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List of Inhumans

The following is a list of known fictional characters who are Inhumans, appearing in Marvel Comics or media inspired by them.

Known Inhumans

Inhuman Royal Family

The Inhuman Royal Family are the ruling class of the Inhumans. Among the members of the Inhuman Royal Family are:

  • Black Bolt (Blackagar Boltagon): King of the Inhumans and husband to Medusa. He has a destructive hypersonic voice that is so loud, he actually remains silent and has undergone rigorous mental training to prevent himself from uttering a sound, even in sleep. The fork-like antenna on Black Bolt's forehead allows more controlled use of his voice.[1]
  • Gorgon: Cousin of Medusa and Black Bolt. He has bull-like legs in place of his actual legs that can create intense shockwaves that would be equal to an earthquake.[3]
  • Karnak: Cousin of Black Bolt. He is also a priest and philosopher and chose not to expose himself to the Terrigen Mists. But he does have the ability to sense an opponent's weak points and is good at martial arts.[1]
  • Maximus Boltagon: Also known as Maximus the Mad, he is the brother of Black Bolt and tries to overthrow him from time to time. Maximus has the ability of mind-control.[4]
  • The Unspoken: Cousin of Black Bolt. He was once the king of the Inhumans until the rest of the Royal Family rose up against his power-hungry ways. Black Bolt defeated and banished him, decreeing that his actions would be removed from the history books and his name never be uttered again causing him to be referred to as "The Unspoken". The Terrigen Mists gave him the power of "Terrigenesis," the ability to alter his body into any form he wished.[5]

Inhuman Royal Guards

The Inhuman Royal Guards are a group of Inhumans that are responsible for protecting the Inhuman Royal Family. Among its members are:

  • Dinu: A teenage Inhuman who was disfigured during Terrigenesis and had to wear a mask on his face with eye-holes and a zipper where his mouth is. He is a member of the Inhuman Royal Guard. It has been rumored that the ritual of Terrigenesis has disfigured Dinu so much that simply looking upon his face can cause death.[9]
  • Naanis[10] - A tree-like Inhuman Royal Guard who is the twin brother of Timberius.
  • Neifi: An Inhuman royal guard with gray skin and reptilian features. He possesses super-strength and durability and his skin is like armor.[9]

Genetic Council

The Genetic Council is a group of Inhumans who are charged with making decisions concerning the use of the Terrigen Mists and the fate of the Inhumans. Among the known members are:

  • Arcadius: An Inhuman chancellor who is a member of the Genetic Council. He has the ability to animate statues.[11]
  • Avia: A female Inhuman with bird-like wings who is a member of the Genetic Council.[12]
  • Carthus: A religious leader of the Genetics Council and spiritual adviser. He was blue with several red spiked horns on his head.[9]
  • Cynas: A female Inhuman who is a member of the Genetic Council.[13]
  • Furgar: Member of the Genetic Council.[13]
  • Kitang: Member of the Genetic Council.[14]
  • Porcal: Member of the Genetic Council.[15]
  • Sapphiras: A female Inhuman who is a member of the Genetic Council.[13]
  • Targon: An Inhuman who is a member of the Genetic Council.[13]
  • Thernon: Member of the Genetic Council.[14]

Inhuman allies of Maximus

The following Inhumans are allies of Maximus the Mad:

  • Falcona: An Inhuman that can control any birds in the Birds of Prey category. Her current whereabouts are unknown.[18]
  • Leonus: An Inhuman with lion-like attributes. His current whereabouts are unknown.[18]
  • Nebulo: An invisible Inhuman who is also known as the Shadow Uncast. His current whereabouts are unknown.[18]
  • Seeker: Worked for Maximus during his reign of Atillan. Killed in Inhumans: Untold Stories #6.[19]
  • Timberius: A tree-like Inhuman who can control plants. His current whereabouts are unknown.[18]

Crimson Cadre

The Crimson Cadre are the Inhumans' personal strike force led by General Ator. Among its members are:

  • General Ator: General Ator is the leader of the Crimson Cadre. His current status and whereabouts are unknown.[20]
  • Eelak the Agile: An Inhuman with enhanced agility. Current status and whereabouts unknown.[20]
  • Glaboo: An Inhuman with super-strength. His body is composed of a malleable mud-like substance. Current status and whereabouts unknown.[20]
  • Margoyle: A gargoyle-like Inhuman. Current status and whereabouts unknown.[20]
  • Pulssus: An electrical Inhuman. Current status and whereabouts unknown.[20]
  • Rootar: A bark-skinned Inhuman. Current status and whereabouts unknown.[20]

