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List of Denver Broncos first-round draft picks

Jay Cutler earned a Pro Bowl selection with the Broncos in 2008.[1]

The Denver Broncos are a professional American football team based in Denver, Colorado. They are members of the American Football Conference West Division in the National Football League (NFL). The franchise was formed on August 14, 1959 to compete in the American Football League (AFL). The first AFL Draft was held three months later.[2] The last AFL draft the Broncos participated in was the 1966 draft, due to them joining the NFL as part of the AFL–NFL merger on June 8, 1966.[3]

The Broncos first participated in the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting, more commonly known as the NFL Draft,[4] in 1967. In the NFL Draft, each NFL franchise annually seeks to add new players to its roster. Teams are ranked in reverse order based on the previous season's record; the worst record picks first, the second-worst picking second and so on. The two exceptions to this order are made for teams that appeared in the previous Super Bowl; the Super Bowl champion always picks 32nd, and the Super Bowl loser always picks 31st. Teams have the option of trading away their picks to other teams for different picks, players, cash, or a combination thereof. Thus, it is not uncommon for a team's actual draft pick to differ from their assigned draft pick, or for a team to have extra or no draft picks in any round due to these trades.[5]

The Broncos selected Roger LeClerc, a placekicker from Trinity College, in the 1960 AFL Draft.[6] In their first NFL Draft, the Broncos selected Floyd Little, a running back from Syracuse University. The Broncos have selected players from the University of Nebraska, University of Florida, and University of Tennessee three times each, the most from any university in the first-round. The team's most recent selections were Tim Tebow, a quarterback from Florida University and Demaryius Thomas, wide receiver from Georgia Tech. Three selections, Floyd Little, Merlin Olsen and Bob Brown, were enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1982 and 2004, respectively.[7] In 1991, Mike Croel became the first Bronco to win the Defensive Rookie of the Year award, receiving 68 out of 82 votes.[8]

Player selections

Randy Gradishar, a seven-time Pro Bowl participant[9]
 †  Enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Year[A] Pick Player name Position College Notes
1960 LeClerc, RogerRoger LeClerc Center Trinity College
1961 Gaiters, BobBob Gaiters Halfback New Mexico State
1962 Olsen, MerlinMerlin Olsen † Defensive tackle Utah State
1963 Alexander, KermitKermit Alexander Defensive back UCLA
1964 Brown, BobBob Brown † Offensive tackle Nebraska
1965 No pick [a]
1966 Shay, JerryJerry Shay Offensive tackle Purdue
1967 6 Little, FloydFloyd Little † Running back Syracuse
1968 No pick [b]
1969 No pick [b]
1970 11 Anderson, BobbyBobby Anderson Running back Colorado
1971 12 Montgomery, MarvMarv Montgomery Offensive tackle USC [c]
1972 5 Odoms, RileyRiley Odoms Tight end Houston
1973 9 Armstrong, OtisOtis Armstrong Running back Purdue
1974 14 Gradishar, RandyRandy Gradishar Linebacker Ohio State
1975 17 Wright, LouisLouis Wright Defensive back San Jose State
1976 15 Glassic, TomTom Glassic Guard Virginia
1977 18 Schindler, SteveSteve Schindler Guard Boston College
1978 27 Latimer, DonDon Latimer Nose tackle Miami (FL)
1979 22 Clark, KelvinKelvin Clark Offensive tackle Nebraska
1980 No pick [d]
1981 15 Smith, DennisDennis Smith Defensive back USC
1982 21 Willhite, GeraldGerald Willhite Running back San Jose State [e]
1983 4 Hinton, ChrisChris Hinton Guard Northwestern
1984 No pick [f]
1985 26 Sewell, SteveSteve Sewell Running back Oklahoma
1986 No pick [g]
1987 27 Nattiel, RickyRicky Nattiel Wide receiver Florida
1988 26 Gregory, TedTed Gregory Defensive tackle Syracuse
1989 20 Atwater, SteveSteve Atwater Defensive back Arkansas [h]
1990 No pick [i]
1991 4 Croel, MikeMike Croel Linebacker Nebraska
1992 25 Maddox, TommyTommy Maddox Quarterback UCLA
1993 11 Williams, DanDan Williams Defensive end Toledo [j]
1994 No pick [k]
1995 No pick [l]
1996 15 Mobley, JohnJohn Mobley Linebacker Kutztown
1997 28 Pryce, TrevorTrevor Pryce Defensive tackle Clemson
1998 30 Nash, MarcusMarcus Nash Wide receiver Tennessee
1999 31 Wilson, AlAl Wilson Linebacker Tennessee
2000 15 O'Neal, DelthaDeltha O'Neal Cornerback California [m]
2001 24 Middlebrooks, WillieWillie Middlebrooks Cornerback Minnesota
2002 19 Lelie, AshleyAshley Lelie Wide receiver Hawaii
2003 20 Foster, GeorgeGeorge Foster Offensive tackle Georgia
2004 17 Williams, D. J.D. J. Williams Linebacker Miami (FL) [n]
2005 No pick [o]
2006 11 Cutler, JayJay Cutler Quarterback Vanderbilt [p]
2007 17 Moss, JarvisJarvis Moss Defensive end Florida [q]
2008 12 Clady, RyanRyan Clady Offensive tackle Boise State
2009 12 Moreno, KnowshonKnowshon Moreno Running back Georgia
2009 18 Ayers, RobertRobert Ayers Defensive end Tennessee [r]
2010 22 Thomas, DemaryiusDemaryius Thomas Wide receiver Georgia Tech [s]
2010 25 Tebow, TimTim Tebow Quarterback Florida [t]
2011 2 Miller, VonVon Miller Linebacker Texas A & M
2012 No pick
2013 28 Williams, SylvesterSylvester Williams Defensive tackle North Carolina
2014 31 Roby, BradleyBradley Roby Cornerback Ohio State


