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List of Russian superheroes

This is a list of superheroes from Western comics that hail from Russia or former Soviet Union.

DC Comics

  • Anatole (Former member of Red Trinity, ally of The Flash runs Kapitalist Kouriers in the US)[1]
  • Bebeck (Former member of Red Trinity, ally of The Flash, employee of Kapitalist Kouriers)
  • Bolshoi (Martial artist and dancer, Former member of the People's Heroes)
  • Cassiopea (Former member of Red Trinity, ally of The Flash, employee of Kapitalist Kouriers)
  • Cossack (One of the Batmen of Many Nations from Kingdom Come)
  • Creote (An ally of the Birds of Prey)
  • Fireball (Sonya Chuikov, member of the Young Allies)
  • Firebird (Serafina Arkadina, telepath and leader of Soyuz, a group of teen heroes, niece of Pozhar)[2]
  • Fusion (Three men known only as One, Two and Three could combine their bodies into a single superior form, from The Outsiders vol. 1 #23-24)
  • Hammer (Super strong metahuman, member of the People's Heroes, husband of Sickle)[3]
  • Molotov (Explosives expert and explosive metahuman, member of the People's Heroes)
  • Morozko (Igor Medviedenko, cryokinetic member of Soyuz)
  • Perun (lya Trepilov, electrokinetic member of Soyuz)
  • Pozhar (Russian hero who was once bonded to Firestorm, former Rocket Red recruited by the Red Shadows)[4]
  • Pravda (telepathic member of the Peoples Heroes)
  • Proletariat (Boris Mikhail Dhomov, soviet supersoldier created during World War II. Flash vol.2 #51)[5]
  • Red Star (Leonid Konstantinovitch Kovar, former member and current ally of the Teen Titans)[6]
  • Red Son Superman a Russian Superman raised as a Stalinist
  • Rocket Red Brigade (protect the Russian Federation)
  • Rusalka (Mashenka Medviedenko, hydrokinetic member of Soyuz)
  • Anya Savenlovich (former Green Lantern)
  • Sickle (Super strong metahuman, member of the People's Heroes wife of Hammer)
  • Snow Owl (Former KGB operative who joined the Hellenders, able to generate intense cold)
  • Stalnoivolk (Super strength, damage reduction, leaping, Member of the Red Shadows)
  • Tundra (Member of the Global Guardians)
  • Valentina Vostok (Formerly Negative Woman of the Doom Patrol)
  • Vikhor (Feodor Piotrovich Sorin, member of Soyuz. Vikhor can spin about while reducing his specific gravity. Thus he can create a whirlwind and float in the center of it.)

Wildstorm (ABC/Homage)

Marvel Comics


New Universe


Bubble is a Russian comics publisher specializing in superhero comics.

  • Danila Besoboy (Данила-бесобой), a demon hunter and formerly a soldier maimed at South Ossetian war.
  • Mayor Grom (Майор Гром), real name Igor Grom.
  • Inok (Инок), a time-travelling warrior monk.
  • Red Furia (Красная Фурия), a female cat burglar.

Other publishers



  • Tanya (A member of War Nurse's Girl Commandos)[17]


  • Animus Prime (Bar Sinister)[18]
  • Maya Antares (sorceress from world of the Red Star)[19]
  • Red Rush (short-lived Flash analogue in the pages of Invincible)

Love and Rockets

  • Comrade 7 (A heroine with a fan club)[20]


  • Mother Russia (UNForce)

Public Domain

  • Octobriana (from the comic "Octobriana and the Russian Underground")
  • Gritsko Sraka (from the comic "The last Molfar")

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