Dark Riders

The Dark Riders are a group of Inhumans drafted by Apocalypse. Among its members are:

  • Barrage: Founding member of the Dark Riders. He can transform his arms into organic weapons that can absorb a type of energy and fire it in powerful explosive blasts. He was killed by a clone of Madelyne Pryor.[21]
  • Foxbat: Founding member of the Dark Riders. He can see in the dark and use his fangs and claws as weapons. He was assassinated by Genesis.[21][22]
  • Gauntlet: Founding member of the Dark Riders. Later becomes a mercenary for hire.[21]
  • Hard-Drive: Founding member of the Dark Riders. He can teleport and control machinery. At some point, he was turned into a cyborg. Current whereabouts are unknown.[21]
  • Psynapse: Founding member of the Dark Riders and the cousin of Medusa and Crystal. She had telepathy. Killed by the other members of the team,[23] but was revealed to be alive only to be incinerated by the energy released when he attempted to tap into the powers of X-Man.[21][24]
  • Tusk: Founding member of the Dark Riders. Current whereabouts are unknown.[21]

New Generation Inhumans

  • Alaris: An Inhuman and member of the Inhuman Royal Guard with enhanced strength and bulletproof skin. He was sent to Earth as part of a reconnaissance mission/student exchange program.[25]
  • Jolen: A vegetation-manipulating Inhuman who was sent to Earth.[26]
  • Nahrees: An Inhuman who can generate electricity.[9]
  • San: An Inhuman that can sculpt objects out of organic clay.[25]
  • Tonaja:[9] An Inhuman with green scaly skin and extendable brown wings who is a member of the royal guards.

Universal Inhumans

The Inhumans and the Kree have experimented on some Centaurians, Dire Wraiths, Kymellians, and Badoon so that when Black Bolt is found, he can lead them into a new era. Besides the Inhuman Royal Family, among the members of the Universal Inhumans are:

  • Aladi No Eke: The current Queen of the Badoons.
  • Arris: A Centaurian who was an adviser to Queen Oola Udonta. He was killed by an alternate Mister Fantastic called Professor R.
  • Avoe: The current Queen of the Dire Wraiths.
  • Dal Damoc: An Inhuman with levitation abilities who is a member of the Universal Inhumans. He remained on Attilan to watch over it while the Inhuman Royal Family left to rule the Kree Empire. He also became a herald of a new age when the Universal Inhumans return and join together.
  • Onomi Whitemane: The current Queen of the Kymellians.
  • Oola Udonta: The current Queen of the Centaurians.

Light Brigade

A special team of Universal Inhumans who rescued Human Torch from Annihilus. Among the members of the Light Brigade are:

  • Dara Ko Eke: A Badoon who is a member of the Light Brigade. She operates under the alias of All-Knowing.
  • Els Udota: A Centaurian archer who is a member of the Light Brigade. She operates under the alias of Stonethrower.
  • Hooud: A size-shifting Dire Wraith who is a member of the Light Brigade. He operates under the alias of Creeping Death.
  • Kal Blackbane: A Kymellian swordsman who is a member of the Light Brigade. He operates under the alias of Midnight Blade.
  • Prax Ord: A Centaurian with metal skin who is a member of the Light Brigade. He operates under the alias of Metallic Titan.
  • Voorr: A Dire Wraith who is a member of the Light Brigade. He operates under the alias of Sun. Voorr can fly and project force fields.

