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List of British films before 1920

List of British films from 1888 to 1919:


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Roundhay Garden Scene Louis Le Prince Adolphe Le Prince, Sarah Whitley, Joseph Whitley Live action The earliest surviving film
Leisurely Pedestrians, Open Topped Buses and Hansom Cabs with Trotting Horses William Friese-Greene Live action
London's Trafalgar Square Wordsworth Donisthorpe Live action 10 frames only, believed never shown publicly
The Clown Barber James Williamson Comedy
The Derby Birt Acres Documentary A silent film of that year's Derby
Opening of the Kiel Canal Birt Acres Documentary
The Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Race Birt Acres Documentary A silent film of that year's race
Rough Sea at Dover Birt Acres
Robert W. Paul
A Sea Cave Near Lisbon R.W. Paul Documentary
Rocky Shore
A Soldier's Courtship R.W. Paul Drama
Barnet Horse Fair Robert W. Paul Documentary
The Boxing Kangaroo Birt Acres Documentary
Boxing Match; or, Glove Contest Birt Acres Documentary
The Miller and the Sweep G.A. Smith
Women Fetching Water from the Nile R.W. Paul
Weary Willie
The Sign Writer
Nursing the Baby
Making Sausages
The Maid in the Garden
The Haunted Castle
Hanging Out the Clothes
Gymnastics - Indian Club Performer
Comic Shaving
Comic Face aka Man Drinking (UK)
Children Paddling at the Seaside
The X-Rays
Come, Along Do!
Waves and Spray
The Runaway Knock
A Practical Joke
The Policeman, the Cook and the Copper
Photographing a Ghost
The Miller and the Sweep
The Mesmerist
The Lady Barber
Faust and Mephistopheles
The Corsican Brothers
Animated Clown Portrait
Ally Sloper
Major Wilson's Last Stand War Studio: Levi, Jones & Company. Based on the historical events of the Shangani Patrol (1893)
The Visit of Santa Claus
The Legacy
The Kiss in the Tunnel George Albert Smith
A Good Joke
Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
As Seen Through a Telescope George Albert Smith Short
The Beggar's Deceit Cecil Hepworth
Explosion of a Motor Car Cecil Hepworth
Grandma's Reading Glass George Albert Smith none Drama One minute film
A Railway Collision Walter R. Booth none Drama 22 secs film
Scrooge; or, Marley's Ghost Walter R. Booth none Short 11 minutes long (5 minutes surviving)
The Death of Poor Joe George Albert Smith
A Daring Daylight Burglary Frank Mottershaw
Alice in Wonderland Cecil Hepworth May Clark 8 minutes long
Desperate Poaching Affray William Haggar Will Haggar Jr. Chase 3 minutes long
Mary Jane's Mishap George Albert Smith
Sick Kitten George Albert Smith
Baby's Toilet Cecil Hepworth Documentary 3 minutes long
Rescued by Rover Cecil Hepworth Mabel Clark, Sebastian Smith Drama 6 minutes long
Ben Hur Sidney Olcott Herman Rottger, William S. Hart Historical 15 minutes long
The Sleigh Belle Sidney Olcott
The Pony Express Sidney Olcott
A Visit to the Seaside George Albert Smith
The Airship Destroyer Walter R. Booth Science fiction
The Blue Bird Unknown Pauline Gilmer, Olive Walter Comedy
Aerial Anarchists Walter Booth Science fiction
A Primitive Man's Career to Civilization Cherry Kearton Drama
Princess Clementina William G.B. Barker H.B. Irving, Alice Young, Dorothea Baird Adventure
With Our King and Queen Through India Documentary
Hamlet Hay Plumb Johnston Forbes-Robertson, Gertrude Elliot Drama
The House of Temperley Harold M. Shaw Charles Maude, Ben Webster Drama
Maria Marten, or the Mystery of the Red Barn Maurice Elvey Elizabeth Risdon Drama


