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List of Singaporean films

This is a list of Singaporean films, including foreign films which involved collaborations or co-productions with Singaporean film makers or artists, marked accordingly in the list as follows:

Films by year

Singaporean films by chronological order since 1991. All fiscal figures in Singapore dollars unless otherwise specified.


Title Director Producer Production
New Friend (新客) Mr. Kwok Chiu-man (郭超文) Low Pui-kim Self-made Film Company (劉貝錦自製影片公司) ? ?
Medium Rare Arthur Smith Derrol Stepenny Productions $2,000,000 $130,000
Mee Pok Man Eric Khoo Zhao Wei Films $100,000 $450,000
Army Daze Ong Keng Sen Cathay Asia Films $700,000 $1,600,000
Bugis Street Yon Fan Jaytex Productions $2,000,000 $1,000,000
A Road Less Travelled Lim Suat Yen Oak 3 Films $320,000 $29,000
God or Dog Hugo Ng L S Entertainment $1,100,000 $497,000
12 Storeys Eric Khoo Zhao Wei Films $280,000 $650,000
Forever Fever Glen Goei Tiger Tiger Productions/ChinaRunn $1,500,000 $800,000
Money No Enough (钱不够用) Tay Teck Lock JSP Films $800,000 $6.02 million
Tiger's Whip Victor Khoo River Films $1,000,000 $60,000
The Teenage Textbook Movie Philip Lim Monster Films $500,000 $680,000
Hitman in the City Jack Neo J Team Productions


Date Title Director Producer Production
January 1999 Lucky Number Lam Po Ko DS Movie Production $500,000 $360,000
February 1999 Liang Po Po: The Movie (梁婆婆重出江湖) Teng Bee Leng Raintree Pictures $800,000 $3,032,000
May 1999 Where Got Problem (问题不大) J. P. Tan JSP Films/Sunnez Productions $900,000 $140,000
May 1999 That One No Enough (那个不够) Jack Neo Cathay Asia Films $850,000 $1,020,000
July 1999 The Truth About Jane and Sam (真心话) Derek Yee Raintree Pictures/Films Unlimited $1,200,000 $1,058,452
September 1999 The Mirror Siu WIng Golden Mandarin/Mandarin Films $2,000,000 $160,000
September 1999 Street Angels David Lam Act Venture Films $1,000,000 $115,805
December 1999 Eating Air (吃风) Kelvin Tong/Jasmine Ng Multi-Story Complex $800,000 $352,586


Date Title Director Producer Production Cost Singapore
February 2000 2000 AD (公元2000) Gordon Chan Raintree Pictures/Media Asia Films $6,231,000 $910,698
March 2000 Crazy People Lin Ting Wealth Film Production $500,000 $35,061
April 2000 Stamford Hall Manoharan Ramakrishnan Temasek Hall, NUS $18,000 $3,500
August 2000 Stories About Love CheeK/Nizam/James Toh Zhao Wei Films/Cyberflics $300,000 $50,600
November 2000 Chicken Rice War CheeK Raintree Pictures/Singapore Film Commission $880,000 $400,000


Date Title Director Producer Production Cost Singapore
April 2001 The Tree (孩子.树) Daisy Chan Raintree Pictures $1,100,000 $720,000
28 June 2001 Return to Pontianak Djinn Vacant Films $150,000 $140,000
August 2001 Hype Vincent Wong nuSTUDIOS, NUS $19,000 NA
August 2001 Miss Wonton Meng Ong DreamChamber Films $700,000 $15,000
August 2001 Sharp Pencil Gallen Mei Under Pressure Pictures $189,000 $2,000
November 2001 One Leg Kicking Wei Koh/Eric Khoo Zhao Wei Films/Raintree Pictures/Singapore Film Commission $900,000 $716,000


