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List of Cannes Film Festival jury presidents

Each year, the jury of the Cannes Film Festival is chaired by an internationally recognized personality of cinema. Being appointed to this position is the recognition of an outstanding career.

Since 1960, there has been only one personality to get this honor twice: Jeanne Moreau in 1975 and 1995. The last non-professional film personality to be president of the jury is the American writer William Styron in 1983.

Year President[1] Nationality
1946 Georges Huisman 23x15px France
1947 Georges Huisman 23x15px France
1949 Georges Huisman 23x15px France
1951 André Maurois 23x15px France
1952 Maurice Genevoix 23x15px France
1953 Jean Cocteau 23x15px France
1954 Jean Cocteau 23x15px France
1955 Marcel Pagnol 23x15px France
1956 Maurice Lehmann 23x15px France
1957 André Maurois 23x15px France
1958 Marcel Achard 23x15px France
1959 Marcel Achard 23x15px France
1960 Georges Simenon 23x15px Belgium
1961 Jean Giono 23x15px France
1962 Tetsurō Furukaki Template:Country data Japan
1963 Armand Salacrou 23x15px France
1964 Fritz Lang 23x15px Austria / 23x15px Germany
1965 Olivia de Havilland 23x15px United Kingdom / 23x15px United States
1966 Sophia Loren 23x15px Italy
1967 Alessandro Blasetti 23x15px Italy
1968 André Chamson 23x15px France
1969 Luchino Visconti 23x15px Italy
1970 Miguel Ángel Asturias 23x15px Guatemala
1971 Michèle Morgan 23x15px France
1972 Joseph Losey 23x15px United States
1973 Ingrid Bergman 23x15px Sweden
1974 René Clair 23x15px France
1975 Jeanne Moreau 23x15px France
1976 Tennessee Williams 23x15px United States
1977 Roberto Rossellini 23x15px Italy
1978 Alan J. Pakula 23x15px United States
1979 Françoise Sagan 23x15px France
1980 Kirk Douglas 23x15px United States
1981 Jacques Deray 23x15px France
1982 Giorgio Strehler 23x15px Italy
1983 William Styron 23x15px United States
1984 Dirk Bogarde 23x15px United Kingdom
1985 Miloš Forman 23x15px Czechoslovakia / 23x15px United States
1986 Sydney Pollack 23x15px United States
1987 Yves Montand 23x15px France
1988 Ettore Scola 23x15px Italy
1989 Wim Wenders 23x15px Germany
1990 Bernardo Bertolucci 23x15px Italy
1991 Roman Polanski 23x15px Poland / 23x15px France
1992 Gérard Depardieu 23x15px France
1993 Louis Malle 23x15px France
1994 Clint Eastwood 23x15px United States
1995 Jeanne Moreau 23x15px France
1996 Francis Ford Coppola 23x15px United States
1997 Isabelle Adjani 23x15px France
1998 Martin Scorsese 23x15px United States
1999 David Cronenberg 23x15px Canada
2000 Luc Besson 23x15px France
2001 Liv Ullmann 23x15px Norway
2002 David Lynch 23x15px United States
2003 Patrice Chéreau 23x15px France
2004 Quentin Tarantino 23x15px United States
2005 Emir Kusturica 23x15px Serbia and Montenegro
2006 Wong Kar-wai Template:Country data Hong Kong
2007 Stephen Frears 23x15px United Kingdom
2008 Sean Penn 23x15px United States
2009 Isabelle Huppert 23x15px France
2010 Tim Burton 23x15px United States
2011 Robert De Niro 23x15px United States
2012 Nanni Moretti 23x15px Italy
2013 Steven Spielberg 23x15px United States
2014 Jane Campion 23x15px New Zealand
2015 Joel Coen & Ethan Coen 23x15px United States


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