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List of Decepticons

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Decepticon Insignia

This is a list of known Decepticons from the Transformers fictional universe and toyline.


Generation One


  • Decepticon Founder / Supreme Leader MegatronWalther P38 Pistol (died during a fight with Optimus Prime, reformed and reconstructed as Galvatron by Unicron)
  • Decepticon Air Commander / Decepticon Second-In-Command / Trine Leader Starscream - Modified F-15 Eagle (killed by Galvatron) (resurrected by Unicron)
  • Military Operation Commander Shockwave - Cybertronian Space Gun
  • Governor of Polyhex Lord Straxus - Mobile Cannon (later referred to as "Dark Mount" for trademark reasons.) (killed by Blaster)
  • Decepticon Leader After Megatron's Death Galvatron - Laser Cannon / Futuristic Handgun (in most continuities, Megatron is reformatted into Galvatron .)
  • Decepticon Second-In-Command After Starscream's death Cyclonus - Cybertronian Fighter Jet (reformat and renovation of Bombshell by Unicron)
  • Leader of Decepticon Sweeps Scourge - Cybertronian Flying Hovercraft (reformat and renovation of Thundercracker by Unicron)
    • Sweeps are mass-produced Transformers sharing the same body-type of Scourge. (reformat and renovation of Kickback and Shrapnel by Unicron)

Decepticon Jets/Seekers

Seeker was a term originally coined by fans to describe the Decepticon Jets of the same mode, eventually adopted by Hasbro and various comic continuities. Only Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker were named during Season 1 of the animated series. The name Sunstorm was given retroactively by toy-distributor E-Hobby to the previously unnamed yellow/orange Seeker and Purple/Silver is Slipstream. This was later picked up by comics publisher Dreamwave Productions. Ramjet, Thrust, and Dirge (introduced in Season 2) essentially used the same mold as their Season 1 counterparts but with small modifications, and because of this, they are also known as the "Coneheads".

  • Commanders
    • Thundercracker - Modified F-15 Eagle (stay dying by Optimus Prime, reformed and renovated in Scourge by Unicron)
    • Skywarp - Modified F-15 Eagle (stay dying by Optimus Prime, reformed and renovated in Cyclonus by Unicron)
  • Rainmakers
    • Acid Storm - Cybertronian Jet / Modified F-15 Eagle
    • Sunstorm - Modified F-15 Eagle
    • Bitstream - Modified F-15 Eagle
    • Hotlink - Modified F-15 Eagle
  • Coneheads
  • Others


Decepticon Mini-Cassettes
Decepticon City


Deluxe Insecticons
Quintessons Guards
  • Crocticons - Robotic Crocodiles
  • Sharkticon - Robotic Sharks

Combiner Teams

The Combiners are the Transformers who could combine with each other to form a larger robot.








Triple Changers


Horrorcons are Headmaster Triple Changers that had a beast and plane mode as well as a robot mode.'

Six Changer


Decepticon Clones



Double Targetmasters





Powermaster Mercenary
  • Doubledealer - Missile Transport (Figure also transforms into a humanoid robot with the Autobot symbol or a bird with a Decepticon symbol. The availability of these modes depending on which powermaster partner was merged with him.)
    • Skar (Decepticon partner)
    • Knok (Autobot partner)


  • Bludgeon - Tank (Leader)
  • Bomb-Burst - Futuristic VTOL Jet
    • Outershell - Bat Monster
  • Bugly - Futuristic Jet
    • Outershell - Bug Monster
  • Finback - Futuristic Jet Ski
    • Outershell - Fish Monster
  • Iguanus - Futuristic Motorcycle
  • Skullgrin - Futuristic Tank
  • Submarauder - Futuristic Submarine
    • Outershell - Shark Monster
  • Octopunch - Crab
  • Stranglehold - Rhino

