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List of X-Men enemies

This is a list of some of the major foes of the Marvel Comics superhero team, the X-Men. This list is not comprehensive.

Alien races

Human groups

Church of Humanity

  • Supreme Pontiff (Leader)
  • General Vicar
  • Mister Clean

Friends of Humanity

  • Graydon Creed (Founder)
  • Donovan Zane (successor)
  • Bastion
  • Checks
  • Grinder
  • Hanratty
  • Jumbo
  • W. C. Taylor

Humanity's Last Stand

  • Simon Trask (Founder,brother of Boliver Trask)
  • Eli Garibaldi
  • Joelle Guthrie - Quit
  • Tim Preacher - Quit
  • Lieutenant Commander Coral Trent
  • Commander Jared McGee
  • Sean Lockwood
  • Hound
  • The Razors - Robots with techno-organic armor. They were later found and utilized by the Cabots against the Guthries and the X-Men
  • The Shepherds - Robots incorporating Nimrod technology.



Mutant-hating cyborgs and street punks, led by Donald Pierce.


Sapien League




The Neo are an offshoot of the mutant genome, that lived in seclusion from the rest of the world.


According to Azazel, they are all that remain of an ancient clan of mutants with vast powers and demonic looks.



Alliance of Evil

A band of mutant mercenaries who have been hired by Apocalypse, A.I.M., and other criminals.

Clan Akkaba

The descendants of Apocalypse. They first appeared in Apocalypse vs Dracula #1. While Blink, Chamber, and Twiggy are descendants of Apocalypse, neither are considered members of the Clan.

Dark Riders/Riders of the Storm

Four Horsemen

The immortal villain Apocalypse uses these mutants to try to force his "survival of the fittest" ideals on humanity.


A group of seemingly ageless mutants, each with their own schemes and agendas.

Factor Three

A powerful organization led by the Mutant Master with the goal of world-domination.

Freedom Force

A team of federal agents which was established as a superhero team directly accountable to the US government. The team was formed from former members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants's second incarnation, but almost immediately began taking on new recruits.

Hellfire Club

Due to the long standing and secretive nature of the organization, not all of its members are known. The listed members are all part of the Inner Circle, also known as the Lords Cardinal. The non-Inner Circle members include many wealthy or politically connected men and women of the Marvel Universe like Tony Stark and Norman Osborn and are generally unaware and/or uninvolved with the Club's illegal activities.

The Hellfire Club: London


Young counterparts to the New Mutants, under Emma Frost's tutelage.

Official New Hellions



The Acolytes are a group of mutant fanatics who believe that mutants are destined to conquer and destroy normal humanity.

Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Several groups of terrorists have used this name.

Mister Sinister


Nasty Boys

A gang of mutant thugs who work for Mister Sinister. Vertigo was a member of this team on the 1990s X-Men cartoon.


Children of the Vault

Beings from a bizarre pocket of time who claim to be neither human nor mutant.

Emplate's "Hellions"

This group was referred to as the Hellions only in promotional material, not in the actual comics.

Gene Nation

An offshoot of the Morlocks, who blame the X-Men for their plight.

Mutant Liberation Front

Mutant terrorists organized by Stryfe.

Press Gang

A group of mutant enforcers for the regime of Genosha.

Resistants/Mutant Force

Formerly an incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Rising Sons

Asian mercenaries including mutants, a cyborg, and a Sorcerer

Savage Land Mutates

Primitive humans genetically altered by Magneto.



Amoral thrill-seekers who wager on the life and death of others.

The Wildways


Depowered mutant terrorists on the hunt to regain their powers.

Solo villains

These villains normally operate alone, attacking the X-Men, rather than teaming up with a group of allies.

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