Date Title Director Producer Production Cost Singapore
2002 True Files John D. Lamond Apple Pie Productions
February 2002 I Not Stupid (小孩不笨) Jack Neo Raintree Pictures $1,000,000 $3,800,000
March 2002 Dirty Laundry Serene Leong Temasek Hall, NUS $30,000 $10,000
March 2002 Angel Heart Gerald Lee Touch Entertainment $1,100,000 NA
April 2002 TalkingCock: The Movie Colin Goh Wu Liao Media $150,000 $120,000
June 2002 The Eye (见鬼) Danny Pang/Oxide Pang Raintree Pictures/Applause Pictures US$2,500,000 $1,990,000
September 2002 Nothing to Lose Danny Pang Raintree Pictures/Golden Network $1,200,000 NA


Date Title Director Producer Production Cost Singapore
January 2003 Song of the Stork Jon Foo/Nguyen Phan Quang Binh Mega Media US$1,000,000 NA
January 2003 e'TZAINTES Tzang Merwyn Tong INRI studio NA NA
March 2003 City Sharks Esan Sivalingam HoodsInc Productions $800,000 $40,000
July 2003 Twilight Kitchen Gerald Lee Gateway Entertainment $250,000 NA
August 2003 Homerun (跑吧,孩子) Jack Neo Raintree Pictures $1,500,000 $2,350,000
September 2003 Turn Left, Turn Right (向左走,向右走) Johnnie To/Wai Ka-Fai MediaCorp Raintree Pictures/Milkyway Image US$3,000,000 $1,058,000
October 2003 15 Royston Tan Zhao Wei Films $200,000 $140,000
October 2003 Infernal Affairs II Andrew Lau, Alan Mak MediaCorp Raintree Pictures / Media Asia (HK) $1,049,000
November 2003 After School (放学后) Zhu Houren National Crime Prevention Council NA NA


Date Title Director Producer Production Cost Singapore
2004 Nobody's Child (谁来爱我) Lin Wenhui 新格媒体公司
February 2004 Last Life in the Universe Pen-Ek Ratanaruang Cathay Asia Films/Cineasia/Five Star Production/Bohemian Films US$2,000,000 $65,000
March 2004 The Eye 2 Danny Pang/Oxide Pang Raintree Pictures/Applause Pictures US$3,000,000 $1,577,000
June 2004 The Best Bet (突然发财) Jack Neo Raintree Pictures $1,500,000 $2,664,000
August 2004 Clouds in My Coffee Gallen Mei Reversal Films US$125,000 $11,000
Unreleased Zombie Dogs Toh Hai Leong Zhao Wei Films NA NA
Unreleased Outsiders Sam Loh NA NA NA
Unreleased Tequila Jonathan Lim Crimson Forest Films US$13,000 NA


Date Title Director Producer Production Cost Singapore
January 2005 A Wicked Tale Tzang Merwyn Tong INRI studio NA NA
February 2005 I Do I Do (爱都爱都) Jack Neo J Team Productions/Raintree Pictures $800,000 $1,849,000
February 2005 Hainan Chicken Rice (海南鸡饭) Kenneth Bi Ground Glass Images/Kenbiroli Films US$1,000,000 $15,000
March 2005 Avatar Kuo Jian Hong Cinemancer US$2,000,000 NA
July 2005 Singapore GaGa Tan Pin Pin Point Pictures $100,000 NA
August 2005 Perth Djinn Working Man Films/Ground Glass Images $400,000 $61,000
August 2005 The Maid (女佣) Kelvin Tong Raintree Pictures/Dream Movie Entertainment $1,500,000 $2,154,000
30 October 2005 House of Harmony Marco Serafini FFP Media, ZDF Pictures, Oak 3 Films
September 2005 One More Chance (3个好人) Jack Neo J Team Productions $1,100,000 $1,200,000
September 2005 Be with Me Eric Khoo Zhao Wei Films $200,000 $175,000


