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List of International League Hall of Fame inductees

The International League (IL) is a North American professional baseball minor league, operating at the Triple-A level. In

  1. REDIRECT Template:Baseball year, the IL Baseball Writers' Association established a Hall of Fame for the league. The Association inducted one to three members annually until
  2. REDIRECT Template:Baseball year, when the Association dissolved. The IL's Board of Directors revived the Hall of Fame in
  3. REDIRECT Template:Baseball year to commemorate the League's 125th season of play in
  4. REDIRECT Template:Baseball year. They held a special induction of two executives in 2007, to be followed by transition classes of 28 members in 2008, 14 in 2009 and 7 in 2010, after which the Hall will return to its traditional rate of 1-3 inductions per year.
List of International League Hall of Fame inductees
Name Position(s) Year inducted
Aaron, TommieTommie Aaron Outfielder/Manager 2008
Alexander, DaleDale Alexander First baseman 2008
Alston, WalterWalter Alston First baseman/Manager 2010
Altobelli, JoeJoe Altobelli First baseman/Outfielder/Manager 2008
Arlett, BuzzBuzz Arlett Outfielder 2009
Balboni, SteveSteve Balboni First baseman 2011
Barrett, RedRed Barrett Pitcher 2009
Baylor, DonDon Baylor Outfielder 2010
Bentley, JackJack Bentley First baseman/Pitcher 2008
Berly, JackJack Berly Pitcher 1955
Betzel, BrunoBruno Betzel Manager 1957
Boggs, WadeWade Boggs Third baseman 2011
Boley, JoeJoe Boley Shortstop 1954
Bombard, MarcMarc Bombard Manager 2015
Boone, IkeIke Boone Outfielder/Manager 1957
Brant, MarshallMarshall Brant First baseman 2015
Brown, JoeJoe Brown Third baseman 1962
Buford, DonDon Buford Infielder/Outfielder 2008
Carswell, FrankFrank Carswell Outfielder/Manager 2010
Cazen, WalterWalter Cazen Outfielder 2009
Carnegie, OllieOllie Carnegie Outfielder 1947
Collins, RipperRipper Collins First baseman 1951
Cook, GeneGene Cook Executive 2008
Cooper, HaroldHarold Cooper Executive 2007
Crabtree, EstelEstel Crabtree Outfielder/Manager 1953
Demeter, SteveSteve Demeter Third baseman/Manager 2009
Derry, RussRuss Derry Outfielder 2008
Dunn, JackJack Dunn Second baseman/Manager 1950
Earnshaw, GeorgeGeorge Earnshaw Pitcher 1956
Easter, LukeLuke Easter First baseman/Outfielder/Manager 2008
Eiland, DaveDave Eiland Pitcher/Coach 2012
Ens, JewelJewel Ens Infielder/Manager/Executive 1950
Evers, BillBill Evers Manager 2012
Garr, RalphRalph Garr Outfielder 2008
Gilhooley, FrankFrank Gilhooley Outfielder 2008
Grich, BobbyBobby Grich Infielder 2010
Grove, LeftyLefty Grove Pitcher 2008
Hamlin, LukeLuke Hamlin Pitcher 1955
Hauser, JoeJoe Hauser First baseman 2008
Herrera, PanchoPancho Herrera First baseman 2008
Holly, EdEd Holly Shortstop/Manager 1949
Hopper, ClayClay Hopper Manager 2009
Howley, DanDan Howley Catcher/Manager 1950
Hutchinson, FredFred Hutchinson Pitcher 1954
Jacobson, MerwinMerwin Jacobson Outfielder 1955
Jones, MackMack Jones Outfielder 2013
Keller, CharlieCharlie Keller Outfielder 1947
Kelly, BillBill Kelly First baseman/Manager/Umpire 1954