Pretender Beasts

  • Carnivac - Wolf
  • Snarler - Boar

Pretender Vehicles

  • Roadgrabber - Futuristic Jet

Pretender Classic

Ultra Pretender

  • Roadblock - Assault Vehicle / Humanoid / Spacecraft / Car

Mega Pretender

  • Thunderwing - Futuristic Jet

Monster Pretenders / Monstructor

  • Icepick - Rock Monster
  • Birdbrain - Vulture Monster
  • Bristleback - Hedgehog Monster
  • Scowl - Wolf Monster
  • Slog - Blob Monster
  • Wildfly - Gargoyle


Micromaster Bases

Micromaster Transports

Micromaster Combiners

Action Masters

Action Master Decepticon Attack Vehicles

  • Gutcruncher
    • Stratotronic Attack Jet - Jet Fighter - Tank - Battle Station

Action Master Action Blaster Vehicles

  • Axer with Off-road cycle

Action Master Motorized Exo-Suit Vehicle

Action Master Classics

Action Master Decepticon Attack Vehicles

  • Megatron
    • Neutro Fusion Tank - Tank / Jet / Battle Station

Action Master Action Blaster Vehicles

Action Master Motorized Exo-Suit Vehicle

  • Thundercracker - Modified F-15 Eagle
    • Solo Mission Jet Plane - Stealth Fighter / Battle Suit

Actionmaster Elites

European Exclusives



Generation One (Japan)



  • Overlord - Tank / Jet / Base
    • Mega
    • Giga
  • Black Zarak  – Scorpion / City
  • Browning – Browning Pistol


Beast Force

  • DeszarasDragon
    • Beast – Hawk / Gun
    • Beast – Tiger / Gun

Beast Force / Lio Kaiser

  • Leozack – F-14 Tomcat
    • Beast – Lion / Gun
  • Drillhorn – Drill Tank
    • Beast – Rhino / Gun
  • Gaihawk – Mikoyan MiG-29 "Fulcrum" Jet
    • Beast – Hawk / Gun
  • Hellbat – Dassault Rafale
    • Beast – Bat / Gun
  • Jaruga – Baja Buggy
    • Beast – Jaguar / Gun
  • Killbison – Gepard Anti-aircraft Tank
    • Beast – Bison / Gun
  • Deathcobra – Mil Mi-24 "Hind" Assault Helicopter
    • Beast – Cobra / Gun

Dinoforce / Dinoking


  • Black Shadow – Humanoid / Jet
  • Blue Bacchus – Humanoid / Helicopter

Other Series

  • Metrotitan – City / Battle Station
    • Metroshot – Robot
    • Metrodash – Car
    • Metrotank – Tank
    • Metrobomb – Car
  • Jet Army Corps
    • The Predator jets, bar Skyquake, were released in two-packs with the European Autobot Turbomasters, renamed Flarejet, Darkjet, Moonjet & Shadowjet. Additionally, Stalker and Skyquake were released, but not as part of the official Transformers line of that year, but rather in European packaging, with a Japanese sticker on the back. The magazine articles on the fiction of this Transformers line, Operation Combination, make reference to a Decepticon leader name "Scrash" – apparently, this was intended to be Skyquake, given a name that combined both his European monikers.
  • Battle Gaea – The recolored version of Bruticus.

Transformers: Generation 2

A major revamp of the Transformers line, which included new toys, a new comic book series from Marvel Comics and a re-edited release of the 1984 TV series.[1]


  • MegatronM1 Abrams Tank (also released as a GoBot)
  • Liege Maximo-Unknown (One of the Original Thirteen primes later becomes the original Decepticon Manipulator and Megatronus/The Fallen's brother as Cybertronian Empire

Combat Hero

Decepticon Jets


Gestalt Teams



Rotor Force

Laser Rods

  • JoltOld-Style Racer
  • SizzleBlack Hot Rod





Power Masters

Cybertronian Empire

European Exclusives


  • Aquablast - Mitsubishi HSR
  • Drench - 86' Chevrolet Corvette Indy Concept
  • Hydradread - 91' Mitsubishi HSR-III Supercar
  • Rage - Jaguar XJ220 Sports Car



Robots in Disguise / Car Robots

In Robots in Disguise, the Decepticons are a group of Autobot Protoforms recruited by the Predacons to serve Megatron/Galvatron.

