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List of Atlanta Falcons first-round draft picks

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2001 first-overall draft pick Michael Vick at the 2006 Pro Bowl

The Atlanta Falcons, a professional American football team based in Atlanta, Georgia, are part of the National Football Conference South Division. They joined the National Football League (NFL) as an expansion team for the 1966 season and became the first NFL franchise in the Southeastern United States.[1] They first participated in the 1966 NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting, more commonly known as the NFL Draft.[2] In the NFL Draft, each NFL franchise annually seeks to add new players to its roster. Teams are ranked in reverse order based on the previous season's record, with the worst record picking first, the second-worst picking second and so on. The two exceptions to this order are made for teams that appeared in the previous Super Bowl; the Super Bowl champion always picks 32nd, and the Super Bowl loser always picks 31st. Teams have the option of trading away their picks to other teams for different picks, players, cash, or a combination thereof. Thus, it is not uncommon for a team's actual draft pick to differ from their assigned draft pick, or for a team to have extra or no draft picks in any round due to these trades.[3]

In their first draft, the Falcons had two picks in the first round.[4] These selections were Tommy Nobis, a linebacker from Texas, and Randy Johnson, a quarterback from Texas A&I. The Falcons have selected number one overall four times: Tommy Nobis, Steve Bartkowski, Aundray Bruce, and Michael Vick. The team has also selected number two overall three times and number three overall two times. The Falcons have selected players from Florida State University and the University of Nebraska three times each, the most from any university. The team's most recent first-round selection was Jake Matthews, an offensive tackle from Texas A&M.

Player selections

Sam Baker was selected by the Falcons in 2008.
 *  Selected number one overall
Year Pick Player name Position College Notes
1966 1 Nobis, TommyTommy Nobis * Linebacker Texas
1966 15 Johnson, RandyRandy Johnson Quarterback Texas A&I
1967 No pick [a]
1968 3 Humphrey, ClaudeClaude Humphrey Defensive end Tennessee State
1969 2 Kunz, GeorgeGeorge Kunz Offensive tackle Notre Dame
1970 12 Small, JohnJohn Small Linebacker Citadel
1971 7 Profit, JoeJoe Profit Running back Northeast Louisiana
1972 15 Ellis, ClarenceClarence Ellis Safety Notre Dame
1973 No pick [b]
1974 No pick [c]
1975 1 Bartkowski, SteveSteve Bartkowski * Quarterback Cal [d]
1976 9 Bean, BubbaBubba Bean Running back Texas A&M
1977 6 Bryant, WarrenWarren Bryant Offensive tackle Kentucky
1977 20 Faumuina, WilsonWilson Faumuina Defensive tackle San Jose State [e]
1978 13 Kenn, MikeMike Kenn Offensive tackle Michigan
1979 17 Smith, DonDon Smith Defensive end Miami (FL)
1980 7 Miller, JuniorJunior Miller Tight end Nebraska
1981 25 Butler, BobbyBobby Butler Cornerback Florida State
1982 9 Riggs, GeraldGerald Riggs Running back Arizona State
1983 16 Pitts, MikeMike Pitts Defensive end Alabama
1984 9 Bryan, RickRick Bryan Defensive tackle Oklahoma
1985 2 Fralic, BillBill Fralic Offensive tackle Pittsburgh [f]
1986 2 Casillas, TonyTony Casillas Defensive tackle Oklahoma
1986 17 Green, TimTim Green Linebacker Syracuse [g]
1987 12 Miller, ChrisChris Miller Quarterback Oregon
1988 1 Bruce, AundrayAundray Bruce * Linebacker Auburn
1989 5 Sanders, DeionDeion Sanders Cornerback Florida State
1989 27 Collins, ShawnShawn Collins Wide receiver Northern Arizona [h]
1990 20 Broussard, SteveSteve Broussard Running back Washington State [i][j]
1991 3 Pickens, BruceBruce Pickens Cornerback Nebraska
1991 13 Pritchard, MikeMike Pritchard Wide receiver Colorado [i]
1992 8 Whitfield, BobBob Whitfield Offensive tackle Stanford [k]
1992 19 Smith, TonyTony Smith Running back Southern Miss
1993 9 Kennedy, LincolnLincoln Kennedy Offensive tackle Washington
1994 No pick [l]
1995 26 Bush, DevinDevin Bush Safety Florida State [m]
1996 No pick [l]
1997 11 Booker, MichaelMichael Booker Cornerback Nebraska [n]
1998 12 Brooking, KeithKeith Brooking Linebacker Georgia Tech
1999 30 Kerney, PatrickPatrick Kerney Defensive end Virginia
2000 No pick [o]
2001 1 Vick, MichaelMichael Vick * Quarterback Virginia Tech [p]
2002 18 Duckett, T. J.T. J. Duckett Running back Michigan State [q]
2003 No pick [r]
2004 8 Hall, DeAngeloDeAngelo Hall Cornerback Virginia Tech
2004 29 Jenkins, MichaelMichael Jenkins Wide receiver Ohio State [s]
2005 27 White, RoddyRoddy White Wide receiver UAB
2006 No pick [t]
2007 8 Anderson, JamaalJamaal Anderson Defensive end Arkansas [u]
2008 3 Ryan, MattMatt Ryan Quarterback BC
2008 21 Baker, SamSam Baker Offensive tackle USC [v]
2009 24 Jerry, PeriaPeria Jerry Defensive tackle Mississippi
2010 19 Weatherspoon, SeanSean Weatherspoon Linebacker Missouri
2011 6 Jones, JulioJulio Jones Wide receiver Alabama [w]
2012 No pick [w]
2013 22 Trufant, DesmondDesmond Trufant Cornerback Washington [x]
2014 6 Matthews, JakeJake Matthews Offensive tackle Texas A&M


  • n The Falcons acquired this pick along with the second, third, and fourth-round picks from the Seattle Seahawks for the #11 overall pick along with the third-round pick.[5]
  • o The Falcons traded their #5 overall pick to the Baltimore Ravens for the 1999 second-round pick.[5]
  • p The Falcons traded their #5 overall pick along with wide receiver Tim Dwight, the 2002 second and 2001 third-round picks to the San Diego Chargers for the #1 overall pick.[9]
  • q The Falcons traded their #17 overall pick to the Oakland Raiders for the #18 overall pick and the fifth-round pick.[5]
  • r The Falcons traded their #23 overall pick to the Buffalo Bills for wide receiver Peerless Price.[10]
  • s The Falcons traded their second, third, and fourth-round picks to the Indianapolis Colts for the #29 overall and third-round picks.[5]
  • t The Falcons traded their #15 overall pick to the Denver Broncos for the #29 overall, third-round and a 2007 fourth-round picks. The Falcons then traded the #29 overall pick to the New York Jets for defensive end John Abraham.[11]
  • u The Falcons traded their #10 overall pick and quarterback Matt Schaub to the Houston Texans for the #8 overall, second-round, and 2008 second-round picks.[12]
  • v The Falcons traded two second-round picks and a fourth-round pick to the Washington Redskins for the #21 overall pick along with the third and fifth-round picks.[13]
  • w 1 2 The Falcons traded their #27 overall pick along with second-round, fourth-round and a 2012 first-round and fourth-round picks to the Cleveland Browns for the #6 overall pick .[14]
  • x The Falcons traded their #30 overall pick along with third- (92nd), and sixth- (198th) round selections to the St. Louis Rams in exchange for St. Louis 2013 #22nd overall pick along with a 7th round selection.


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