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List of British films of 1929

A list of British films released in 1929.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
After the Verdict Henrik Galeen Olga Tschechowa, Warwick Ward Drama
Alf's Carpet W.P. Kellino Harald Madsen
Carl Schenstrøm
The Alley Cat Hans Steinhoff Mabel Poulton, Jack Trevor Drama Co-production with Germany
The American Prisoner Thomas Bentley Charles Ashton, Reginald Fox, Madeleine Carroll Drama
Atlantic Ewald André Dupont Franklin Dyall, Madeleine Carroll Drama Also released as a British-made German-language film Atlantik
Auld Lang Syne George Pearson Harry Lauder, Dorothy Boyd Musical
Blackmail Alfred Hitchcock Cyril Ritchard, Anny Ondra, Sara Allgood Thriller First British talkie film.
The Bondman Herbert Wilcox Norman Kerry, Frances Cuyler Adventure
The Broken Melody Fred Paul Georges Galli, Andrée Sacré, Enid Stamp-Taylor Romance
The Burgomaster of Stilemonde George Banfield John Martin Harvey, Fern Andra Drama
The Celestial City J.O.C. Orton Norah Baring, Lewis Dayton Crime
City of Play Denison Clift Chili Bouchier, Patrick Aherne Drama
The Clue of the New Pin Arthur Maude Benita Hume, Kim Peacock Mystery
The Co-Optimists Edwin Greenwood Melville Gideon, Clifford Grey Musical
A Cottage on Dartmoor Anthony Asquith Norah Baring, Uno Henning Thriller
The Crooked Billet Adrian Brunel Madeleine Carroll, Carlyle Blackwell Crime
Cupid in Clover Frank Miller Winifred Evans, Herbert Langley Romance
The Devil's Maze Gareth Gundrey Renee Clama, Trilby Clark Drama
Downstream Giuseppe Guarino Chili Bouchier, Harold Huth Crime
Drifters John Grierson Documentary
Emerald of the East Jean de Kuharski Jean de Kuharski, Mary Odette Action
The Feather Leslie S. Hiscott Jameson Thomas, Véra Flory Romance/Drama
The Flying Scotsman Castleton Knight Moore Marriott, Pauline Johnson Thriller
The Flying Squad Arthur Maude Dorothy Bartlam, Donald Calthrop Crime
Glorious Youth Graham Cutts Anny Ondra, Randle Ayrton Drama
High Seas Denison Clift Lillian Rich, John Stuart, James Carew Adventure
High Treason Maurice Elvey Jameson Thomas, Benita Hume Fantasy
The Informer Arthur Robison Lya De Putti, Lars Hanson, Dennis Wyndham Drama Half silent/half in sound
The Inseparables Adelqui Migliar
John Stafford
Elissa Landi, Patrick Aherne Romance
Kitty Victor Saville Estelle Brody, John Stuart Drama
The Lady from the Sea Castleton Knight Moore Marriott, Moya Goya Romance
The Last Post Dinah Shurey John Longden, Frank Vosper Drama
Lily of Killarney George Ridgwell Cecil Landau, Barbara Gott, Dennis Wyndham Drama
Little Miss London Harry Hughes Pamela Parr, Eric Bransby Williams Comedy
Lost Patrol Walter Summers Cyril McLaglen, Sam Wilkinson, Terence Collier War
The Manxman Alfred Hitchcock Carl Brisson, Malcolm Keen, Anny Ondra Drama
Master and Man George A. Cooper Humberston Wright, Henri De Vries Drama
A Peep Behind the Scenes Jack Raymond Frances Cuyler, Haddon Mason Drama
Piccadilly Ewald André Dupont Anna May Wong, Gilda Gray Drama
The Plaything Castleton Knight Estelle Brody, Heather Thatcher Romance
Power Over Men George Banfield Isabel Jeans, Jameson Thomas Mystery
Red Aces Edgar Wallace Nigel Bruce, Douglas Payne Crime
The Return of the Rat Graham Cutts Ivor Novello, Isabel Jeans, Mabel Poulton Drama
Ringing the Changes Leslie S. Hiscott Henry Edwards, Charles Cantley, James Fenton Comedy
A Romance of Seville Norman Walker Alexander D'Arcy, Marguerite Allan Romance
The Runaway Princess Anthony Asquith Mady Christians, Fred Rains Drama Co-production with Germany
The Silver King T. Hayes Hunter Percy Marmont, Harold Huth Drama
The Silent House Walter Forde Mabel Poulton, Gibb McLaughlin Mystery
Smashing Through W.P. Kellino John Stuart, Eve Gray Adventure
Splinters Jack Raymond Nelson Keys, Sydney Howard Comedy
The Streets of London Norman Lee David Dunbar, Wera Engels Crime
Taxi for Two Denison Clift Mabel Poulton, John Stuart Romantic comedy
The Third Eye Maclean Rogers Dorothy Seacombe, Hayford Hobbs Crime
The Three Kings Hans Steinhoff Henry Edwards, Evelyn Holt Drama Co-production with Germany
Three Men in a Cart Arthur Phillips Frank Stanmore, Joan Morgan Comedy
The Three Passions Rex Ingram Alice Terry, Iván Petrovich Drama
A Throw of Dice Franz Osten Seeta Devi, Himansu Rai co-produced with Germany and India
Under the Greenwood Tree Harry Lachman Marguerite Allan, Nigel Barrie Drama
Wait and See Walter Forde Walter Forde, Frank Stanmore Comedy
When Knights Were Bold Tim Whelan Nelson Keys, Miriam Seegar Adventure
The Woman in White Herbert Wilcox Blanche Sweet, Haddon Mason Mystery
Woman to Woman Victor Saville Betty Compson, George Barraud Drama
Would You Believe It! Walter Forde Walter Forde, Pauline Johnson Comedy Originally a silent film, converted into sound.
The Wrecker Géza von Bolváry Carlyle Blackwell, Benita Hume Crime German co-production

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