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List of Canadian airports by location indicator: CF

Format of entries is:

  • Location indicator – IATA – Airport Name (alternate name) – Airport Location

Airports that are part of the National Airports System are emphasised.

CF – Canada - CAN

Also see airport category and list.

TC LID   IATA   Airport name   Community and province  
CFA4 Carcross Airport Carcross, Yukon
CFA5 Grande Airport Grande, Alberta
CFA7 Taltheilei Narrows Airport Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories
CFA8 Three Hills (Hospital) Heliport Three Hills, Alberta
CFB2 Frank Channel (Forestry) Heliport Frank Channel, Northwest Territories
CFB3 Hespero Airport Hespero, Alberta
CFB4 Trout Lake Airport (Alberta) Trout Lake, Alberta
CFB5 Namur Lake Airport Namur Lake, Alberta
CFB6 Edmonton/Josephburg Aerodrome Josephburg, Alberta
CFB7 Steen River Airport Steen River, Alberta
CFC4 Macmillan Pass Airport Macmillan Pass, Yukon
CFC6 Rockyford Airport Rockyford, Alberta
CFC7 Rimbey Airport Rimbey, Alberta
CFC9 Faro/Johnson Lake Water Aerodrome Faro, Yukon
CFD4 Foremost Airport Foremost, Alberta
CFD5 Grimshaw Airport Grimshaw, Alberta
CFD8 Fort Simpson/Canadian Helicopters Heliport Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories
CFE6 St. Francis Airport St. Francis, Alberta
CFE7 Kananaskis Village Helistop Heliport Kananaskis Village, Alberta
CFE8 Haines Junction/Pine Lake Water Aerodrome Haines Junction, Yukon
CFF2 Christina Basin Airport Christina Basin, Alberta
CFF3 Jean Lake Airport Jean Lake, Alberta
CFF4 DAS Great Bear Lake Airport Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories
CFF7 Wainwright/Camp Wainwright Field Airport Wainwright, Alberta
CFF8 Flin Flon/Bakers Narrows Water Aerodrome Bakers Narrows, Manitoba
CFF9 Marek Farms Airport Marek Farms, Alberta
CFG3 Consort Airport Consort, Alberta
CFG4 Debolt Airport Debolt, Alberta
CFG5 John D'or Prairie Airport John D'or Prairie, Alberta
CFG6 Fort MacKay/Firebag Aerodrome Fort MacKay, Alberta
CFG7 Steen Tower Airport Steen Tower, Alberta
CFG8 Fenelon Falls/Sturgeon Lake Water Aerodrome Sturgeon Lake, Ontario
CFH4 YFX Fox Harbour Airport Fox Harbour, Nova Scotia
CFH7 Edmonton (Royal Alexandra Hospital) Heliport Edmonton, Alberta
CFH8 Warburg/Zajes Airport Warburg, Alberta
CFJ2 Fort St. James (Stuart Lake Hospital) Fort St. James, British Columbia
CFK2 Bashaw Airport Bashaw, Alberta
CFK3 Fontas Airport Fontas, Alberta
CFK4 Calling Lake Airport Calling Lake, Alberta
CFK6 Olds (Netook) Airport Olds, Alberta
CFL2 Empress/McNeill Duke Energy Aerodrome Empress, Alberta
CFL3 Black Diamond (Oilfields General Hospital) Heliport Black Diamond, Alberta
CFL9 Johnson Lake Airport Johnson Lake, Alberta
CFM2 Birch Mountain Airport Birch Mountain, Alberta
CFM4 Donnelly Airport Donnelly, Alberta
CFM5 Apache/Hamburg Airport Hamburg (oil field), Alberta
CFM6 Teepee Airport Teepee, Alberta
CFM7 Boyle Airport Boyle, Alberta
CFM8 Fort Macleod (Alcock Farm) Airport Fort Macleod, Alberta
CFM9 Fort Macleod (Hospital) Heliport Fort Macleod, Alberta