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Eugene Aram Edwin J. Collins Jack Leigh, Mary Manners Drama
The Life of Shakespeare Frank R. Growcott, J.B. McDowell Albert Ward, George Foley Biopic
Lights of London Bert Haldane Arthur Chesney, Fred Paul Drama
The Old Curiosity Shop Thomas Bentley Mai Deacon, Alma Taylor Drama
She Stoops to Conquer George Loane Tucker Henry Ainley, Jane Gail Comedy Based on the play by Oliver Goldsmith
A Study in Scarlet George Pearson James Bragington, Fred Paul Drama First film to feature Sherlock Holmes
The Baby on the Barge Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, Stewart Rome Drama
Barnaby Rudge Thomas Bentley Tom Powers, Stewart Rome Drama Based on Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens
Far from the Madding Crowd Laurence Trimble Florence Turner, Henry Edwards, Malcolm Cherry Drama
Fight for the Dardanelles Percy F. Smith World War I documentary
The Heart of Sister Ann Harold M. Shaw Edna Flugrath, Hayford Hobbs Drama
Honeymoon for Three Maurice Elvey Charles Hawtrey, Elisabeth Risdon Comedy
Jane Shore Bert Haldane, F. Martin Thornton Blanche Forsythe, Roy Travers Historical
John Halifax, Gentleman George Pearson Fred Paul, Peggy Hyland Drama
Rupert of Hentzau George Loane Tucker Henry Ainley, Jane Gail Adventure
Annie Laurie Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, Stewart Rome Romance
The Battle of the Somme Geoffrey Malins
John McDowell
First World War Documentary/Propaganda
Beau Brocade Thomas Bentley Mercy Hatton, Charles Rock Adventure/Drama Based on a novel by Baroness Orczy
Disraeli Charles Calvert
Percy Nash
Dennis Eadie, Mary Jerrold Biopic Based on a play by Louis N. Parker
East Is East Henry Edwards Florence Turner, Henry Edwards Drama
The Grand Babylon Hotel Frank Wilson Fred Wright, Marguerite Blanche Thriller
Her Greatest Performance Fred Paul Edith Craig, Ellen Terry Crime
It's Always the Woman Wilfred Noy Hayden Coffin, Daisy Burrell Drama
Just a Girl Alexander Butler Daisy Burrell, Owen Nares, Minna Grey Romance Based on a novel by Charles Garvice
Kent, the Fighting Man A.E. Coleby Billy Wells, Hetty Payne Sport
The Lyons Mail Fred Paul Harry Irving, Nancy Price Drama Based on the play The Courier of Lyons by Charles Reade
The Marriage of William Ashe Cecil M. Hepworth Henry Ainley, Alma Taylor Drama
The Merchant of Venice Walter West Hutin Britton, Matheson Lang Drama
Milestones Thomas Bentley Isobel Elsom, Owen Nares Drama
The Naughty Otter Charles Urban Animal comedy
Sally in Our Alley Laurence Trimble Hilda Trevelyan, Reginald Owen Romance
Sir James Mortimer's Wager Leslie Seldon-Truss Godfrey Tearle, Peggy Hyland Romance
Tom Brown's Schooldays Rex Wilson Joyce Templeton, Jack Coleman Drama
Ultus and the Grey Lady George Pearson Frank Dane, Mary Dibley Crime drama
The Valley of Fear Alexander Butler H. A. Saintsbury, Arthur Cullin, Daisy Burrell, Booth Conway Detective drama Sherlock Holmes mystery based on a story by Conan Doyle
A Welsh Singer Henry Edwards Henry Edwards, Florence Turner Drama
Auld Lang Syne Sidney Morgan Violet Graham, Henry Baynton Crime
The Cost of a Kiss Adrian Brunel Bertram Wallis, Marjorie Day Drama
Daddy Thomas Bentley Langhorn Burton, William Lugg Drama
Dombey and Son Maurice Elvey Norman McKinnel, Lilian Braithwaite, Hayford Hobbs Drama
Everybody's Business Ralph Dewsbury Norman McKinnel, Gerald du Maurier Drama
The Gay Lord Quex Maurice Elvey Ben Webster, Irene Vanbrugh Comedy
For All Eternity Arthur Rooke, A.E. Coleby Janet Alexander, Malvina Longfellow Crime
Holy Orders Arthur Rooke, A.E. Coleby Malvina Longfellow, Maud Yates Romance
The House Opposite Walter West, Frank Wilson Matheson Lang, Violet Hopson Drama
Justice Maurice Elvey Gerald du Maurier, Hilda Moore Crime
The Labour Leader Thomas Bentley Fred Groves, Fay Compton Drama
Little Women Alexander Butler Daisy Burrell, Minna Grey Drama
Masks and Faces Fred Paul Irene Vanbrugh, Gerald du Maurier Biopic
A Pit Boy's Romance Arthur Rooke, A.E. Coleby Jimmy Wilde, Tommy Noble Drama
The Ragged Messenger Frank Wilson Violet Hopson, Gerald Ames Drama
The Village Blacksmith Arthur Rooke, A.E. Coleby Janet Alexander, Arthur Rooke Drama
Adam Bede Maurice Elvey Bransby Williams, Ivy Close Drama Adapted from the novel by George Eliot
Consequences Arthur Rooke Gordon Craig, Joyce Templeton Comedy
The Divine Gift Thomas Bentley Joyce Dearsley, Henrietta Watson Drama
God and the Man Edwin J. Collins Langhorn Burton, Joyce Carey Drama
Hindle Wakes Maurice Elvey Colette O'Niel, Hayford Hobbs Drama
The Kiddies in the Ruins George Pearson Emmy Lynn, Hugh E. Wright War
Nelson Maurice Elvey Donald Calthrop, Malvina Longfellow Biopic
Once Upon a Time Thomas Bentley Lauri de Frece, Manora Thew Romance
The Passing of the Third Floor Back Herbert Brenon Johnston Forbes-Robertson, Molly Pearson Drama
A Peep Behind the Scenes Kenelm Foss, Geoffrey H. Malins Ivy Close, Gerald Ames Drama
Red Pottage Meyrick Milton C. Aubrey Smith, Mary Dibley and Gerald Ames Drama
Rock of Ages Bertram Phillips Queenie Thomas, Leslie George Drama
Thelma Arthur Rooke Malvina Longfellow, Maud Yayes Drama
Victory and Peace Herbert Brenon Matheson Lang, Marie Lohr War