Other Inhumans

Unless stated otherwise, it can be assumed that the listed Inhumans are residing in Attilan. Among the Inhumans listed here are:

  • Aeric: Last seen as a child.[14]
  • Agon: Father of Black Bolt, son of Symak, and husband of Rynda. He was elected head of the Inhumans Genetic Council circa 1870. He was killed when Black Bolt used his sonic powers to stop an escaping Kree ship which had crashed into the laboratory in which he was working.[27][28]
  • Albakor: An Inhuman scientist, soldier, and member of the New Inhuman Elite with an aquatic physiology and is an expert in technology. He has great mobility in the oceans and zero gravity.[29]
  • Alecto: Daughter of Gorgon and the former lover of the Alpha Primitive Reyno. She fled Attilan to be able to stay with Reyno and sought amnesty in the Baxter Building. She was later forced to return to Attilan and to deny her relationship with Reyno.[30]
  • Andvari: An engineer who designed the technology to relocate Attilan from the ocean to the Himalayan mountains.[31]
  • Arvak: A centaur-like Inhuman that works as a soldier.[25]
  • Asmodeus: An Inhuman who has green bat-like wings that works as a guardsman.[32]
  • Auran: An Inhuman with twin daughters. Auran's transformation gave her yellow skin and large ears. She was an inspector in New Attilan and good friends with the NuHuman Frank McGee (who she nicknames Nur). The two are eventually hired by Queen Medusa to hunt her missing husband. In the end, she is killed by Black Bolt, who was under the control of his brother, Maximus the Mad.[33]
  • Aven: An Inhuman who was the former holder of the Royal Scepter inside the Inhuman Treasury.[34]
  • Avian: Last seen as a child.[14]
  • Avion: A child who was killed.[14]
  • Avius: A winged Inhuman who works as a guardsman.[35]
  • Banth: An Inhuman who briefly romanced Dazzler while she was in Attilan.[36]
  • Belial Toiven: Mother of Rexel Toiven and wife of Usurieus. She has telepathic powers.[37]
  • Blaast[38] - An Inhuman Guardsman that worked under Krush. He can fire energy blasts from his hands.
  • Burron[40] - A reptilian Inhuman that fought High Evolutionary's Eliminators and Gatherers. Although he hasn't demonstrated any powers, Burron was an expert at armed combat.
  • Chiron: A centaur-like Inhuman and guardsman. He is the brother of Stallior.[35]
  • Cteno: An aquatic Inhuman.[42]
  • Desidera: A female Inhuman that works as a Finder. She possesses the ability to create a three dimensional image of Earth and can pull forth specific images of locations by using another character's mental connection to the item being looked for to call forth the image.[46]
  • Devlor: An Inhuman who became a member of Fantastic Force. He can transform into a beast-like creature with super-strength and enhanced agility. Current whereabouts and status are unknown.[47]
  • Dewoz: An Inhuman who can pass through reflective surfaces into what he called the "Antiverse." He was transformed into a duplicate of an Alpha Primitive by Terrigenesis.[9]
  • Diné: A young Inhuman.[25]
  • Dorhun: Member of the New Inhuman Elite. He has aquatic traits and was trained as a warrior to battle in zero-gravity combat.[29]
  • Eldrac the Door: An Inhuman that became a construct through Terrigenesis. He can teleport any Inhumans that enter his mouth to any location.[50]
  • Elejea: An Inhuman with blue-green skin and spikes on various areas of the face who is a member of the Inhumans' diplomatic delegation to the United Nations and served under Ambassador Mendicus.[10]
  • Ertzia:[52] A long-lived 5 ft. 3 in. Inhuman with the ability to generate small virtually impenetrable red containment shells who was a former advisor to Black Bolt. After Black Bolt launched Attilan to the Moon, Ertzia was left behind and later ended up in Ryker's Island.
  • Felor:[53] A cat-like Inhuman that is a servant of the Genetics Council.
  • Flaidermaus: A flying Inhuman guardsman with bat-like wings.[35]
  • Frag:[6] A reptilian Inhuman that the Genetics Council wanted Tally to marry.
  • Ghaidor
  • Glytra: An Inhuman that can fly.[56]
  • Goran
  • Goran Malidicta: An Inhuman who alongside his unnamed brothers guarded the cavern that the Terrigen Crystals were in. He was killed by Quicksilver.[57]
  • Ikarys: An Inhuman with bird-like wings. He serves as the Inhumans' scout and sentry.[25]
  • Kaliban: An Inhuman guardsman who took part in the attack on the Fantastic Four during an event in the Bronx. He resembles Yeti.[60]
  • Kalikya: An Inhuman healer with elongated hands and fingers.[9]
  • Kirren:[61] An amphibian/reptilian Inhuman guard. He was killed by Outrider.
