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List of Flash supporting characters

This is a list of Flash supporting characters.

In chronological order with name, first appearance and description.

Golden Age

Character First appearance Description
Justice Society of America All Star Comics #3 (Winter 1940) A group of masked heroes that joined together to face a growing threat within America. Flash was a founding member.
Joan Williams Flash Comics #1 (January 1940) Jay Garrick's longtime girlfriend and, eventually, his wife.
Winky, Blinky, and Noddy All-Flash #5 (Summer 1942) Known as the “Three Dimwits,” and several other variations, Winky, Blinky, and Noddy acted as comic relief for the Flash.
Worry Wart All-Flash #15 (Summer 1944) Ebenezer Jones was a man who worries too much. A family friend discovered it was actually due to a gene in Jones and made it contagious, using Jones to perform robberies. The Flash found an antidote for the so-called Worry Wart who would occasionally reappear with his unique problem.
Maria Flura All-Flash #31 (October–November 1947) A scientist the Flash befriended that helped him with the Star Sapphire.

Silver Age

Character First appearance Description
Dick Grayson Detective Comics vol. 1, #38 (April 1940) Serving with Wally West on the Teen Titans, Grayson would become West's best friend and act as best man at his wedding.
Iris West Showcase #4 (September–October 1956) A reporter and Barry Allen's best friend and eventual girlfriend.
Solovar Flash vol. 1, #106 (April–May 1959) The king of Gorilla City for much of the dealings the Flash had with the culture.
Green Lantern Showcase #22 (October 1959) Served with the Flash in the JLA where the unlikely pair became best friends.
Justice League of America The Brave and the Bold vol. 1, #28 (February/March 1960) Group of costumed heroes that protected the world against some of its worst threats. Barry Allen was a founding member.
Elongated Man Flash vol. 1, #112 (May 1960) A super hero and ally of the Flash who operated out of Central City.
Sue Dibny Flash vol. 1, #119 (March 1961) Socialite that dated and later married Elongated Man.
Daphne Dean Flash vol. 1, #126 (February 1962) An actress that grew up with and dated Barry Allen.
Mary West Flash vol. 1, #133 (December 1962) The mother of Wally West who moved in with him for a time.
Dexter Myles Flash vol. 1, #138 (August 1963) Curator of the Flash Museum.
Doralla Kon Flash vol. 1, #145 (June 1964) An alien from the planet Alkomar that arrived on Earth to learn while there she has super-speed.
Teen Titans The Brave and the Bold vol. 1, #54 (July 1964) A group that began as a team of sidekicks for the JLA that grew into a home for teen heroes. Wally West was a founding member.
Mopee Flash vol. 1, #167 (February 1967) A “Heavenly Help-Mate” that claimed to give Barry Allen his powers.
Tornado Twins Adventure Comics #373 (October 1968) The twin son and daughter of Barry and Iris Allen that became heroes in the 30th century.
Patty Spivot 5-Star Super-Hero Spectacular (September 1977) Barry Allen's assistant in the police lab.
Ringmaster Flash vol. 1, #261 (May 1978) Beau Baer is a freelance writer hypnotized by Golden Glider into becoming a hero to replace the Flash due to his resemblance to the Top.

