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List of The Incredible Hulk characters

The following is an overview of the characters depicted in The Incredible Hulk, a 1982 television series.

Bruce Banner/Hulk

After the live-action show ended in 1982, the Hulk returned to cartoon format with 13 episodes of The Incredible Hulk, which aired in a combined hour with Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. The series featured more characters from the comics than the live-action series, including Rick Jones, Betty Ross, and General Ross. The show used stock transformation scenes which include Bruce Banner transforming back with his clothing somehow restored intact. The She-Hulk and the Leader made an appearance in the show. This series featured Stan Lee as a narrator. In that show, Bruce Banner was voiced by Michael Bell while Hulk was voiced by Bob Holt.

Supporting characters

Rick Jones

Main article: Rick Jones (comics)

Rick was a regular character on the 1982 The Incredible Hulk voiced by Michael Horton. There, Rick was blond, wore a cowboy hat, and had a girlfriend named Rita.

Rio and Rita

Also introduced were the Hispanic family of Rio and his daughter Rita, the father and his efforts to advertise his restaurant (Rio's Rancheros) providing more chances for comic relief and Rita providing a love interest for Rick Jones.

Betty Ross

Main article: Betty Ross

In this incarnation, Betty (voiced by B.J. Ward) is a research scientist working alongside Bruce Banner at Gamma Base, and is unaware (as are most of the series regulars, other than Rick Jones) that Banner transforms into the Hulk.


Main article: She-Hulk

She-Hulk appeared in the 1982 animated The Incredible Hulk series broadcast on NBC, voiced by Victoria Carroll. The eleventh episode is entitled "Enter: She-Hulk” and covers She-Hulk's origin (an emergency blood transfusion), which had Bruce Banner seeking She-Hulk's help in retaining his mind when he transforms into the Hulk. This She-Hulk is based upon her depiction in the Savage She-Hulk comic.



Main article: Hydra (Marvel Comics)

In The Incredible Hulk episode "Enter: She-Hulk," Hulk and She-Hulk battle HYDRA's forces. The Supreme Hydra featured was Steve Perry.

Doctor Octopus

Main article: Doctor Octopus

Doctor Octopus was a guest villain in the 1982 The Incredible Hulk episode "Tomb of the Unknown Hulk" voiced by Michael Bell. Doctor Octopus had stolen a rocket ship in the military camp.


Main article: Leader (comics)

The Leader appeared in the 1980s The Incredible Hulk episode "Punks on Wheels" voiced by Stan Jones.

Puppet Master

The Puppet Master appeared in the 1982 Incredible Hulk episode "Bruce Banner: Unmasked" voiced by Bob Holt. He gets control of the residents in Mesa City while also attempting to control the Hulk (his Hulk 'doll' even allows him to exert some slight influence over Bruce Banner, although Banner simply feels uncomfortable rather than falling under the Puppet Master's control) simultaneously causing the Hulk's true identity to be revealed. The only person he doesn't make a puppet of is his stepdaughter Alicia, which allows Bruce and Rick to track him down, Rick subsequently using the Puppet Master's equipment to erase all memory of the Hulk's true identity prior to its destruction.

Thunderbolt Ross

Main article: Thunderbolt Ross

General Thunderbolt Ross appears in The Incredible Hulk voiced by Robert Ridgely.


Main article: Spymaster (comics)

Spymaster appeared in The Incredible Hulk episode "Prisoner of the Monster." He was named as such, but did not wear a costume of any type.

Glenn Talbot

Main article: Glenn Talbot

Glenn Talbot appeared in the 1980s Incredible Hulk animated television series voiced by Pat Fraley. In this version Major Talbot's first name was changed from Glenn to "Ned". He was nicknamed by the troops secretly as "Noodle-head Ned" because he was very clumsy, was somewhat cowardly, he sucked up to General Ross, and is often deceived by the enemy throughout the 13 episodes.