Date Title Director Producer Production
January 2006 I Not Stupid Too (小孩不笨2) Jack Neo Raintree Pictures $1.5 million $4,180,987
January 2006 Zodiac: The Race Begins Edward Foo Cubix International, Media Development Authority $329,766
March 2006 Smell of Rain Gloria Chee Smell of Rain Production $4,396
24 April 2006 The Art of Flirting Kan Lume Kuantum Pictures
25 May 2006 Love Story Kelvin Tong Focus Films/Boku Films $850,000 $13,312
June 2006 Unarmed Combat Han Yew Kwang Digital Media Academy, supported by Singapore Film Commission $2,989
June 2006 We Are Family Clifton Ko Chi Sum & Lau Jian Hua (HK) Spring Time Cinema (HK) / Impact Entertainment (HK) / MediaCorp Raintree Pictures $83,844
29 June 2006 4:30 Royston Tan Zhao Wei Films, NHK, supported by Singapore Film Commission $400,000 $24,061
3 August 2006 S11 Gilbert Chan & Joshua Chiang Digital Media Academy, supported by Singapore Film Commission $3,018
August 2006 The High Cost of Living Leonard Lai Yok Wai Digital Media Academy, supported by Singapore Film Commission $877
7 September 2006 Singapore Dreaming (美满人生) Colin Goh/Yen Yen Wu 5C Films $452,586
October 2006 The Missing Star (La Stella che non c'è) Gianni Amelio Cattleya (Italy) & Oak3 Films; Lakeshore Entertainment (distribution), Media Development Authority
25 November 2006 I Love Malaya Chan Kah Mei, Christopher Len, Ho Choon Hiong, Eunice Lau, Wang Eng Eng Asia Witness Production
December 2006 A Hero's Journey (aka Where the Sun also Rises) Grace Phan Lux Lucis
December 2006 Passabe James Leong, Lynn Lee Re:Think Entertainment


Date Title Director Producer Production
11 January 2007 One Last Dance Max Makowski Ming Productions/MediaCorp Raintree Pictures US$2,000,000 $459,000
February 2007 Protégé Derek Yee Peter Chan/MediaCorp Raintree Pictures US$6,000,000 $1,658,000
15 February 2007 Just Follow Law (我在政府部门的日子) Jack Neo J-Team Productions/Innoform Media $1,200,000 $2,777,400
March 2007 Cages Graham Streeter Joshua Wong $1,000,000 $11,200
25 March 2007 The Kallang Wave Yanfeng Lee/Hanafi Ramdan Zayed bin Abdul Aziz Talib/Mohamed Fairil bin Sugang $100,000 $3,500
26 March 2007 Pink Paddlers Jasmine Ng Green Mango Productions
April 2007 Match Made Mirabelle Ang
April 2007 F. Chew Tze Chuan
April 2007 Solos Kan Lume, Zihan Loo Red Dawn Productions
April 2007 Aki Ra's Boys James Leong, Lynn Lee Lianain Films
22 April 2007 Feet Unbound Khee Jin Ng Long March Films
May 2007 Pleasure Factory Ekachai Uekrongtham Spicy Apple Films/Fortissimo Films $196,673.00
June 2007 The Tattooist Peter Burger MediaCorp Raintree Pictures NZ$5,600,000 $285,000
6 June 2007 Men in White (鬼啊鬼啊) Kelvin Tong Boku Films/Innoform Media $500,000 $500,315
7 June 2007 Legend of the Sea Benjamin Toh Axxis Group, Media Development Authority $125,209
19 July 2007 Invisible City Tan Pin Pin Tan Pin Pin, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Institute of Policy Studies,
supported by Singapore Film Commission, Asian Network of Documentary (Pusan International Film Festival),
Mindwasabi, Naresh Mahtani
26 July 2007 Gone Shopping Wee Li Lin Bobbing Buoy Films $$650,000 $28,067
August 2007 Becoming Royston Nicholas Chee Originasian Pictures $3,608.00
9 August 2007 881 Royston Tan Mediacorp Raintree Pictures $1,000,000 $3,540,000
30 August 2007 The Home Song Stories Tony Ayres Raintree Pictures A$5,500,000 $120,000
September 2007 Remember Chek Jawa Eric Lim
October 2007 Truth Be Told Teo Eng Tiong Pilgrim Pictures $500,000 $23,000
November 2007 Anna & Anna Aubrey Lam Ng Sian Ngoh US$2,000,000 $30,000