  • Kobar
  • Korath
  • Krush: An 8 ft. Inhuman guardsman that can grow to twice his size with amber-hued skin and super-strength.[14]
  • Kurani: An Inhuman illusion caster.[62]
  • Kylus: An Inhuman who lived in 500 B.C.[63]
  • La:
  • Maelstrom: An energy-manipulating Inhuman who is the son of Phaeder and a Deviant. He is an avatar of Oblivion and currently residing at its realm.
  • Magnar: An Inhuman who was mentioned.[64]
  • Mala: An Inhuman diviner who can telepathically communicate and hack electronic systems from long distances.[65]
  • Makus
  • Mander
  • Marilla: An Inhuman with a bulky head, three toes on each foot, and spots who was the nanny of Crystal (when she was young) and Luna. She was killed by a brainwashed Iron Man.[67]
  • Maya: An Inhuman who is the former nanny of Luna. She can create artificial environments.[68]
  • Milena
  • Minxi: An Inhuman peasant and an attendant to Medusa who can duplicate the main traits and abilities of an animal for a short time. She helped Medusa to give birth to Ahura. Gorgon and Karnak each developed a crush on her.[6]
  • Mojlor:[6] An Inhuman that Tally wanted to marry.
  • Nallo[25] - An Inhuman musician who plays beautiful music on the strings that are on his arms.
  • Nestor: An Inhuman who lived in 500 B.C. as the former ruler of the Inhumans.[63]
  • Nollik: An Inhuman who is the mother of Aeric.[14]
  • Oracle: A telepathic Inhuman who serves as Black Bolt's oracle.[18]
  • Ozel: An Inhuman commoner who plotted to catch Quicksilver after he was suspected of stealing the Royal Spectre.[34]
  • Payne: An Inhuman guardsman who charge his fists with energy that magnifies his punches.[14]
  • Phaeder: An Inhuman geneticist who was exiled from Attilan and lived with Deviants for some time. He is the father of Maelstrom. Phaedar was the one who gave the High Evolutionary the papers containing blueprints for cracking the genetic code. Currently deceased.[71]
  • Puppy:[72] An Inhuman puppy that can teleport.
  • Quelin: An Inhuman who is the father of Medusa and Crystal and the brother of Rynda.
  • Randac: Former ruler of the Inhumans and founder of the Terrigen Mists. Killed in Thor #147.[73]
  • Rexel Toiven:[74] An Inhuman tattoo artist with a weak third arm. He was killed by Portuguese mercenaries.
  • Rok:[14] An Inhuman guardsman that worked under Krush. Although he did not demonstrate any powers, he was an expert at armed combat.
  • Rynda: An Inhuman who is the mother of Black Bolt, the sister of Quelin, and wife of Agon.[28]
  • Seeker II: The twin brother of the original Seeker.[7]
  • Senschi: A purple-skinned Inhuman with a taloned face, a spiky-finned ridge of hair, bat-like wings instead of arms, and a long spiked tail. He is the Inhuman Royal Family's royal page.[25]
  • Sisko: A female member of one of the species of the Inhumans called "The Hidden Ones" who were once kidnapped by Nazis. She has the ability to shapeshift.
  • Smilo
  • Somnus: An Inhuman that can create small projectile black balls that puts anyone who is hit by them to either see visions or make them fall asleep.[46]
  • Sporr: An Inhuman that has the ability to create duplicates of itself by binary fission.[75]
  • Sylk:[14] A female Inhuman guardsman that worked under Krush. She has a ribbon-like lower body
  • Symak
  • Tally:[6] An Inhuman that the Genetics Council wanted Frag to marry instead of Mojlor. She committed suicide.
  • Tanith
  • Tauron
  • Telv
  • Tethys
  • Thera
  • Tolos:[61] A bear-like Inhuman guard with super-strength, sharp claws, and sharp teeth. He was killed by Outrider.
  • Ultarnt: An Inhuman scientist that did research on the ritual of Terrigenesis.[77]
  • Usurieus Toiven
  • Vel
  • Veritus: An Inhuman who has the ability to tell if someone is telling the truth or lying.[78]
  • Videmus: A blind Inhuman who has tendril-like eyes that can attach to the forehead of others allowing him to see their thoughts. He told Quicksilver all about where the Terrigen Mists are. Afterwards, Black Bolt sentenced him to life in solitary confinement where he is not to use his powers to see through others. Gorgon disagreed with this sentence.[57]
  • Vinatos: A tall Inhuman doctor with razor sharp nails and close friend to the royal family, especially Medusa. He aids the Inhuman hybrids (dubbed NuHumans) after their terringenesis. He is eventually killed by The Unspoken.[79] His funeral is attended by many of the NuHumans he helped, including Dante Pertuz and Kamala Khan.[80]
  • Webelos
  • Weebwow
  • Yeti: An Inhuman that resembles a Yeti.
  • Zeta
  • Zorvash

