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Lipophilic bacteria

Lipophilic bacteria (fat-liking bacteria) are bacteria that may proliferate in lipids.


They include lipophilic corynebacteria.[1]

Propionibacterium acnes is a type of liphophilic bacteria,[2] releasing fatty acids and worsening comedones.

However, the group of lipophilic bacteria are not pathogenic, i.e. they don't cause food poisoning or food infection [3]

Health risks

Most materials in laboratories and health-care centers have small amounts of lipids on their surface, and thus may support the proliferation of lipophilic bacteria.[4] However, since they are not pathogenic,[3] this is not a serious threat.

Lipophilic bacteria may also proliferate in diet fat. However, in modern food industry this is very rare[3] and at worst causes a discoloration of the fat[3]

Commercial use

Many lipophilic bacteria are a good source of biosurfactants, hence are used commercially, e.g. Bacillus lichenoformis. These kinds of bacteria produce biosurfactants which replace chemically produced surfactants. Biosurfactans are degradable unlike the chemical ones.


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