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List of Celtic-language media

File:Map of Celtic Nations-flag shades.svg
A map showing the six Celtic nations.
Red - Welsh
Green - Irish
Blue - Scottish Gaelic
Light Brown - Manx
Yellow - Cornish
Black - Breton

The list below contains information on the different types of media available in the Celtic languages.

All languages

Only a handful of media contain all the Celtic languages. An example is Carn magazine, which has contained columns in all six languages since its 1970s inception.



Scottish Gaelic

The following media are produced in the Scottish Gaelic language:


Digital and satellite channels

  • BBC Alba is a Gaelic-language television channel. The channel launched on 19 September 2008 and is now available in all Scottish homes after launching on Freeview on 8 June 2011. It is currently available across the UK on Sky channel 168, Freesat channel 110 and online, with Freeview and Virgin Media coverage available in Scotland only. The channel is funded by the Scottish Government, MG Alba and Bòrd na Gàidhlig. It costs £14 million a year to operate. The BBC Gàidhlig department is jointly responsible for the channel with MG Alba. Gaelic programming on BBC Two Scotland is to continue until the digital switchover is completed in 2012. It also has radio facilities, broadcasting BBC Radio nan Gàidheal, based in Stornoway.
  • TeleG was a digital channel on Freeview only. It broadcast for only one hour a day before being replaced by BBC Alba.


  • BBC Gàidhlig is the Gaelic department of Scottish national broadcaster BBC Scotland. It offers some Gaelic programmes such as Eòrpa, Dè a-nis? and Air ais air an Ràn Dàn.
  • STV is a major contributor to Gaelic programmes showing about four hours a week.


Radio stations broadcasting completely in Gaelic

  • BBC Radio nan Gàidheal is a Gaelic-language radio station, founded in Stornoway and broadcast from 1985 to '89 under the name Radio Nan Eilean, when it joined with other BBC Scotland radio stations (mainly Inverness & BBC's HQ in Glasgow) & is available around Scotland on FM and internationally online with an annual budget of £4 million.

Radio stations with some Gaelic programmes

  • Isles FM is a radio station based in the Outer Hebrides broadcasting programmes in English and Gaelic.
  • Two Lochs Radio is a small radio station in the Scottish Highlands.
  • Cuillin FM is Skye's main radio station and has several shows each week in Gaelic
  • Moray Firth Radio


  • An Gàidheal Ùr was a Gaelic publication which ran for ten years until March 2009. It was available online or free in some local newspapers.[1]
  • West Highland Free Press, includes Gaelic columns, Litir do Luchd Ionnsachaidh for learners, and also has part of its letterhead in Gaelic.
  • Irish language magazine Nós, with a mainly young readership, also has some articles in Scottish Gaelic.
  • An Teachdaire Gaedhealach is published by Comunn Gàidhlig Astrailia (The Scottish Gaelic Association of Australia) with articles written side-by-side in Gaelic and English. It has been published on and off in Australia since 1982.


Publishers which issue all, or some of their content in Gaelic:



The following media are produced in the Manx language:

Radio programmes

  • Traa dy Liooar ('Time Enough') is on Manx Radio every Monday from 5:05pm to 6.00pm. Traa dy Liooar is a magazine programme, and is hosted by Bob Carswell.
  • Jamys Jeheiney ('Jamys on Friday') is on Manx Radio every Friday from 5:05pm to 6.00pm. Jamys Jeheiney is a Gaelic language world music programme alternately hosted by Jamys O'Meara and Jamys Kinree.
  • Claare ny Gael ('Gaelic Programme') is on Manx Radio every Sunday from 8.00pm to 9.00pm.
  • Shiaght Laa ('Seven Days') programme every Wednesday from 6.00pm to 6.30pm.

Print publications

  • Manx language columns occasionally appear in the Isle of Man Examiner, including Brian Stowell's serialised novel, The Vampire Murders.
  • The Family Manx magazine (a free publication) regularly carry Manx language articles, including a receipe in each edition.
  • The Learn Manx website also publishes Gaelg Vio, a Manx language affairs publication, and also Bun as Bree, an occasional publication concerning issues debating Manx language grammar, written by Chris Lewin.

Visual presentations

  • Adrian Cain has prepared a series of interviews and even cartoons in Manx Gaelic which are available on YouTube.


The following media are produced in the Breton language:


  • France 3, a few local opt-outs in Breton (ca. 60 hours every year) on the regional service France 3 Ouest.
  • TVRennes35, television station broadcasting a number of programmes in Breton.

Radio stations

Broadcasting in Breton only

  • Arvorig FM Invalid language code. Invalid language code. (in North Finistère)
  • Radio Kerne (in South Finistère)

Broadcasting in French and Breton

Print publications

  • Bremañ, monthly magazine containing articles about various topics: international events, politics, culture, economy, society.


  • Brezhoweb, web TV entirely in Breton language.
  • BreizhVOD, video on demand platform.


The following media are produced in the Cornish language:


Print publications

  • An Gannas monthly magazine containing news, fiction, learners' pages and special interest writing, available from Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek.

Diaspora media

  • Aisrigh nan Gaidheal - Scottish Gaelic radio programme on CKJM in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia, Canada.[3]
  • Celtic Family Magazine, quarterly publication distributed in North America serving Celtic communities and their descendants.
  • Celtic Heritage Magazine - magazine in Nova Scotia, Canada.[3]

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