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
12.10 Herbert Brenon Marie Doro, Ben Webster Thriller
Angel Esquire W.P. Kellino Aurelio Sidney, Gertrude McCoy Crime
The Artistic Temperament Fred Goodwins Louis Willoughby, Margot Kelly Romance
The Beetle Alexander Butler Maudie Dunham, Fred Morgan Horror
City of Beautiful Nonsense Henry Edwards Chrissie White, Henry Edwards Drama
Comradeship Maurice Elvey Gerald Ames, Lily Elsie, Guy Newall Drama
Damaged Goods Alexander Butler Campbell Gullan, Marjorie Day Drama
A Daughter of Eve Walter West Violet Hopson, Stewart Rome Crime
The Double Life of Mr. Alfred Burton Arthur Rooke Kenelm Foss, Ivy Duke Comedy
Fancy Dress Kenelm Foss Godfrey Tearle, Ivy Duke Comedy
The First Men in the Moon Bruce Gordon
J.L.V. Leigh
Bruce Gordon, Heather Thatcher Sci Fi/Fantasy
The Forest on the Hill Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, James Carew Crime
The Garden of Resurrection Arthur Rooke Guy Newall, Ivy Duke Drama
God's Clay Arthur Rooke Janet Alexander, Humberston Wright Drama
A Great Coup George Dewhurst, Walter West Stewart Rome, Poppy Wyndham Sports
The Green Terror W.P. Kellino Aurelio Sidney, Heather Thatcher Crime
Heart and Soul A.V. Bramble George Keene, Constance Worth Crime
Her Heritage Bannister Merwin Jack Buchanan, Phyllis Monkman Crime
I Will Kenelm Foss, Hubert Herrick Guy Newall, Ivy Duke Comedy
The Kinsman Henry Edwards James Carew, Henry Edwards Comedy
The Lackey and the Lady Thomas Bentley Leslie Howard, A.E. Matthews Drama
Linked by Fate Albert Ward Isobel Elsom, Malcolm Cherry Drama
The March Hare Frank Miller Godfrey Tearle, Ivy Duke Comedy
A Member of Tattersall's Albert Ward Isobel Elsom, Malcolm Cherry Sports
Midnight Gambols James C. McKay Marie Doro, Godfrey Tearle Drama
Mrs. Thompson Rex Wilson Minna Grey, C.M. Hallard Drama
Mr. Wu Maurice Elvey Matheson Lang, Roy Royston, Lillah McCarthy, Meggie Albanesi Drama
Nobody's Child George Edwardes-Hall Jose Collins, Godfrey Tearle Drama
The Odds Against Her Alexander Butler Milton Rosmer, Edna Dormeuil Drama
Onward Christian Soldiers Rex Wilson Isobel Elsom, Owen Nares Romance
Possession Henry Edwards Henry Edwards, Chrissie White Romance
Queen's Evidence James MacKay Godfrey Tearle, Unity More Adventure
Quinneys Rex Wilson Henry Ainley, Isobel Elsom Romance
The Right Element Rex Wilson Campbell Gullan, Miriam Ferris Drama
The Secret of the Moor Louis Willoughby Gwen Williams, Philip Hewland Drama
Shackleton's Expedition to the Antarctic Documentary
The Silver Greyhound Bannister Merwin James Knight, Marjorie Villis Crime
The Single Man A.V. Bramble Cecil Mannering, Doris Lytton Drama
A Smart Set A.V. Bramble Concordia Merrill, Neville Percy Crime
The Starting Point Edwin J. Collins Constance Worth, Evan Thomas Drama
Wisp o' the Woods Cecil M. Hepworth, Louis Willoughby Constance Worth, Evan Thomas Romance

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