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List of British films of 1930

A list of British films released in 1930.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
After Many Years Lawrence Huntington Henry Thompson, Nancy Kenyon Crime
Alf's Button W.P. Kellino Tubby Edlin, Alf Goddard, Polly Ward Comedy
All Riot on the Western Front Castleton Knight Donald Calthrop, Gordon Harker, Alexander Field Comedy Short Also known as The Cockney Spirit in the War No. 1
Almost a Honeymoon Monty Banks Clifford Mollison, Dodo Watts, Donald Calthrop Comedy
Amateur Night in London Monty Banks Billy Caryll, Duncan & Godfrey Musical Comedy Short
Ashes Frank Birch Ernest Thesiger, Elsa Lanchester Comedy Short
At the Villa Rose Leslie S. Hiscott Austin Trevor, Norah Baring Thriller
Bed and Breakfast Walter Forde Jane Baxter, Richard Cooper, Alf Goddard Comedy
Bedrock Carlyle Blackwell Carlyle Blackwell, Jane Baxter, Sunday Wilshin Drama Short
Beyond the Cities Carlyle Blackwell Carlyle Blackwell, Edna Best Drama
Big Business Oscar M. Sheridan Frances Day, Barrie Oliver Musical
Birds of Prey Basil Dean C. Aubrey Smith, Dorothy Boyd, Frank Lawton Thriller
The Black Hand Gang Monty Banks Wee Georgie Wood, Violet Young Comedy
Borderline Kenneth MacPherson Paul Robeson, Eslanda Robeson Drama
Call of the Sea Leslie S. Hiscott Chrissie White, Henry Edwards, Chili Bouchier Drama
Canaries Sometimes Sing Tom Walls Tom Walls, Yvonne Arnaud, Cathleen Nesbitt Comedy
Caste Campbell Gullan Sebastian Shaw, Nora Swinburne, Hermione Baddeley Comedy
Children of Chance Alexander Esway Elissa Landi, John Stuart Drama
The Chinese Bungalow Arthur Barnes, J.B. Williams Matheson Lang, Jill Esmond, Anna Neagle, Ballard Berkeley Drama
The Cockney Spirit in the War No. 2 Castleton Knight Donald Calthrop, Alf Goddard, Alexander Field Comedy Short
The Cockney Spirit in the War No. 3 Castleton Knight Donald Calthrop, Alexander Field Comedy Short
Comets Sasha Geneen Heather Thatcher, Billy Merson, Charles Laughton Musical
Compromising Daphne Thomas Bentley Jean Colin, Charles Hickman, Phyllis Konstam Comedy
The Compulsary Husband Monty Banks Lillian Manton, Trilby Clark, Michael Powell Comedy
Cross Roads Reginald Fogwell Anne Grey, Percy Marmont Drama
The Dizzy Limit Comedy
Elstree Calling Alfred Hitchcock, André Charlot, Jack Hulbert, Paul Murray Teddy Brown, Helen Burnell, Donald Calthrop Musical revue
Enter the Queen Arthur Varney-Serrao Richard Cooper, Doria March, Chili Bouchier Comedy
Eve's Fall Monty Banks John Stuart, Muriel Angelus, Donald Stuart Musical Short
Escape Basil Dean Gerald du Maurier, Edna Best, Gordon Harker Drama
The Flame of Love Richard Eichberg Anna May Wong, John Longden, George Schnell Romantic Drama
French Leave Jack Raymond Madeleine Carroll, Sydney Howard, Henry Kendall Comedy
The Great Game Jack Raymond John Batten, Renee Clama Sports
Greek Street Sinclair Hill Sari Maritza, William Freshman Musical
Harmony Heaven Thomas Bentley Polly Ward, Stuart Hall Musical
His First Car Monty Banks George Clarke, Mamie Watson, Cyril Smith Comedy Short
Infatuation Sasha Geneen Godfrey Tearle, Jeanne De Casalis Romantic Short
The Jerry Builders Monty Banks George Graves, Barrie Oliver Comedy Short
