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List of Fantastic Four enemies

Here in alphabetical order is a list of Fantastic Four enemies.

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  • Abraxas - A cosmic entity who seeks to destroy all realities.
  • Annihilus - A villain that wields the cosmic control rod to take over the Earth.
  • Aron - A rogue Watcher that likes to manipulate against the Fantastic Four.
  • Awesome Android - Robot thug of the Mad Thinker.


  • Beyonder - A sentient universe come to Earth in human form to study humanity
  • Brute - An evil counterpart of Reed Richards.


  • Devos the Devastator - An extraterrestrial vigilante dedicated to bringing peace to the universe, but holds the rather warped view that this can only be done by destroying anyone whom he deems a threat to galactic peace.
  • Diablo - An evil alchemist.
  • Doctor Doom - The Fantastic Four's archenemy. Ruler of Latveria, bent on dominating the Earth. One of Marvel's biggest and lethal villains on Earth. Presumably called "Neutral", as according to his behavior.
  • Doctor Octopus- He is an enemy of the Fantastic Four, though he does frequently battle Daredevil, Captain America and most frequently, Spider-Man.
  • Dragon Man - A robot in the form of a dragon created by Diablo.



  • Fantastic Four (Earth-2149) - Has been deliberately infected the team and himself by an insane Reed Richards. These fleshing eating counterparts of the Fantastic Four are from a zombie decimated reality in search of more food. The zombified Reed Richards tricks his Ultimate counterpart and his friends to come to Zombie Earth-2149 for more flesh to satiate their hunger. All deceased.
  • Frightful Four - The team opposite of the Fantastic Four. Led by the Human Torch's enemy, the Wizard.



  • Hyperstorm - Both the future descendant and enemy of the Fantastic Four.



  • Kang the Conqueror - This prime Avengers villain has many ties to the team and has had more than a few tuffs with the Fantastic Four as well.
  • Klaw - A human physicist who has been transformed into solid sound, and who wears a sonic emitter on his right wrist as a prosthetic device. Also known as Black Panther's archenemy.
  • Kree - A scientifically and technologically advanced militaristic alien race.
  • Kristoff Vernard - One who takes the identity of Doctor Doom for a while before becoming an ally for the Fantastic Four.



  • Mad Thinker - He is a genius specializing in evil robotics and usually comes up with very elaborate infallible devious plans that unfold like clockwork.
  • Magneto - One of Marvel's biggest villains, who has had his share of fights with the F.F..
  • Malice - An evil psionic entity that resided in the mind of Invisible Woman.
  • Maximus - a member of the Inhumans, who wants to take over his brother Black Bolt's business as leader of the Inhumans.
  • Mephisto - This prince of darkness has tried to tamper with the souls of the Fantastic Four and will most likely try to do it again. Prime enemy of Ghost Rider.
  • Mole Man - An underground leader of Subterranea, who plans to take over the outer world that rejected him. Rules over different creatures and has access to highly advanced technology.
  • Molecule Man - A villain or a reluctant hero with the power of molecular manipulation. Originally could only control inorganic matter, but can now control both types.








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