Inhuman Hybrids

In the wake of Infinity, it is revealed that tribes of Inhumans have existed in secret around the Earth, and that they had mated with humans, many eventually finding their way into modern society, without knowing their past, producing Inhuman/human hybrids.[81] Inhumanity deals with the aftermath of this revelation.

  • Ajay Ray: An Indian celebrity movie star. He was on the red carpet at a film premier when the mist struck, giving him a monstrous wooden form. He lashes out, but is stopped by a fellow Inhuman who was at the premier.[82]
  • Alice Kedzierski: A housewife who possesses the power to transfer mass between objects. After Alice's powers accidentally shrank herself (along with her neighbors Soojin and Hana Rhee) into the Microverse, they were rescued by the Uncanny Avengers.[83]
  • Blizzard (Donnie Gill): A recurring foe of Iron Man and former Thunderbolt who was unexpectedly discovered to have Inhuman ancestry. Originally only able to create ice via a high-tech suit, he can now conjure it on his own.
  • Doris: An elderly widower who turned to attorney Matt Murdock for help after her bank foreclosed on her home. After being exposed to the Terrigen Mist, she transformed into an octopus-like creature with masses of tentacles in place of arms. She attacked the Avengers A.I. before being persuaded to stop by Doombot, and took off for parts unknown with Medusa.[84]
  • Fiona: A bird-like Inhuman and former blogger who was exposed to the Terrigen Mist while taking selfies, and subsequently began blogging about her condition. She was rescued by members of the Avengers Academy and former New X-Men after nearly falling to her death.[85]
  • Flint (Jason): A teenage African-American Inhuman. He has the ability to control rocks and stone, and a part of his face is made of rocks. He was adopted by a caucasian family when he was a baby, where he was raised in a small town made up of Inhumans, who died when the mist passed through, making him the only survivor.[86]
  • Fulmina (Sylvia Prell): A college student from New York City who manifested her Inhuman powers during Thanos' invasion of Earth. She possesses the ability to transform herself into an organism of pure electricity. Fulmina was discovered by the Superior Spider-Man (Doctor Octopus' mind in Peter Parker's body).[87]
  • Haechi: A Korean boy who will be part of the latest incarnation of the New Warriors.[89]
  • Inferno (Dante Pertuz): A Latino teen who can transform himself into a being of fire.[90]
  • Iron Cross II (Carrie Gruler): The "Iron Man" of Germany whose terrigenesis merged her with a suit of armor.[91][92]
  • Iso (Xiaoyi): A young woman from a rural village in China. She has the ability to control the pressure around her.[93]
  • Junkman of Brooklyn (Gavrel Achtor): A man who can telepathically lift junk and toss them towards his opponents. He tried to get revenge on Sarah Garza for accidentally destroying his apartment complex, but was shot and killed by Nick Fury, Jr.[94]
  • Kaboom: A teenage girl with electrical powers working for Lineage, and an enemy of Kamala Khan. Now knowing her full strength at the time, Kamala accidentally gives her a neck brace.[95]
  • Kamran: A family friend and love interest of Kamala Khan's. When he activates his ability, his skin glows a shade of blue, and he can cause what he touches to explode. He is later revealed to be working for Lineage, and Kamala defeats him on New Atillan.[96]
  • Lineage (Gordon "Gordo" Nobili): Before Terrigenesis, he was the patriarch of his struggling Maggia family. After Terrigenesis, he finds himself with purple skin, several massive spikes growing from his head, super-strength, and the ability to communicate with his deceased ancestors. However, soon after hatching, he loses his two sons (one to crossfire in a huge firefight, one committing suicide after seeing what he had become), and vows vengeance on the person he thinks is responsible for everything, the Punisher.[97]
  • Naja: A teenager with green leopard skin and wings giving her the ability to fly.[99]
  • Nur (Frank McGee): An middle-aged man who can create blinding light. His eyes are completely yellow. Before Terringenesis, he was a New York cop, but his wife became afraid of him after the change, so he moved to New Attilan, where he became the head of city security.[100]
  • Quickfire (Barbara McDevitt): A former corporate spy who discovered the ability to slow down time around her targets, but only for one person at a time. After being revealed as an Inhuman, she was hired by the Cortex Corporation to infiltrate the ruins of Attilan.[101]
  • Ren Kimura: A Japanese-American dancer who can conjure razor sharp metal ribbons from her fingertips. She joined the Fearless Defenders after being rescued from Thanos' forces.[102]
  • Sarah Garza: A former S.H.I.E.L.D. technician from Park Slope, Brooklyn, who suddenly found herself able to generate powerful explosions of energy. After being outfitted with a regulator suit by James Rhodes, she was appointed to the Secret Avengers by Maria Hill.[103] She quickly resigned from the Avengers unit after seeing how violent they were, and was placed in confinement by Hill until she could learn to control her powers and Hill could arrange for her to return to her old job.[94]
  • Thane: The last remaining child of Thanos. The invasion of Earth's true main purpose was for Thanos to find and kill his son. Once Terrigenesis occurs, Thane's uncontrolled powers inadvertently annihilates the entirety of the hidden Inhuman outpost city he lived in. In the end, Thane traps Thanos and Proxima Midnight in "a state of living death", and departs to the stars with Thanos' former general Ebony Maw to "carve out an even greater legacy".