Bronze Age

Character First appearance Description
Pied Piper Flash vol. 1, #106 (May 1959) A longtime member of the Rogues that in wake of Barry Allen's demise became a champion for the poor.
Fiona Webb Flash vol. 1, #285 (May 1980) A woman that dated and nearly married Barry Allen. On their wedding day, the Reverse-Flash masqueraded as the hero and nearly killed Webb, instead being killed himself by the Flash. Webb would suffer nervous breakdowns afterward at even the mention of Allen's name.
Cyborg DC Comics Presents vol. 1, #26 (October 1980) A close friend Wally West made from the Teen Titans.
Raven DC Comics Presents vol. 1, #26 (October 1980) Wally West had a crush on Raven which she used her magic to manipulate him to rejoin the Teen Titans. However, she would begin to have feelings for him which threatened to unleash the evil inside her.
Magenta The New Teen Titans #17 (March 1982) Wally West's girlfriend while he was Kid Flash, when he learned she could manipulate magnetism he tried to force her into becoming a super-hero. However, it instead pushed her growing mental illness into bipolar disorder. She would often be manipulated into acting as a super-villain and other times take part in destructive behavior on her own.
Connie Noleski Flash Annual vol. 2, #1 (1987) A model that had an on-and-off again relationship with Wally West. She later dated and became engaged to Chunk.
Tina McGee Flash vol. 2, #3 (August 1987) Scientist that studied Wally West and dated him for a time. She would reunite with her estranged husband and the pair work together for S.T.A.R. Labs.
Jerry McGee Flash vol. 2, #5 (October 1987) Tina McGee's husband and a scientist researching how to enhance the human body. Performing tests on himself he turned himself into a super-villain that went by Speed McGee and Speed Demon. The Flash helped him get treatment and Jerry reconnected with his wife and the pair work together at S.T.A.R. Labs where they've been known to help the Flash.
Red Trinity Flash vol. 2, #6 (November 1987) A trio of super-heroes from Russia that formed the service Kapitalist Kouriers in the US. Their predecessor was Blue Trinity.
Lady Flash Flash vol. 2, #7 (December 1987) Formerly Christina of Blue Trinity, Vandal Savage made the villainess his slave via an addiction to cocaine and gave her a spare Flash costume wherein she took up the title “Lady Flash.” When Savage ordered her to kill the Flash, she refused and joined the hero in taking the villain down. When Christina asked to become the Flash's partner, however, he refused.
Chunk Flash vol. 2, #9 (February 1988) A scientist that developed a long range teleportation device and, in an accident, merged with it. Forced to absorb mass such that his invention doesn't consume him, Chunk ran afoul of the Flash when these acts caused chaos. With the hero's help, Chunk was able to get his abilities under control, opening a waste removal business, and became a close friend to Wally West.
Mason Trollbridge Flash vol. 2, #15 (August 1988) Once the sidekick to the vigilante the Clipper, Trollbridge was a neighbor to Wally West in New York, later becoming his friend (going so far as to move with Wally back to Keystone City). At one point, Trollbridge took up the mantle of the Clipper and his son became the super-villain Last Resort.
Linda Park Flash vol. 2, #28 (July 1989) A reporter that dated and eventually married Wally West. They have two children, Iris (who became the hero Impulse) and Jai.