Date Title Director Producer Production
2008 Missing You... Lin Kun Hui InnoForm Media
7 February 2008 Ah Long Pte Ltd (老师嫁老大) Jack Neo Double Vision/Raintree Pictures/Scorpio East Pictures $1.2 million $3,173,460.00
29 February 2008 The Leap Years Jean Yeo Raintree Pictures/Golden Village $3 million $1,001,362.50
13 March 2008 Rule No. 1 (第一诫) Kelvin Tong MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, Scorpio East and Boku Films (Singapore), Fortune Star and DME (HK) $1,056,766.50
20 March 2008 Slam Jonathan Lim Jonathan Lim $47,602.50
March 2008 Certain Chapters Abbas Akbar
April 2008 18 Grams of Love Han Yew Kwang 18g Pictures, Media Development Authority
April 2008 Boomtown Beijing Tan Siok Siok
April 2008 Diminishing Memories II Eng Yee Peng Supported by Singapore Film Commission
April 2008 Dirt Out Yousry Mansour
April 2008 Veil of Dreams Zaihirat Banu Codelli
April 2008 Dreams from the Third World Kan Lume
April 2008 Hashi Sherman Ong Paddy Pictures
April 2008 Homeless FC James Leong, Lynn Lee Lianain Films, supported by Singapore Film Commission
April 2008 Keronchong for Pak Bakar Abdul Nizam Hamid
April 2008 Lucky 7 Sun Koh, Rajagopal, Boo Junfeng,
Brian Gothong Tan, Chew Tze Chuan, Ho Tzu Nyen
and Tania Sng
April 2008 Road to Mecca Harman Hussin
April 2008 The Olive Depression Joshua Lim
April 2008 Veil of Dreams Zaihirat Banu Codelli
April 2008 To Speak Craig Ower
April 2008 Women Who Love Women: Conversations in Singapore Lim Mayling
May 2008 Dance of the Dragon Max Mannix and John Radel Silkroad Pictures $222,198.00
July 2008 The Spirit Compendium Foo Fung Koon
31 July 2008 Money No Enough 2 Jack Neo Neo Studios, MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, Scorpio East Pictures $5,084,563.50
August 2008 Kallang Roar the Movie Cheng Ding An Merelion Pictures $1 million $93,159
August 2008 Mad About English Lian Pek Journey Pictures, Media Development Authority $181,086
7 August 2008 A Month of Hungry Ghosts Tony Kern Genevieve Woo, Tony Kern $43,353
14 August 2008 12 Lotus Royston Tan MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, 10twentyeight & Infinite Frameworks (Singapore) $1.5 million $1,027,129.50
September 2008 The Days Boi Kwong Originasian Pictures & Company X $190,000
September 2008 Painted Skin Gordon Chan MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, Ningxia Film Studio,
Beijing Century Jiaying Central Development, Beijing Ding Long Da Media,
Shanghai Film Group Corporation and Golden Sun Films Distribution Ltd, Salon Films
$19 million $1,538,058.00
25 September 2008 My Magic Eric Khoo Zhao Wei Films $200,000 $29,911.50
October 2008 Salawati Marc X Grigoroff Marc X Grigoroff $3,438.32
October 2008 Sing to the Dawn Philip Mark Mitchell MediaCorp Raintree Pictures & Infinite Frameworks, Media Development Authority $2.5 million $270,259.50
October 2008 The Coffin Ekachai Uekrongtham Cathay-Keris Films, Mediacorp Raintree Pictures, Viva Entertainment, Scorpio East Pictures Pte Ltd $1,262,216.82
November 2008 The Carrot Cake Conversations Michael Wang The Vintage Film Co $350,000 $23,711.21
November 2008 Pulau Hantu Esan Sivalingam