Other version of Inhumans

Inhumans of Earth-691

In an alternate timeline of the Marvel Universe inhabited by the Guardians of the Galaxy, some new Inhumans are present. Among these Inhumans are:

  • Composite: An Inhuman who was the leader of the enslaved Inhumans. He has all the powers of Black Bolt, Medusa, Gorgon and Triton.[volume & issue needed]
  • Exempler: An Inhuman who was a prototype experiment done by Loki and is the "stepfather" of Composite. He has all the powers of Black Bolt, Medusa, Gorgon, and Triton.[volume & issue needed]

Marvel Cinematic Universe

The television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has introduced multiple Inhumans to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among these Inhumans are:

  • Daisy "Skye" Johnson: Jiaying's daughter and a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who has the power to manipulate vibration following her exposure to the Terrigen mists.[105] She is able to tap into the vibrational energy of everything around her.
  • Ethan Johnston: A young Inhuman who was kidnapped and eventually killed by Dr. List and his fellow HYDRA scientists after many hours of experimentation.
  • Eva Belyakov: A Russian woman, gifted with super strength, who went rogue after stealing an assortment of Terrigen Crystals with which she used to trigger the Terrigenesis of her daughter Katya. She was killed by a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, after causing mayhem in Bahrain, while being controlled by her daughter.
  • Gordon: An eyeless Inhuman with abilities such as teleportation and force field generation of reflective blue energy.
  • Jiaying: Skye's mother and Calvin Zabo's wife who helped new Inhumans manage their new found powers and appearances. She had the power of longevity which was realized by aging HYDRA member Daniel Whitehall, who vivisected and experimented on her living body to obtain the secret to eternal youth, scarring her. She was eventually killed by her husband Calvin Zabo while she was attempting to murder her daughter Daisy "Skye" Johnson.
  • Katya Belyakov: Eva's young daughter, who developed the power of sense manipulation. She was originally denied to be put through Terrigenesis but was later subjected to it by her mother. Due to her young age and the lack of proper mental preparation, she became unstable, displaying several signs of psychopathic schizophrenia. When she started causing carnage in Bahrain, while controlling many people including her mother, she was eventually put down by the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Melinda May.
  • Lincoln Campbell: An Inhuman who can electrically charge anything.
  • Raina:[105] A former member of Project Centipede who after the Terrigenesis became a thorn-covered Inhuman with claws and yellow eyes. She has also gained enhanced strength and durability. Her new form is apparently uncomfortable even for her as her insides feel malformed. She also seems to have some kind of precognition powers. She was eventually murdered by Jiaying after her precognitive visions allowed her to see Jiaying's plan to start a war with S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Yat-Sen: An elderly Inhuman with unknown powers. Along with Jiaying, he prepared young Inhumans for Terrigenesis and helped the newly transformed in their settlement Afterlife.
  • Alisha: An Inhuman who has the ability to create multiple clones of herself.


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