Journey's End James Whale Colin Clive, Ian Maclaren World War I Co-production with the US
Juno and the Paycock Alfred Hitchcock Barry Fitzgerald, Maire O'Neill Drama
Just for a Song Gareth Gundrey Roy Royston, Lillian Hall-Davis, Constance Carpenter Musical
Kiss Me Sergeant Monty Banks Leslie Fuller, Gladys Cruickshank Comedy
Kissing Cup's Race Castleton Knight Stewart Rome, Madeleine Carroll Drama
The Last Hour Walter Forde Stewart Rome, Richard Cooper Comedy
Leave It to Me George King Robin Irvine, Dorothy Seacombe Comedy Short
Lord Richard in the Pantry Walter Forde Richard Cooper, Marjorie Hume Comedy
The Loves of Robert Burns Herbert Wilcox Joseph Hislop, Eve Gray Drama
The Man from Chicago Walter Summers Bernard Nedell, Dodo Watts Crime
The Message Sewell Collins Arthur Wontner, Rosalinde Fuller, Frederick Leister Short
The Middle Watch Norman Walker Owen Nares, Jacqueline Logan Comedy
Murder! Alfred Hitchcock Herbert Marshall, Norah Baring Mystery/Thriller
The Musical Beauty Shop Monty Banks Leonard Henry, Ethel Baird, Barrie Oliver, Syd Crossley Musical Comedy Short
The New Waiter Monty Banks Leonard Henry, Albert Rebla, Barrie Oliver Musical Comedy Short
Night Birds Richard Eichberg Jack Raine, Muriel Angelus Crime
The Nipper Louis Mercanton Betty Balfour, John Stuart Musical Comedy
Not So Quiet on the Western Front Monty Banks Leslie Fuller, Mona Goya Comedy
An Obvious Situation Giuseppe Guarino Sunday Wilshin, Walter Sondes Crime
O.K. Chief Bernard Mainwaring Frances Day, Walter Armitage Comedy Short
On Approval Tom Walls Tom Walls, Yvonne Arnaud Comedy
Red Pearls Walter Forde Lillian Rich, Frank Perfitt Crime
The Road to Fortune Arthur Varney Guy Newall, Doria March Drama
The Safe Dave Aylott Sam B. Wood, Bill Sawyer, Phyllis Carr Drama Short
Should a Doctor Tell? H. Manning Haynes Basil Gill, Norah Baring Drama
Sleeping Partners Seymour Hicks Seymour Hicks, Edna Best Comedy
Spanish Eyes G. B. Samuelson Donald Calthrop, Anthony Ireland Musical
The Squeaker Edgar Wallace Percy Marmont, Anne Grey, Gordon Harker Crime
Stranger Than Fiction George Foley, Nell Emerald Short
Such Is the Law Sinclair Hill Janice Adair, C. Aubrey Smith Drama
Suspense Walter Summers Mickey Brantford, Cyril McLaglen War
The Temporary Widow Gustav Ucicky Lilian Harvey, Laurence Olivier Comedy
Thread O'Scarlet Peter Godfrey Ben Field, William Freshman, Wally Patch, Norman Shelley Crime Short
Tons of Money Tom Walls Ralph Lynn, Yvonne Arnaud Comedy
Too Many Crooks George King Laurence Olivier, Dorothy Boyd, Ellen Pollock Comedy Short
Two Worlds Ewald André Dupont Norah Baring, John Longden War
The W Plan Victor Saville Brian Aherne, Madeleine Carroll Spy/World War I
A Warm Corner Victor Saville Leslie Henson, Heather Thatcher Comedy
Warned Off Walter West Tony Wylde, Chili Bouchier Drama
Why Sailors Leave Home Monty Banks Leslie Fuller, Eve Gray Comedy
The Woman from China Edward Dryhurst Julie Suedo, Gibb McLaughlin Crime
The Yellow Mask Harry Lachman Lupino Lane, Dorothy Seacombe Musical
You'd Be Surprised! Walter Forde Walter Forde, Joy Windsor Musical comedy
Young Woodley Thomas Bentley Madeleine Carroll, Frank Lawton Drama

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