Date Title Director Producer Production
22 January 2009 Love Matters Jack Neo, Gilbert Chan Neo Studios $1,676,948.98
23 January 2009 The Wedding Game Ekachai Uekrongtham MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, Scorpio East Pictures, Double Vision Malaysia, Speedy Productions $1.5 million $1,692,663.92
March 2009 Flooding in the time of Drought Sherman Ong Paddy Pictures and 13 Little Pictures
April 2009 Brother No. 2 Jason Lai Oak3 Films, Asia Witness Production & fact + Fiction GmbH, Media Development Authority
April 2009 Female Games Kan Lume Kan Lume
April 2009 Invisible Children Brian Gothong Tan Zhao Wei Films
April 2009 This Too Shall Pass Ang Aik Heng 360 Productions
April 2009 White Days Looi Wan Ping 13 Little Pictures
April 2009 A Big Road Alec Tok One Kind Pictures
July 2009 Here Tzu Nyen Ho gsmprjctmedia, Akanga Film Asia, Oak3 Films, Singapore Film Commission $6,894
13 August 2009 Where Got Ghost? Jack Neo, Boris Boo Neo Studios $2,499,412.15
13 August 2009 The Insomniac Madhav Mathur Bad Alliteration Films
September 2009 In the House of Straw Yeo Siew Hua 13 Little Pictures
8 September 2009 Autumn in March Huang Yiliang Red Group Film $1 million
10 September 2009 Blood Ties Chai Yee Wei Hot Cider Films, Oak3 Films, Singapore Film Commission $261,001.87
22 October 2009 The Blue Mansion Glen Goei Tiger Tiger Pictures $2.8 million $192,492


Date Title Director Producer Production
4 March 2010 Being Human Jack Neo J Team Productions, Scorpio East Pictures, Mei Ah Entertainment Group Ltd $916,430
4 March 2010 Happy Go Lucky Harry Yap Yee Man Chan, Harry Yap $223,027
18 March 2010 Kidnapper Kelvin Tong Scorpio East Pictures Pte Ltd, RAM Entertainment Sdn Bhd., PMP Entertainment Sdn Bhd $436,033
April 2010 Memories of a Burning Tree Sherman Ong 13 Little Pictures
April 2010 Roulette City Thomas Lim Thomas Lim
8 April 2010 Gurushetram – 24 Hours of Anger T. T. Dhavamanni Manickam/N. Tinagaran $99,453
May 2010 Red Dragonflies Liao Jiekai 13 Little Pictures
22 July 2010 Old Cow vs Tender Grass Fok Chi Kai Clover Films, Apostrophe Films $452,456
11 August 2010 Phua Chu Kang The Movie Boris Boo MM2 Entertainment Sdn Bhd, Primeworks Studios, Scorpio East Pictures,
RAM Entertainment Sdn Bhd, PMP Entertainment Sdn Bhd
14 August 2010 Like Sunshine After Rain Jeffrey Chiang Cinematopia in association with Splices Creative
18 August 2010 Sandcastle (沙城) Boo Junfeng Zhao Wei Films/Fortissimo Films/Peanut Pictures $417,021.03 $51,674
2 September 2010 Haunted Changi Andrew Lau Sheena Chung, Mythopolis Pictures $519,470
9 September 2010 Love Cuts Gerald Lee Clover Films $150,087
3 December 2010 When Hainan Meets Teochew Han Yew Kwang 18g Pictures $10,000


