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List of English dishes

This is a list of notable dishes found in English cuisine.

Illustrated list

Name Image Description
Bedfordshire clanger 120px
Bangers and mash 120px Mashed potatoes and sausages, sometimes served with onion gravy or fried onions.
Beef cobbler
Beef Wellington 120px
Black peas A Lancashire dish consisting of purple podded peas soaked overnight and simmered until mushy.
Black pudding 120px
Bubble and squeak 120px
Cauliflower cheese 120px
Cottage pie 120px
Cumberland sausage 120px
Devilled kidneys 120px
Faggots 120px
Fish and chips 120px
Full English breakfast 120px
Game pie 120px
Turducken 120px
Hash 120px
Hog's pudding
Jellied eels 120px
Kippers 120px
Lancashire hotpot 120px
Lincolnshire sausage 120px
Liver and onion/Liver and bacon
Parmo (Teesside)
Pasty 120px
Pease pudding
Pie and mash 120px
Ploughman's lunch 120px
Pork pie 120px
Potted shrimps 120px
Rag pudding 120px Minced meat with onions in a suet pastry, which is then boiled or steamed.
Scouse 120px
Stargazy Pie 120px
Steak and ale pie 120px
Steak and kidney pie 120px
Steak and kidney pudding 120px
Steak and oyster pie
Stottie cake 120px
Suet pudding
Sunday roast 120px
Roast beef, horseradish and mustard 120px
Roast lamb with mint sauce
Roast pork with apple sauce
Toad-in-the-hole 120px
Welsh Rarebit/Rabbit 120px
Yorkshire pudding 120px

Savoury dishes

Sweet dishes

Other specialities


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