  • Megatron/Galvatron - 2-Headed Dragon / Jet Fighter / Futuristic-Looking sports/racing car (Batman-esque) / Bat/Gargoyle creature / Giant Hand / Hydrofoil* / Pterodactyl creature* / Griffin creature* / Elephant/Mammoth creature* (alternate forms marked with '*' are forms available only to Galvatron, a white repaint and slight remodel of Megatron)
  • ScourgeWestern Star Truck (sometimes Commando leader)

Commandos/Ruination (recolour and rename of Combaticons)

Toy-only Decepticons

Transformers: Universe

  • Blackarachnia - black widow spider (repaint Beast Machines figure)
  • Cyclonus - Cybertronian Jet (repaint of Beast Machines Jetstorm)
  • Devastator - a giant Decepticon composed of several smaller Decepticons:
    • Bonecrusher -
    • Buckethead -
    • Hightower -
    • Longhaul -
    • Quickmix -
    • Scavenger -
  • Megazarak - Cybertronian tank (repaint of Armada Megatron/Galvatron)
  • Nemesis Prime - Wooly mammoth (repaint of Beast Wars Neo Big Convoy)
  • Nemesis Strika - Cybertronian attack vehicle (repaint of Beast Machines Strika)
  • Obsidian - Cybertronian helicopter (repaint of Beast Machines figure)
  • Oil Slick -
  • Ransack - (repaint of Armada Hoist)
  • Razorclaw - Transmetal 2 tiger/falcon hybrid
  • Reptilion - Transmetal 2 iguana
  • Ruination - combiner consisting of five smaller Decepticons (repaints of the Commando team from Robots in Disguise)
  • Shadow Striker - sports car
  • Skywarp - Cybertonian fighter jet (repaint of Beast Machines Jetstorm and Jet Drone figures)
  • Soundwave -
  • Spacecase -
  • Sunstorm - jet fighter (repaint of Armada Thrust)
  • Tankor - Cybertronian Tank (repaint of Beast Machines figure)

Unicron Trilogy

Transformers: Armada/Transformers: Energon


Destruction Team/Bruticus Maximus

Construction Team/Constructicon Maximus

Transformers: Cybertron

At the end of the series, many of the Decepticons either defected to the Autobots or allied with them to stop Galvatron and seal the black hole.

Cybertronian Decepticons

Earth Decepticons

Velocitron (Speed Planet) Decepticons

  • Crumplezone3-wheeled Velocitronian Race Car
  • RansackVelocitronian Motorcycle
  • Dirt BossVelocitronian Monster Truck (later becomes an Autobot)

Animatros (Jungle Planet) Decepticons

Planet X Decepticons

Alternators / Binaltech


  • HeatwaveMissile Truck (part of the "Wings of Honor" BotCon exclusive set in 2009) (Forms part of Nexus Prime).

Transformers: Animated

Main Characters

Predacons/Former Autobots

  • BlackarachniaTechno-organic Spider (originally Elita One)
  • WaspinatorTechno-organic Wasp (originally Wasp)


Team Chaar

  • StrikaCybertronian Battle Tank (Leader)
  • Oil SlickCybertronian Motorcycle / Chopper-style motorcycle
  • CyclonusCybertronian Jet
  • SpittorCybertronian Bipedal Frog-like Walker Tank
  • BlackoutCybertronian Helicopter Gunship / Military Helicopter
  • Doctor Scalpel - Microscope
  • Mindwipe - Robotic Bat
  • Sky-Byte - Bomber Airplane
  • Blot - Cybertronian Bipedal Frog-like Walker Tank

