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List of Transformers spacecraft

This is a list of spacecraft appearing in the fictional Transformers storyline.


  • Alchemor. An Autobot prison ship featured in the 2015 Robots in Disguise series. With a crew including the Mini-Con Fixit, the ship carried some two hundred Decepticon prisoners, most of whom escaped when the vessel crash-landed on Earth. As a result, Optimus Prime contacted Bumblebee and directed him to travel to Earth.
  • Ark. The flagship of the Autobots commanded by Optimus Prime in the Transformers television series.[1] The computer of the ship was called Teletraan I (voice provided by Kasey Kasem), and it provided intelligence to the Autobots for their various missions.[2] The original series saw it crashing on Earth several million years prior to 1984, and it was discovered some three million years before then by the characters of Beast Wars: Transformers. The Ark was later seen in the Transformers: Cybertron series as the combined form of four Autobot ships: the Atlantis, Ogygia, Lemuria, and Hyperborea. In Transformers: Timelines/Shattered Glass, a mirror Ark serves as the warship of the evil mirror-universe Optimus Prime, which was stolen by Rodimus to invade Earth.
  • Axalon. An exploration ship commanded by Optimus Primal in the Beast Wars series. This ship was used as the command base for the Maximals in the Beast Wars series for the first two seasons.[3] In 2006, Hasbro released a new toy of Optimus Primal. It included a Cyber Planet Key to activate a missile firing gimmick on the surf board included with the figure. Also as an extra piece a small replica of the Axalon was included.[4]
  • Darksyde. In the Beast Wars television series, the Darksyde is the name of the Predacon transwarp ship.[5] The name was only used in the series only once in a comment by character Terrorsaur. The name was confirmed as official when the Beast Wars video game and DVD box set also referred to it as the Darksyde with a Y instead of I. However, in the Botcon 2006 exclusive toy box set, Dinobot was referred to as "The Darksyde Dinobot". Pete Sinclair posted at the Allspark website that it was spelled that way to make certain they didn't run into any legal problems with George Lucas. This spelling was immediately rejected by fans and Hasbro and so very shortly afterwards IDW Publishing's Beast Wars Sourcebook in 2008 then changed the spelling to "Darkside". The ship's computer was voiced by Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff.[6] The origin of the Darksyde was expanded on in the Botcon Timelines story "Dawn of Futures Past".[7]
  • Harbinger. A Decepticon ship in the Transformers: Prime TV series. It crashed on Earth long time ago in pieces. The ship carried a prototype of staff-like weapon known as "the Immobilizer". After Starscream left the Decepticons he went in hiding into the ship, where he discovered an old Decepticon cloning experiment that he used to create several clones of himself. The ship, which was equipped with a groundbridge, continued to serve as his base of operations until he rejoined the Decepticons. Ratchet, Bumblebee, and Rafael later claimed the vessel as the new Autobot base, until they were relocated to a military base.
  • Jackhammer. Personal space cruiser used by Wheeljack in the Transformers: Prime TV series. In various episodes it is shown to be capable of both space flight and atmospheric dogfighting, being maneuverable enough to fight toe-to-toe against Laserbeak in the air. Not a very tough craft, the Jackhammer tends to get shot down quite often, but due to its rugged design and Wheeljack's skills as a mechanic it's soon airborne once more. The Jackhammer was destroyed at the end of the second season of Transformers: Prime, but Wheeljack survived.
  • Lost Light. A ship used by several Autobots led by Rodimus in IDW Publishing's Generation 1 comic series The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye. It is equipped with quantum engines enabling FTL propulsion.
  • Longbow. A ship commanded by Rodimus in a Transformers: Timelines addition to Transformers: Cybertron.
  • Megastar. The Predacon starship and mobile command center in the Transformers: Robots in Disguise animated series. The Megastar's most obvitous physical characteristics are its two huge, humanoid arms, one of which ends in a five-fingered fist, the other in a two-pronged claw. Whenever it appears in an episode, the Megastar is always in a completely different location than its last appearance. Megatron/Galvatron was shown to be capable of combining with it after transforming into his giant hand mode, and used it to battle Fortress Maximus, but was defeated.
  • Miranda II is a spaceship in the Transformers: Energon cartoon series, named for the wife of its creator. The Miranda II bears both the Autobot symbol and the logo of the Earth Federation. It serves as the primary means of interstellar transportation for the Autobots and Omnicons throughout most of the series. It was later shot down and crash-landed on Cybertron around the time that Megatron discovered Super Energon and was reformatted into Galvatron.
  • Nemesis. The Decepticon flagship in several Transformers series. The ship was never named in the original series, where it appeared in two episodes, only being given a name in the Beast Wars series finale.[8][9]
  • Sigma. The ship used by Rescue Squad Sigma-17 in Transformers: Rescue Bots. It was sent on patrol near Quintesson space when it encountered a distress signal from a derelict ship that was generated by an Energon eating space creature. In an effort to evade the creature, the crew-Heatwave, Blades, Chase, and Boulder-went into stasis, and drifted without power for some time before their ship was drawn to Earth by a signal from Optimus Prime. The Sigma would subsequently be stored in an underground hangar on Griffin Rock, and be employed in case of emergencies that required space travel. This included returning to the site of the derelict ship, the Rescue Bots being unaware that the Energon Eater was responsible for the distress call. Blurr later stole the ship and left Earth, only to return.
  • Spanner. The ship commanded by Longrack in the story "Force of Habit".
  • Steelhaven. The ship commanded by Fortress Maximus in the Marvel Transformers comics. Later used as the name of the ship commanded by Sentinel Prime in Transformers Animated.
  • Tidal Wave. No relation to the Decepticon of the same name, the Tidal Wave is the flagship of the Star Seekers in the novels Transformers: Exiles and Transformers: Retribution. Described as a large, black wedge of a ship, it is apparently larger and even more heavily armed than the Decpticon Nemesis, but less maneuverable as a result. It pursued the Ark to Velocitron and then to Junkion, where it succeeded in acquiring the Requiem Blaster and a built in space bridge. It later engaged the Nemesis in battle alongside other Star Seeker ships, but lost much power after firing a single shot from the Requiem Blaster. The pirates were forced to jettison the blaster and retreat in order to save their flagship from the Decepticons. It is also the ship of the Star Seekers in the Transformers: Timelines story "Hoist the Flag".
  • Twilight. A Decepticon spaceship appearing in the Generation 2 comics as Jhiaxus's flagship. The ship's shape resembles a scorpion.
  • Warworld. A Decepticon spaceship appearing in the Generation 2 comics as Bludgeon's and later Megatron's flagship. The ship is spherical in shape and bursting with weaponry.
  • Xantium. An Autobot spaceship appearing in IDW Publishing's Generation 1 comic series and the film Transformers: Dark of the Moon. It is described as belonging to the Wreckers..