Date Title Director Producer Production
6 January 2011 The Ghosts Must Be Crazy Mark Lee, Boris Boo J Team Productions $1.2 million $1,450,000
13 January 2011 Lelio Popo Adrian Teh Cathay-Keris Films, Clover Films $850,000
27 January 2011 It's a Great, Great World Kelvin Tong MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, Innoform Media and Astro Shaw $2 million $2,450,000
3 February 2011 Homecoming Lee Thean-Jeen Homerun Asia $1.5 million $1,400,000
3 March 2011 Forever Wee Li Lin Bobbing Buoy Films, Add Oil Films, Singapore Film Commission $500,000 $44,347
17 March 2011 Perfect Rivals Han Yew Kwang A I Pictures, MM2 Entertainment, Singapore Film Commission $155,000
14 April 2011 The Ultimate Winner Li Nanxing HE Productions $354,000
28 July 2011 Twisted Chai Yee Wei Clover Films Pte Ltd, Way OnNet Group, Primeworks Studios Sdn Bhd,
PMP Entertainment Sdn Bhd, Passion Entertainment Sdn Bhd, mm2 Entertainment Sdn Bhd
10 September 2011 Before We Forget Jeremy Boo & Lee Xian Jie Hachisu, Lien Foundation NA
15 September 2011 Tatsumi Eric Khoo Zhao Wei Films $1,011,034.18 $22,000
18 September 2011 I Have Loved Elizabeth Wijaya, Lai Weijie 13 Little Pictures
24 September 2011 Ignore All Detour Signs Helmi Ali, Razin Ramzi
24 September 2011 Eclipses Daniel Hui 13 Little Pictures
25 September 2011 The Outsiders Madhav Mathur
3 November 2011 23:59 Gilbert Chan Gorylah, mm2, PMP, Grand Brilliance, Clover Films $700,000 $1,550,000
3 November 2011 Already Famous Michelle Chong Huat Films, Scorpio East $899,000 $1.4 million


Date Title Director Producer Production
19 January 2012 Dance Dance Dragon《龙众舞》 Kat Goh MediaCorp Raintree Pictures $1.2 million $1,338,430
19 January 2012 We Not Naughty (孩子不坏) Jack Neo Jack Neo $1 million $2,146,280
9 February 2012 The Wedding Diary Adrian Teh Clover Films, Golden Screen Cinemas, Mega Cineplex, Asia Tropical Films $1 million $451,436
8 March 2012 Timeless Love《那个夏天》 Dasmond Koh & Lim Koong Hwee Noon Talk Media $70,000
17 May 2012 Ghost on Air《灵听了》 Cheng Ding An Merelion Pictures $1 million $310,198
16 August 2012 Greedy Ghost《贪心鬼见鬼》 Boris Boo Galaxy Entertainment $1 million $585,000
29 August 2012 Imperfect《我們都不完美》 Steve Cheng Corner Stone Pictures, MM2 Entertainment, Clover Films $24,833
30 August 2012 My Ghost Partner《人鬼拍挡》 Huang Yiliang Red Group Studio $800,000 $577,289
20 September 2012 My Dog Dou Dou《我的狗蚪蚪》 Ng Say Yong MM2 Entertainment, Clover Films, Homerun Asia, Singapore Film Commission $1.2 million $102,623
27 September 2012 Dead Mine Steven Sheil Infinite Frameworks $30,618
25 October 2012 Bait 3D Kimble Rendall Arclight Films, Story Bridge Films, Pictures in Paradise, Blackmagic Design, Media Development Authority $34,368,468 $187,456
8 November 2012 Ah Boys to Men - Part 1 (新兵正传) Jack Neo J Team Productions, Clover Films, MM2 Entertainment, Neo-Film, Sky Films, StarHub, Vividthree Productions $1.5 million $6.03 million