Starscream Clones


The Stunticons are a group of Decepticons feared for their rude and nasty behavior as all as their capability to do death-defying vehicular stunts and wreak havoc on the streets. They combine to form a powerful giant robot called Menasor (Pentacar or Ultrax in Italy). They were called Stuntrons in Japan and Cascadicons in France. They were introduced into the Transformers toyline in late 1985 and were sold as a Menasor gift set, and then sold separately in 1986 in most department stores.[3] Their enemies are the Aerialbots.[4]

  • Motormaster - Cybertronian Truck / Freighter (Leader)
  • Dead End - Cybertronian Sports Car / Dragster
  • Breakdown - Cybertronian Sports Car / Race Car
  • Drag Strip - Cybertronian Sports Car / Luxury Car
  • Wildrider - Cybertronian Muscle Car / Muscle Car

Musician Decepticons

Other Decepticons

  • LockdownMuscle Car
  • Swindle - Military SUV
  • Flip Sides - Unknown
  • Reflector - Camera
  • Straxus - Unknown
  • Slapper - Cybertronian Bipedal Frog-like Walker Tank
  • Strecth - Limousine
  • Magnificus - Cybertronian Microscope (clone of Perceptor)
  • Grinder - Cybertronian Helicopter Gunship
  • Bugly - Cybertronian Helicopter Gunship
  • Venom - Cybertronian Helicopter Gunship

Live-action films



  • MegatronCybertronian Jet (killed by Sam Witwicky)



AllSpark Mutations

Video game Decepticons

All video game-exclusive Decepticons, except for Shockwave, Mixmaster, and Scrapper, have been also made into toys.

Toyline Decepticons

The Reign of Starscream Decepticons

Tales of the Fallen/Alliance Decepticons

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


  • Fallen (killed by Optimus Prime)
  • MegatronCybertronian Flying Tank

Decepticons/Non-Combiner Constructicons

  • StarscreamLockheed Martin F-22 Raptor
  • WheelbotTerex O&K RH 400 Hydraulic Mining Excavator (killed by Optimus Prime)
  • Sideways – Audi R8 (killed by Sideswipe)
  • Grindor – CH-53E Super Stallion (killed by Optimus Prime)
  • Mixmaster – Mack Concrete Mixer / Missile Launcher (killed by Jetfire)
  • Skipjack – Red Caterpillar D9T Bulldozer (killed by Bumblebee)
  • Long Haul – Caterpillar 773B Dump Truck (killed by Airstrike)
  • ScrapperCaterpillar 992G Scoop Loader (killed by Airstrike)
  • Scrapmetal – Volvo EC700C crawler excavator (killed by his teammates to spare parts for Megatron)
  • SoundwaveCybertronian Satellite / Cybertronian Starship
  • Bonecrusher drone - Buffalo H Military vehicle (offline)
  • Jetfire (later becomes an Autobot; sacrificed himself to spare his parts to Optimus)
  • Deception Protoforms (killed by Autobots and NEST)
  • Shockwave (seen in a newspaper)


  • RavageMechanical one-eyed Jaguar (killed by Bumblebee)
  • An InsecticonMechanical Beetle (killed by Sam Witwicky)
  • The Doctor – Microscope (killed by Optimus Prime in comic)
  • Alice – Teenage Female Human (killed by Mikaela Banes)
  • Reedman – combined form of Microbots known as Microcons, who also transforms into marbles
  • Hatchlings
  • Scorponok - Mechanical Scorpion (killed by Jetfire)
  • Wheelie (later becomes an Autobot)


Constructicons are mass-produced Transformers, so there are sometime more than one of each. Those who form Devastator have been killed by Railgun.