Transformers who become spacecraft

As most Transformers can assume alternate forms, some have taken on the form of spaceships. These include:

  • Astrotrain. A Decepticon who can take for form of a space shuttle.[10] Versions of Astrotrain have appeared in the Generation 1, Cybertron and Timelines/Shattered Glass stories.
  • Dew Supreme
  • Fortress Maximus. A gigantic Autobot spaceship in the Generation 1, Headmaster, Masterforce and Robots in Disguise series.[13]
  • Galaxy Shuttle. An Autobot who can take the form of a space shuttle in the Victory series.
  • God Supreme. An Autobot "Starship" in Generation 1
  • Jetfire. An Autobot "Air Guardian" who takes the form of a large jet aircraft in Generation 1.
  • Last Autobot. A giant Transformer created by Primus, takes the form of an enormous spaceship.
  • Omega Supreme. An Autobot that transforms into a giant rocket attached to a rocket base, linked to a long track with a tank. Listed by as one of the worse transformations.[12] The Transformers: Animated version of the character transforms into a ship resembling the Autobot shuttles from the original cartoon series.
  • Scorponok. Fortress Maximus's Decepticon rival in the Generation 1, Headmaster and Masterforce series.
  • Sky Garry. A large Autobot who transports Micromasters in the Zone series.
  • Sky Lynx. An Autobot commander who transforms from space shuttle to enormous mechanical bird and cat in Generation 1 and later seen in the Timelines/Shattered Glass series.[14]
  • Trypticon. An entire city who turn into a spaceworthy flying dinosaur in the Generation 1 series. In the Transformers: Exodus continuity, Trypticon becomes the Decepticon flagship, Nemesis.


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