Date Title Director Producer Production
3 January 2013 Taxi! Taxi!《德士当家》 Kelvin Sng SIMF Management $1 million $1,430,018
24 January 2013 Time No Enough JP Tan Just Simply Perfect Productions
30 January 2013 Ah Boys to Men 2 《新兵正传II》 Jack Neo Jack Neo/Lim Teck/Leonard Lai $1.5 million $7,895,058
14 February 2013 Love... And Other Bad Habits Thean-jeen Lee Huanwen Li
14 February 2013 Wedding Diary II Adriah Teh Clover Films $1.2 million $277,729
22 February 2013 Red Numbers Dominic Ow Chan Gin Kai/Edmund Chen/Alvin Soe $800,000 $14,000
7 March 2013 Ghost Child《 鬼仔》 Gilbert Chan Lim Teck/Eric Khoo $523,848
13 March 2013 Durian King David Hevey Firefly Films
14 March 2013 Sex.Violence.FamilyValues Ken Kwek Ken Kwek/The Butter Factory $40,000
23 March 2013 The Great North Korean Picture Show Lynn Lee, James Leong Lynn Lee/Sharon Roobol
29 March 2013 Liberta Kan Lume Kan Lume/Megan Wonowidjoyo
18 April 2013 Judgement Day Ong Kuo Sin Mark Lee $1 million $305,617
19 May 2013 Ilo Ilo《 爸妈不在家》 Anthony Chen Ang Hwee Sim/ Yuni Hadi $700,000 $1,227,925
1 August 2013 That Girl in Pinafore《我的朋友,我的同學,我愛過的一切》 Chai Yee Wei Eugene Lee $434,429
6 August 2013 Menstrual Man Amit Virmani Kui Luan Seah/Amit Virmani $6,500
8 September 2013 Canopy Aaron Wilson Finer Films, Jin Chuan Pictures AUD $1.3 million
26 September 2013 Innocents Chen-Hsi Wong Chen-Hsi Wong $200,000
3 October 2013 To Singapore, with Love《星国恋》 Tan Pin Pin Tan Pin Pin N/A
24 October 2013 3:50 Eysham Ali, Chhay Bora Silver Media Group, House of Ou Studios
14 November 2013 3 Peas in a Pod《他她他》 Michelle Chong Michelle Chong/Pauline Yu/Irving Artemas $1.7 million $229,862
5 December 2013 Everybody's Business Thean-jeen Lee Pui Yin Chan/Yan Yan Chan/Yok Wai Leonard Lai/Saw Yam Seah/Soo Wei Toong $581,534
5 December 2013 I Hugged The Berlin Patient Edgar Tang, Dzul Sungit Edgar Tang/Dzul Sungit $8,463


Date Title Director Producer Production
30 January 2014 The Lion Men《狮神决战》 Jack Neo Leonard Lai, Jack Neo, "Mang" (Melvin Ang) $2 million $1,668,382
2 February 2014 Gone Case Ler Jiyuan Lee Thean-Jeen NA
27 February 2014 re:solve《决议案》 Randy Ang Red Action Entertainment, JF Lennon & Associates, Bettermen Asia $1.2 million
13 March 2014 The Second Coming Herman Yao, Tin Chi Ng Scout Pictures $75,713
4 May 2014 Sayang Disayang Sanif Olek Sanif Olek NA
6 June 2014 The Lion Men 2: The Ultimate Showdown Jack Neo Leonard Lai, Jack Neo, "Mang" (Melvin Ang) $2 million $856,343
19 June 2014 Meeting the Giant《再见巨人》 Tay Ping Hui Stellar Mega Film, Clover Films, G & J Creation, Aquila, StarHub $115,073
11 September 2014 Afterimages Tony Kern Tony Kern, Genevieve Woo $180,371
3 October 2014 03-Flats Lei Yuan Bin Lilian Chee
18 October 2014 Snakeskin Daniel Hui 13 Little Pictures
27 October 2014 As You Were Liao Jiekai 13 Little Pictures
31 October 2014 Banting M. Raihan Halim Papahan Films
13 November 2014 Wayang Boy《戏曲小子》 Raymond Tan MM2 Entertainment Pte Ltd, Brainchild Pictures Pte Ltd, The Number 8 Yard, Cornerstone Pictures, Bert Pictures, StarHub Cable Vision Limited and Zingshot Productions $1 million
4 December 2014 Unlucky Plaza Ken Kwek Kaya Toast Pictures $800,000
6 December 2014 The Obs: A Singapore Story Yeo Siew Hua Yeo Siew Hua, Adeline Setiawan, Dan Koh $33,330
6 December 2014 Miss J Contemplates Her Choice《石头剪刀布》 Jason Lai Lim Suat Yen
7 December 2014 Little People Big Dreams Mak CK Mak CK, Cindy Zeng
7 December 2014 Standing in Still Water Ric Aw Joanna Ying Ng
8 December 2014 Singapore Girl Kan Lume Kan Lume
10 December 2014 Breaking the Ice A Nizam Khan A Nizam Khan
12 December 2014 Rubbers《 套》 Han Yew Kwang Lau Chee Nien
13 December 2014 Lang Tong《靚汤》 Sam Loh Outsider Pictures

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