CFN2 Fort Nelson (Mile 301) Heliport Fort Nelson, British Columbia
CFN4 Embarras Airport Embarras, Alberta
CFN5 La Crete Airport La Crete, Alberta
CFN6 Primrose Aerodrome Primrose, Alberta
CFN7 Sundre Airport Sundre, Alberta
CFN8 Fort Nelson (Guardian) Heliport Fort Nelson, British Columbia
CFP2 Dwight (Fox Point) Water Aerodrome Dwight, Ontario
CFP3 Calgary (Foothills Hospital) Heliport Calgary, Alberta
CFP4 McQuesten Airport McQuesten, Yukon
CFP5 Glendon Airport Glendon, Alberta
CFP6 La Biche River Airport La Biche River, Yukon
CFP7 Wainwright/Wainwright (Field 21) Airport Wainwright, Alberta
CFP8 Whitehorse/Cousins Airport Whitehorse, Yukon
CFQ2 Calgary (Westport) Heliport Calgary, Alberta
CFQ4 Cheadle Airport Cheadle, Alberta
CFQ5 Silver City Airport Silver City, Yukon
CFQ6 Pelly Crossing Airport Pelly Crossing, Yukon
CFQ7 Edmonton/Gartner Airport Edmonton, Alberta
CFR& Red Deer Forestry Airport Sundre, Alberta
CFR2 Bawlf (Blackwells) Airport Bawlf, Alberta
CFR6 Vancouver/Coquitlam Fire and Rescue Heliport Vancouver, British Columbia
CFS2 Fort Simpson/(Great Slave) Heliport Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories
CFS3 Fort Selkirk Aerodrome Fort Selkirk, Yukon
CFS4 Ogilvie Aerodrome Ogilvie River, Yukon
CFS5 Spirit River Airport Spirit River, Alberta
CFS6 Loon River Airport Loon River, Alberta
CFS7 Twin Creeks Airport Twin Creeks, Yukon
CFS8 Clearwater River Airport Clearwater River, Alberta
CFS9 Vancouver (Vancouver Film Studios) Heliport Vancouver, British Columbia
CFT2 Blackie/Wilderman Farm Airport Blackie, Alberta
CFT3 Finlayson Lake Airport Eagle Plains, Yukon
CFT5 Hyland Airport Hyland, Yukon
CFT8 Pelican Airport Wabasca oil field, Alberta
CFT9 Zama Lake Airport Zama Lake, Alberta
CFU3 Chipman Airport (Alberta) Chipman, Alberta
CFU4 Garden River Airport Garden River, Alberta
CFU8 Irma Airport Irma, Alberta
CFU9 Olds (Hospital) Heliport Olds, Alberta
CFV2 Beiseker Airport Beiseker, Alberta
CFV3 Mobil Bistcho Airport Mobil Bistcho, Alberta
CFV5 Virginia Falls Water Aerodrome Nahanni National Park Reserve, Northwest Territories
CFV6 Margaret Lake Airport Margaret Lake, Alberta
CFV7 Claresholm (General Hospital) Heliport Claresholm, Alberta
CFV8 Brooks (Community Health Centre) Heliport Brooks, Alberta
CFV9 Drayton Valley (Health Centre) Heliport Drayton Valley, Alberta
CFW2 Gordon Lake Airport Gordon Lake, Alberta
CFW4 Muskeg Tower Airport Muskeg Tower, Alberta
CFW5 Taltson River Airport Taltson River, Northwest Territories
CFW8 Grand Falls-Windsor Heliport Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland and Labrador
CFX2 Calgary/Okotoks Air Park Okotoks, Alberta
CFX3 Doig Airport Doig, Alberta
CFX4 Manning Airport Manning, Alberta
CFX6 Vulcan Airport Vulcan, Alberta
CFX8 Chestermere (Kirkby Field) Airport Chestermere, Alberta
CFY2 Grist Lake Airport Grist Lake, Alberta
CFY4 Indus/Winters Aire Park Airport Indus, Alberta
CFY5 Daughney Aerodrome Pine Lake, Yukon
CFY8 Colomac Airport Colomac Mine, Northwest Territories
CFZ3 Medicine Hat/Schlenker Airport Medicine Hat, Alberta
CFZ5 Sundre/Goodwins Farm Airport Sundre, Alberta