinated. In retaliation, Leviathan took out a Hydra recruitment center in Seattle.[8]

At the newest Leviathan base Perestroika, Orion and Valentina plot to assault Gorgon and Madame Hydra. Then suddenly, all their Leviathan soldiers begin to self-destruct. They blame is hit on Nick Fury. Valentina later turns herself over to a federal agency in Berlin.[9] Nick Fury visits Valentina in captivity in Berlin. The latter asks him what he has done. He says one thing "I won." Simply put, when Magadan plugged in the Legacy tech from that box she gave Leviathan he was unaware of that fact that Fury controlled the system, feeding the Leviathan warriors more energy than necessary and essentially shortening their lifespans causing them to self-destruct. The only one left is Orion who has a thousand lifetimes to burn out, but he's just one man. Valentina then laments that everything she has worked for has been for nothing. She then admits that she turned herself in so he could find her.[10]


  • Magadan - The leader of Leviathan. He was assassinated by John Garrett to make it look like that Hydra was responsible.
  • Valentina Allegra de Fontaine - She was revealed to have been a mole in S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra.
  • Orion - A mercenary of Leviathan. He was later killed by Phil Coulson.

In other media


  • Leviathan appears in Agent Carter. The group was founded following World War I on the order of Joseph Stalin. Leviathan's primary operatives are highly-trained female assassins who are recruited, brainwashed and trained by a primitive version of the Black Widow program. Leviathan's actions during the miniseries are overseen by Johann Fennhoff who accompanied a Soviet platoon that brutally massacred each other after being exposed to Howard Stark's Midnight Oil gas at the Battle of Finow where his brother was among the victims. Fennhoff uses Leviathan's resources to exact revenge on Stark. He uses a female assassin named Leila to find out the location of the Midnight Oil and sends Finow veteran Leet Brannis (who was saved from asphyxiation from the Midnight Oil when Fennhoff removed his vocal cords) to procure it. However, Brannis decided to betray his organization by emptying out the contents of Stark's vault to sell for personal gain after manufacturing explosives using Stark's formula for molecular nitramene. This forces Leviathan to send Sasha Demidov (another survivor of Finow) to obtain the inventions while killing the traitor and everyone involved in Brannis's dealings. Their activities attract the attention of Strategic Scientific Reserve agent Peggy Carter who learns of Leviathan's existence when both Leviathan agents are killed when their theft plot is foiled. Sometime after Carter arranges for Stark's inventions to end up in the S.S.R.'s custody in "Time and Tide," Ray Krzeminski and Brannis' hired help Zandow were murdered by Leila (who had assumed the alias "Dottie Underwood" in order to observe Carter). In "A Sin to Err" and "Sin to Error," Dottie remains on standby until Fennoff (posing as a rescued prisoner named Dr. Ivchenko) infiltrates the S.S.R. to personally obtain the Midnight Oil by hypnotizing Roger Dooley to assist him. In "Valediction," Fennoff's plan to use a brainwashed Howard Stark to spray the V-E Day celebrations in Times Square with Midnight Oil fails. While Peggy defeats Leila by throwing her out the window onto an airplane below, Jack Thompson and Daniel Sousa (who was wearing earplugs at the time to avoid being hypnotize) were able to defeat Fenoff. Fennoff is arrested while Leila was shown to have escaped.



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