  • ScavengerRed/White Terex O&K RH 400 Hydraulic Mining Excavator / Upper Torso
  • OverloadRed KW Dart D4661 Articulated Dump Truck / Lower Torso
  • Mixmaster – Black/Gray Mack Concrete Mixer / Head
  • Scrapper – Yellow Caterpillar 992G Scoop Loader / Right Arm
  • Hightower – Yellow Kobelco CKE2500 II Crawler Crane / Left Arm
  • Second Bulldozer - Left Hand
  • Long Haul – Green Caterpillar 773B Dump Truck / Right Leg
  • Yellow Dump Truck - Left Leg
  • Rampage – Yellow Caterpillar D9T Bulldozer / Left Foot


They are killed by Bumblebee.

Video Game Decepticons

All video game-exclusive Decepticons, except for Sunstorm, the Constructicons, Stunticons, Combacticons, and Seekers, have been also made into toys.

Toyline Decepticons

Nefarious Decepticons

Transformers: Dark of the Moon




  • LaserbeakMechanical Condor / Variety of electronic devices / Desktop computer / Audio system / Pink Bumblebee (killed by Bumblebee and Sam Witwicky)
  • Igor – Head of Long Haul (offline)
  • Watch-bot (killed by Sam Witwicky)
  • Hatchlings

The Dreads

They all transform into Black Chevrolet Suburban emergency vehicles.

  • Crankcase (Leader) (killed by Ironhide)
  • Crowbar (killed by Ironhide)
  • Hatchet (killed by Dino, Bumblebee and Sideswipe)

Minor Decepticons

Toyline Decepticons

Video-game Decepticons

  • Lockdown - Muscle Car
  • ShockwaveCybertronian Self-propelled Cannon
  • MixmasterBlack/Gray Mack Concrete Mixer / Missile Launcher (killed by Ironhide)

Rising Storm Decepticons

Transformers: The Ride

Transformers: Age of Extinction


KSI Decepticons

  • Stinger - 2013 Pagani Huayra (killed by Bumblebee)
  • Junkheaps - Isuzu Giga garbage truck of Waste Management, Inc.s (split into three; killed by Hound in a fight, and Optimus Prime with Lockdown's grenade)
  • Traxes - 2013 Red/Blue/Black/Silver Chevrolet Traxes (killed by the Autobots and Dinobots)
  • KSI Bosses (killed by the Autobots and Dinobots)
  • Two Heads
    • One killed by Hound
    • Another killed by Optimus Prime with Lockdown's grenade


Minor Decepticons

Bounty Hunters

  • Lockdown2013 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Coupe (killed by Optimus Prime)
  • Mercenaries (killed by Cade Yeager, Bumblebee, Crosshairs, and Slug)
  • Steeljaws - Techno-Organic canines (killed by Cade Yeager and Bumblebee)
  • Drone balls (killed by Cade Yeager)
  • Stupid Drones (killed by Cade Yeager)

Toyline Decepticons

Comic Decepticons

The comics of Age of Extinction were not released in USA.

Transformers 5


Transformers Aligned Continuity/Transformers: Generations

See also: Transformers: War for Cybertron, Transformers: Prime, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Transformers: The Ride and Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark occur simultaneously with the live-action film series.

War for Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron

  • MegatronCybertronian Tank (killed by Metroplex, resurrected by Soundwave)
  • BarricadeCybertronian Formula 1 Car
  • Demolisher - Cybertronian Tank
  • Shockwave - Cybertronian Jet
  • Quake - Cybertronian Tank
  • TrypticonCybertronian Orbital Space Station / Decepticon "Nemesis" Warship




  • SoundwaveCybertronian Boombox / Cybertronian Truck
Data Discs
  • LaserbeakMechanical Condor / Data Disc
  • Rumble – Robot / Cybertronian Small Car / Data Disc
  • Frenzy - Robot / Cybertronian Small Car / Data Disc
  • Ravage - Mechanical Jaguar / Data Disc
  • Ratbat - Mechanical Bat / Data Disc


  • Motormaster - Cybertronian Freightliner Argosy (Leader)
  • Dead End - Cybertronian Sports Car / Cybertronian Lamborghini Countach
  • Breakdown - Cybertronian Sports Car / Cybertronian Dragster
  • Drag Strip - Cybertronian Luxury Car


  • OnslaughtCybertronian Anti-Aircraft Trunk (Leader)
  • BrawlCybertronian Tank
  • Swindle - Cybertronian SUV / Cybertronian Desert Jeep
  • Blast Off - Cybertronian Blaster Jet
  • Vortex - Cybertronian Helicopter

Transformers: Prime/Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Transformers: Prime

The Twins

Human-Made Transformers



In the Transformers: Prime storyline, Terrorcons are Megatron's, actually Unicron's, army of the undead Cybertronians brought to live by Dark Energon.