  • A Each year is linked to an article about that particular AFL or NFL Draft.
  • a The Broncos traded their 1965 first-round pick along with defensive tackle Bud McFadin to the Houston Oilers for quarterback Jacky Lee.[10]
  • b 1 2 On August 15, 1967, the Broncos traded their #4 overall pick in the 1968 Draft and #9 overall pick in the 1969 Draft to the San Diego Chargers for quarterback Steve Tensi.[11]
  • c On January 28, 1971, the Broncos traded their #9 overall pick in the 1971 Draft and defensive end Alden Roche to the Green Bay Packers for the #12 overall pick in the 1971 Draft and quarterback Don Horn.[12]
  • d On February 1, 1980, the Broncos traded their #20 overall pick and a second-round pick in the 1980 Draft along with quarterback Craig Penrose to the New York Jets for quarterback Matt Robinson.[13]
  • e The Broncos traded their #19 overall pick in the 1982 Draft to the Buffalo Bills for the #21 overall pick and a fourth-round pick in the 1982 Draft.[14]
  • f On May 2, 1983, the Broncos traded their #19 overall pick in the 1984 Draft along with quarterback Mark Herrmann and guard Chris Hinton to the Baltimore Colts for quarterback John Elway.[15]
  • g On October 9, 1984, the Broncos traded their #21 overall pick and third-round pick in 1986 Draft and fifth-round pick in 1987 Draft to the Cincinnati Bengals for the draft rights of Ricky Hunley.[16]
  • h On April 23, 1989, the Broncos traded their #13 overall pick in the 1989 Draft to the Cleveland Browns for the #20 overall, second, fifth, and ninth-round picks in the 1989 Draft.[17]
  • i On July 7, 1989, the Broncos selected Bobby Humphrey in the 1989 Supplemental Draft;[18] as a result, they forfeited their rights to a first-round pick in 1990 Draft.[19]
  • j The Broncos traded their #14 overall pick and a third-round pick in the 1993 Draft to the Cleveland Browns for the #11 overall pick.[20]
  • k On August 23, 1993, the Broncos traded their #18 overall pick and sixth-round pick in the 1994 draft and a second-round pick in the 1995 draft to the Minnesota Vikings for offensive tackle Gary Zimmerman.[21]
  • l On April 24, 1994, the Broncos traded a third-round selection in the 1994 Draft and a first-round pick in the 1995 Draft to the Atlanta Falcons for wide receiver Mike Pritchard and a seventh round pick in the 1995 Draft.[22]
  • m On April 12, 2000, the Broncos traded their #10 overall pick in the 2000 Draft to the Baltimore Ravens for the #15 overall pick and a second-round pick in the 2000 Draft.[23]
  • n On April 9, 2004, the Broncos traded #24 overall pick in the 2004 Draft along with cornerback Deltha O'Neal and a fourth-round pick to the Cincinnati Bengals for the #17 overall pick.[24]
  • o On April 19, 2005, the Broncos traded their #25 overall pick in the 2005 Draft to the Washington Redskins for a third-round pick in the 2005 Draft, #22 overall and fourth-round picks in the 2006 Draft.[25]
  • p On March 21, 2006, the Broncos traded their #29 overall pick along with a third-round pick in the 2006 Draft and fourth-round pick in the 2007 Draft to the Atlanta Falcons for the #15 overall pick.[26]
    On April 19, 2006, the Broncos traded their #22 overall pick to the San Francisco 49ers for second and third-round picks.[27]
    On April 29, 2006, the Broncos traded their #15 overall pick to the St. Louis Rams for the #11 overall pick and a third-round pick in the 2006 Draft.[28]
  • q On April 28, 2007, the Broncos traded their #21 overall pick along with a third and sixth-round picks to the Jacksonville Jaguars for the #17 overall pick.[29]
  • r On April 2, 2009, the Broncos traded quarterback Jay Cutler and a fifth-round pick in the 2009 Draft to the Chicago Bears for the #18 overall pick in the 2009 Draft along with a third-round pick in the 2009 Draft and a first-round pick in the 2010 Draft.[30]
  • s On April 22, 2010, the Patriots traded this selection to the Broncos for a first-round selection (24th overall; traded to Dallas, who selected Dez Bryant) and a fourth-round selection it acquired from San Francisco (113th overall; New England selected Aaron Hernandez).[31]
  • t On April 22, 2010, the Ravens traded this selection to the Broncos for a second-round selection it acquired from Miami (43rd overall; Baltimore selected Sergio Kindle), a third-round selection it acquired from Philadelphia (70th overall; Baltimore selected Ed Dickson), and a fourth-round selection (114th overall; Baltimore selected Dennis Pitta).[32]


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