Modern Age

Character First appearance Description
Max Mercury National Comics # 5 (November 1940) A US Cavalry scout empowered by a Native American shaman with super-speed, the man who would be known as Max Mercury is considered one of the foremost experts in the Speed Force. He bounced through time entering the force, appearing throughout history and mentoring speedsters.
Trickster Flash vol. 1, #113 (June–July 1960) One of the Flash's most consistent rogues, the Trickster was brainwashed by the Top and joined the FBI. Trickster would later form a group of reformed Flash rogues to topple his current ranks of enemies until the Top removed his influence.
Top Flash vol. 1, #122 (August 1961) One of the Flash's rogues, the Top was magically brainwashed by Zatanna into becoming a hero and would briefly be the Flash's partner. Unfortunately, his new programming clashed with his guilt over his past and he lost his mind. The Top would brainwash the Trickster, Pied Piper, and Heat Wave.
Heat Wave Flash vol. 1, #140 (November 1963) One of the Flash's rogues, Heat Wave was brainwashed by the Top into becoming a hero and worked for Project Cadmus. He would end up at the FBI under the Trickster beside other reformed rogues before the Top removed his influence.
Keith Kenyon Green Lantern vol. 2, #38 (Summer 1965) Formerly an enemy of the Green Lantern, Kenyon reformed and became a Union boss in Keystone City.
Jesse Quick Justice Society of America vol. 2, #1 (August 1992) The daughter of Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle, Jesse for a time acted as the Flash's partner and agreed to be his successor (though, this was revealed to be a ruse to inspire Bart Allen).
Argus Flash Annual vol. 2, #6 (1993) A federal agent that gained super powers, Argus became a hero and ally to the Flash in Central City.
Green Lantern Green Lantern vol. 3, #48 (January 1994) Serving with Wally West in the JLA, the duo clashed but eventually became good friends.
XS Legionnaires #0 (October 1994) The granddaughter of Barry Allen and daughter of Dawn Allen of the Tornado Twins.
Preston Lindsay Impulse #1 (April 1995) The best friend of Bart Allen when he lived in Manchester, Alabama.
Carol Bucklen Impulse #4 (July 1995) Bart Allen's first love that went to the future with him when Max Mercury was believed dead.
Arrowette Impulse #28 (August 1997) The daughter of Miss Arrowette, Arrowette was a hero in Manchester where she befriended Bart Allen.
Young Justice Young Justice: The Secret (June 1998) Largely made up of a new, younger generation of sidekicks to the JLA, Bart Allen was a founding member.
Justice Legion Alpha DC One Million #1 (November 1998) The premier super hero team of the 853rd century, a time-traveling John Fox became that generation's Flash.
Angela Margolin Flash vol. 2, #143 (December 1998) The scientist that took over Barry Allen's position in the Central City police department after his absence. She would become romantically involved with the Dark Flash.
Fred Chyre Flash vol. 2, #170 (March 2001) Detective for the Keystone City police.
Jared Morillo Flash vol. 2, #171 (April 2001) A detective for the Keystone City police and Fred Chyre's partner for the Department of Metahuman Hostility. After a battle with the villain Cicada, Morillo developed accelerated healing that can seemingly restore him to life from death itself.
Gregory Wolfe Flash: Iron Heights (August 2001) The warden of Iron Heights that seems to have no tolerance for his inmates and is able to cause pain or comfort in others using his mind (so far as to kill dozens when pushed to his limit).
Hunter Zolomon The Flash: Secret Files & Origins #3 (November 2001) A talented former profiler for the FBI specializing in super-villains that became an asset for the Keystone City police. After being paralyzed from the waist down by Gorilla Grodd, Zolomon asked the Flash to go back in time and fix the agent's life (which he refused). Zolomon attempted to use the Cosmic Treadmill to go back in time himself but instead resulted in an accident turning him into the villain Zoom.
Peek-a-Boo Flash vol. 2, #180 (January 2002) A youth with the power to teleport, Lashawna Baez attempted to use her powers to steal a kidney for her ailing father. While she would be caught and battle the Flash again, she admitted she idolized the hero and wanted to also be a hero.
Ashley Zolomon Flash vol. 2, #197 (June 2003) The ex-wife of Hunter Zolomon, Ashley blamed herself for his transformation into Zoom. She took his place as the police's profiler in hopes Hunter could one day be rehabilitated.
Owen Mercer Identity Crisis # 3 (October 2004) The son of Captain Boomerang and half brother of Bart Allen, Mercer largely has walked a fine line between hero and villain. He would join the Suicide Squad and helped apprehend the Rogues that killed Bart Allen.
Valerie Perez The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1 (August 2006) The daughter of Manfred Mota, Perez was once saved by Bart Allen and she would dedicate her life to studying the Speed Force. Studying him as an intern at S.T.A.R. Labs, the two would begin a romantic relationship. She would hold him in her arms as he died from his injuries at the hands of the Rogues.
The Renegades Flash vol. 3, #1 (June 2010) A police task force from the 25th century that believed Barry Allen murdered team member Mirror Monarch (which was in fact killed by the group's Top).

From alternate realities

Character First appearance Description
Vince Everett The Flash TV Special #1 (January 1991) A youth that broke into S.T.A.R. Labs and gained super-speed from an experiment replicating the accident that gave Barry Allen his powers. He would lose his powers as he raced the Flash around the city.

In other media

Character First appearance Description
Henry Allen The Flash: Pilot (September 20, 1990) A retired police officer and the father of Barry Allen that was proud of his son Jay, a cop in the motorcycle division, and disappointed in his other son Barry for being a scientist. He often criticized Barry for his reliance on scientific procedure, claiming it didn't compare to actual police work.
Jay Allen The Flash: Pilot (September 20, 1990) Barry Allen's brother, Jay was a cop for the motorcycle division before his death at the hands of the Dark Riders, the motorcycle gang of Nicholas Pike, prompting Barry to become the Flash.
Julio Mendez The Flash: Pilot (September 20, 1990) Barry Allen's co-worker in the Police lab.
Michael Francis Murphy and Tony Bellows The Flash: Pilot (September 20, 1990) Partners for the police force that often appeared as comic relief.
Warren Garfield The Flash: Pilot (September 20, 1990) Police lieutenant and Barry Allen's boss.
Megan Lockhart The Flash: Watching the Detectives (October 18, 1990) A private detective that crossed paths with the Flash on occasion and the two shared an attraction.
Nightshade The Flash: Ghost in the Machine (December 13, 1990) Dr. Desmond Powell, the chief of staff of Central City Hospital and formerly a vigilante in the 50s.
Alpha The Flash: Alpha (May 11, 1991) An android built by the US government intended to be an assassin but develops a conscience and escapes her masters. Alpha and Flash are forced to face Omega, another android tasked with capturing Alpha.
Green Lantern Justice League of America (1997) Barry Allen's room and team mate in the JLA.

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