  • Predaking - Giant Mechanical Dragon (Leader)
  • Darksteel - Mechanical Ursagryph
  • Skylynx - Mechcanical Dragon
  • Skystalker - Mechcanical Dragon
  • Lazerback - Mechanical Land Dragon
  • Abominus
    • Rippersnapper - Mechanical Lizard-like Bipedal Dragon
    • Blight - Mechanical Bipedal Land Dragon
    • Hun-Gurrr - Mechanical Bipedal Two-Headed Land Dragon
    • Twinstrike - Mechanical Bipedal Two-Headed Land Dragon
    • Windrazor - Mechanical Wyvern
  • Grimwing - Mechanical Ursagryph
    • Blackbeak - Bird-like Creature (Grimwing's Mini-Con partner)
  • Backbite - Mechcanical Dragon
  • Vertebreak - Mechanical Land Dragon
  • Cindersaur - Mechanical Lizard-like Bipedal Dragon
  • Rot Gut - Mechanical Bipedal Land Dragon
  • Ripclaw - Mechanical Claw-tailed Dragon
  • Ser-Ket - Mechanical Claw-tailed Dragon


  • Vehicon Cars - Cadillac Ciels
  • Vehicon Seekers - Hoverjets
  • Vehicon Miners - Unknown
  • Other DecepticonsVarious

Transformers Universe

  • Astraea - Stormchaser pick-up truck
  • Backlash -
  • Barricade
  • Brawl
  • Conduit - Off-road jeep
  • Contagion -
  • Deadheat - Sports car prototype
  • Derail - Mine clearer
  • Diabla - Motorcycle
  • Drive-By - Muscle car
  • Duststorm - Off-road buggy
  • Flatline - Truck
  • Firebreaker - European sports car
  • Hotwire - Van
  • Mismatch - Armored interceptor
  • Onslaught -
  • Pandemic - Sports car
  • Rampart- Armored truck
  • Rollcage -
  • Shellshock - Armored car

Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015 TV Series)

  • Steeljaw - Werewolf-like form / Cybertronian off-road vehicle (Leader)
  • Underbite - Robotic Gorgonopsian / Cybertronian Tank
  • Hammerstrike - Robotic Shark / Cybertronian submarine (captured)
  • Bisk - Gigantic Lobster / Cybertronian Muscle Car, Resembling a mid-1960s Pontiac GTO (captured)
  • Chop Shop - Split into five robotic spiders (captured, while one remains unknown)
  • Terrashock - Cow-like form / Cybertronian Armored Truck (captured)
  • Thunderhoof - Deer-themed form / Earth tractor with a thresher attachment
  • Filch - Bird-like form (captured)
  • Minitron - Cyber-tick (captured)
  • Springload - Robotic Frog / Earth Ford Bronco Pickup Truck (captured)
  • Ped - Robotic Earthworm / Earth Tanker Truck (captured)
  • Quillfire - Robotic Porcupine / Earth Military SUV (captured)
  • Fracture - Cybertronian Motorcycle
  • Clampdown - Crab-like form / Boy Racer Coupe, Based on a Ford Focus RS coupe
  • Grimlock - Robotic Tyrannosaurus (later becomes an Autobot)
  • Malador - Skunk / Earth Muscle Car, Based On A 1969 Chevrolet Nova (captured)
  • Megatronus/The Fallen - Cybertronian Tank

Transformers: Universe



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