Kisinger, RubeRube Kisinger Pitcher 2009
Knight, JoeJoe Knight Outfielder 2009
Labbruzzo, DonDon Labbruzzo Executive 2015
Lanigan, ErnestErnest Lanigan Executive 1947
Lasorda, TommyTommy Lasorda Pitcher 2008
Maisel, FritzFritz Maisel Infielder/Manager 1959
Mamaux, AlAl Mamaux Pitcher/Manager 1951
Manley, WilliamWilliam Manley Executive 1953
Manto, JeffJeff Manto First baseman/Third baseman 2014
McCarthy, JoeJoe McCarthy Second baseman 1956
McGowan, FrankFrank McGowan Outfielder/Manager 1947
Mele, DutchDutch Mele Outfielder 2009
Merkle, FredFred Merkle First baseman/Manager 1953
Merrill, StumpStump Merrill Manager 2009
Meyer, BillyBilly Meyer Manager 1949
Miley, DaveDave Miley Manager 2014
Mondor, BenBen Mondor Executive 2008
Morgan, JoeJoe Morgan Infielder/Outfielder/Manager 2008
Moss, HowieHowie Moss Third baseman/Outfielder 1960
Murray, BillBill Murray Outfielder/Manager 1952
Nelson, RockyRocky Nelson First baseman 1960
Ogden, JackJack Ogden Pitcher 1952
O'Neill, SteveSteve O'Neill Catcher/Manager 1947
Onslow, EddieEddie Onslow First baseman/Manager 1951
Parnham, RubeRube Parnham Pitcher 1957
Parrish, LarryLarry Parrish Manager 2013
Pennock, HerbHerb Pennock Pitcher 1948
Petagine, RobertoRoberto Petagine First baseman 2009
Porter, DickDick Porter Infielder/Outfielder/Manager 1963
Powers, Patrick T.Patrick T. Powers Manager/Executive 1961
Puccinelli, GeorgeGeorge Puccinelli Outfielder 2008
Quellich, GeorgeGeorge Quellich Outfielder 2008
Rice, JimJim Rice Outfielder 2008
Richmond, DonDon Richmond Third baseman 2013
Ripken, CalCal Ripken Third baseman/Shortstop 2011
Ripple, JimmyJimmy Ripple Outfielder 1956
Robinson, JackieJackie Robinson Second baseman 1960
Rosenfield, DaveDave Rosenfield Executive 2008
Rudolph, DickDick Rudolph Pitcher 1948
Ryba, MikeMike Ryba Pitcher 2010
Sankey, BenBen Sankey Infielder 1947
Sauer, HankHank Sauer Outfielder 2008
Schoendienst, RedRed Schoendienst Shortstop 2009
Seeds, BobBob Seeds Outfielder 2010
Selkirk, GeorgeGeorge Selkirk Outfielder/Manager 1958
Shaughnessy, FrankFrank Shaughnessy First baseman/Manager/Executive 1947
Short, BillBill Short Pitcher 2009
Silver, MorrieMorrie Silver Executive 2008
Simone, TexTex Simone Executive 2008
Sisler, Jr., GeorgeGeorge Sisler, Jr. Executive 2007
Smythe, HarryHarry Smythe Pitcher/Manager 1959
Southworth, BillyBilly Southworth Outfielder/Manager 1947
Stallings, GeorgeGeorge Stallings Catcher/Manager 1959
Stevens, EdEd Stevens First baseman 2009
Tamburro, MikeMike Tamburro Executive 2012
Thomas, AlphonseAlphonse Thomas Pitcher/Manager/Executive 1948
Tiefenauer, BobbyBobby Tiefenauer Pitcher/Manager 2008
Toporcer, SpecsSpecs Toporcer Second baseman/Manager 1949
Triplett, CoakerCoaker Triplett Outfielder/Manager 2010
Tucker, OllieOllie Tucker Outfielder 2008
Verdi, FrankFrank Verdi Manager 2008
Walker, DixieDixie Walker Outfielder/Manager 1947
Walker, HarryHarry Walker Outfielder/Manager 2009
Walsh, JimmyJimmy Walsh Outfielder/Manager 1958
Weber, JimJim Weber Broadcaster 2014
Whitman, RabbitRabbit Whitman Outfielder 2008
Wilson, ArchieArchie Wilson Outfielder 2008
Wiltse, HooksHooks Wiltse First baseman/Pitcher/Manager 1952