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List of AFC Ajax (women) players

This article is about past and present players of AFC Ajax (women). For a list of all Ajax Vrouwen players with a Wikipedia article, see Category:AFC Ajax (women) players. For the current squad, see AFC Ajax (women)#Current_squad.

This list includes past and present footballers who have played/play for Ajax Vrouwen.

List of players

Name Nationality Position Ajax career Captaincy Notes
Antończyk, DariaDaria Antończyk 23x15px Poland Goalkeeper 2013–2014 0
Bakker, EshlyEshly Bakker 23x15px Netherlands Forward 2012–present 0
Bakker, LindaLinda Bakker 23x15px Netherlands Midfielder 2012–2014 0
Becx, SabineSabine Becx 23x15px Netherlands Forward 2012–2013 0
Bighelaar, Marjolijn van denMarjolijn van den Bighelaar 23x15px Netherlands Forward 2013–present 0
Delleman, LaurenLauren Delleman 23x15px Netherlands Defender 2013–present 0
Heiligenberg, Claudia van denClaudia van den Heiligenberg 23x15px Netherlands Midfielder 2013–present 0
Hogewoning, PetraPetra Hogewoning 23x15px Netherlands Defender 2012–present 0
Hoogendijk, AnoukAnouk Hoogendijk 23x15px Netherlands Defender 2012–2014; 2014–present 0
Kaagman, InessaInessa Kaagman 23x15px Netherlands Defender 2013–present 0
Koster, DaphneDaphne Koster 23x15px Netherlands Defender 2012–present 0
Lunteren, Desiree vanDesiree van Lunteren 23x15px Netherlands Forward 2012–present 0
Manduapessy, CarmenCarmen Manduapessy 23x15px Netherlands / Template:Country data Indonesia Midfielder 2012–2014 0
Marees, SuzanneSuzanne Marees 23x15px Netherlands Defender 2014–present 0
Melin, AlexAlex Melin 23x15px United States Midfielder 2014–present 0
Middag, TesselTessel Middag 23x15px Netherlands Midfielder 2012–present 0
Most, Liza van derLiza van der Most 23x15px Netherlands / 23x15px Colombia Midfielder 2012–present 0
Oudemast, LoïsLoïs Oudemast 23x15px Netherlands Forward 2014–present 0
Quaye, PaulinePauline Quaye 23x15px Netherlands / 23x15px Suriname Goalkeeper 2014–present 0
Pieëte, MarlousMarlous Pieëte 23x15px Netherlands Forward 2014–present 0
Ridder, Chantal deChantal de Ridder 23x15px Netherlands Midfielder 2013–present 0
Roof, BabicheBabiche Roof 23x15px Netherlands Forward 2012–2014 0
Rossum, Donna vanDonna van Rossum 23x15px Netherlands Midfielder 2013–present 0
Ry, Laura duLaura du Ry 23x15px Netherlands Goalkeeper 2012–present 0
Sharpe, WhitneyWhitney Sharpe 23x15px United States Defender 2013–2014 0
Stentler, LeonneLeonne Stentler 23x15px Netherlands Defender 2012–present 0
Tang, PascallPascall Tang 23x15px Netherlands / 23x15px Suriname Defender 2012–present 0
Ubachs, MariekeMarieke Ubachs 23x15px Netherlands Goalkeeper 2012–present 0
Veltrop, VesnaVesna Veltrop 23x15px Netherlands Midfielder 2012–present 0
Versteegt, MandyMandy Versteegt 23x15px Netherlands Forward 2012–present 0
Zeeman, KellyKelly Zeeman 23x15px Netherlands Midfielder 2012–present 0