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List of San Diego Chargers first-round draft picks

File:Kellen Winslow Sr cropped.jpg
Kellen Winslow, the Chargers' 1979 first round pick and Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee

The San Diego Chargers are a National Football League (NFL) franchise that began play as the Los Angeles Chargers in 1960, a charter member of the American Football League. The Chargers moved to San Diego, California in 1961, changing their name to the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers' first draft selection was Monty Stickles, an end from the University of Notre Dame. The team's most recent first round selection was Jason Verrett, a cornerback from Texas Christian University. The Chargers have selected the number one overall pick in the draft once. They have also selected the second overall pick three times. The University of Tennessee and the University of Texas are tied for the most players chosen by the Chargers from one university, with three selections each.

Every year during April, each NFL franchise seeks to add new players to its roster through a collegiate draft known as "the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting", which is more commonly known as the NFL Draft. Teams are ranked in inverse order based on the previous season's record, with the worst record picking first, and the second worst picking second and so on. The two exceptions to this order are made for teams that appeared in the previous Super Bowl; the Super Bowl champion always picks 32nd, and the Super Bowl loser always picks 31st. Teams have the option of trading away their picks to other teams for different picks, players, cash, or a combination thereof. Thus, it is not uncommon for a team's actual draft pick to differ from their assigned draft pick, or for a team to have extra or no draft picks in any round due to these trades.


Enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
* Selected number one overall


LaDainian Tomlinson was the Chargers' 2001 first round pick
File:Quentin Jammer.JPG
Quentin Jammer was the Chargers' first round pick in 2002
File:Shawne Merriman 2006-10-01.jpg
Shawne Merriman was one of the Chargers' first round picks in 2005
File:Melvin Ingram.JPG
Melvin Ingram was the Chargers' first round pick in 2012
Year Pick Player name Position College Notes
1960 N/A Stickles, MontyMonty Stickles End Notre Dame
1961 7 Faison, EarlEarl Faison Defensive end Indiana
1962 8 Ferguson, BobBob Ferguson Fullback Ohio State
1963 2 Sweeney, WaltWalt Sweeney Guard Syracuse
1964 8 Davis, TedTed Davis Linebacker Georgia Tech
1965 6 DeLong, SteveSteve DeLong Defensive end Tennessee
1966 7 Davis, DonDon Davis Defensive tackle Los Angeles State
1967 14 Billingsley, RonRon Billingsley Defensive tackle Wyoming
1968 4 Washington, RussRuss Washington Tackle Missouri
18 Hill, JimJim Hill Defensive back Texas A&M–Kingsville
1969 9 Domres, MartyMarty Domres Quarterback Columbia
18 Babich, BobBob Babich Linebacker Miami (OH)
1970 15 Gillette, WalkerWalker Gillette Wide receiver Richmond
1971 13 Burns, LeonLeon Burns Running back Long Beach State
1972 No pick
1973 25 Rodgers, JohnnyJohnny Rodgers Wide receiver Nebraska
1974 2 Matthews, BoBo Matthews Running back Colorado
15 Goode, DonDon Goode Linebacker Kansas
1975 8 Johnson, GaryGary Johnson Defensive tackle Grambling State
22 Williams, MikeMike Williams Defensive back LSU
1976 4 Washington, JoeJoe Washington Running back Oklahoma
1977 24 Rush, BobBob Rush Center Memphis
1978 14 Jefferson, JohnJohn Jefferson Wide receiver Arizona State
1979 13 Winslow, KellenKellen Winslow Tight end Missouri
1980 No pick
1981 24 Brooks, JamesJames Brooks Running backs Auburn
1982 No pick
1983 5 Smith, Jr., Billy RayBilly Ray Smith, Jr. Linebacker Arkansas
20 Anderson, GaryGary Anderson Running back Arkansas
22 Byrd, GillGill Byrd Defensive back San Jose State
1984 6 Cade, MossyMossy Cade Defensive back Texas
1985 12 Lachey, JimJim Lachey Tackle Ohio State
1986 8 O'Neal, LeslieLeslie O'Neal Defensive end Oklahoma State
13 FitzPatrick, JamesJames FitzPatrick Tackle USC
1987 24 Bernstine, RodRod Bernstine Running back Texas A&M
1988 15 Miller, AnthonyAnthony Miller Wide receiver Tennessee
1989 8 Grossman, BurtBurt Grossman Defensive end Pittsburgh
1990 5 Seau, JuniorJunior Seau Linebacker USC
1991 9 Richard, StanleyStanley Richard Defensive back Texas
1992 23 Mims, ChrisChris Mims Defensive end Tennessee
1993 22 Gordon, DarrienDarrien Gordon Defensive back Stanford
1994 No pick
1995 No pick
1996 No pick
1997 No pick
1998 2 Leaf, RyanRyan Leaf Quarterback Washington State
1999 No pick
2000 No pick
2001 5 Tomlinson, LaDainianLaDainian Tomlinson Running back TCU
2002 5 Jammer, QuentinQuentin Jammer Defensive back Texas
2003 30 Davis, SammySammy Davis Defensive back Texas A&M
2004 1 Manning, EliEli Manning* Quarterback Mississippi
2005 12 Merriman, ShawneShawne Merriman Linebacker Maryland
28 Castillo, LuisLuis Castillo Defensive end Northwestern
2006 19 Cromartie, AntonioAntonio Cromartie Defensive back Florida State
2007 30 Davis, CraigCraig Davis Wide receiver LSU
2008 27 Cason, AntoineAntoine Cason Defensive back Arizona
2009 16 English, LarryLarry English Linebacker Northern Illinois
2010 12 Mathews, RyanRyan Mathews Running back Fresno State
2011 18 Liuget, CoreyCorey Liuget Defensive tackle Illinois
2012 18 Ingram, MelvinMelvin Ingram Defensive end South Carolina
2013 11 Fluker, D. J.D. J. Fluker Offensive lineman Alabama
2014 25 Verrett, JasonJason Verrett Cornerback TCU
2015 15 Gordon, MelvinMelvin Gordon Running back Wisconsin