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List of baseball parks in Pittsburgh

This is a list of venues used for professional baseball in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The information is a synthesis of the information contained in the references listed.

Note: Allegheny, Pennsylvania, the "North Side", was a separate city until 1908. The ball club changed its formal name from "Allegheny" to "Pittsburg(h)" in 1887, although the team remained physically located in the city of Allegheny.

File:Three Rivers Stadium.jpg
Three Rivers Stadium
ballparks uncertain
Pittsburgh - League Alliance (1877)
Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania State League (1892)
Allegheny - International Association (1877-78) renamed National Association (1879)
Exposition Park
Pittsburgh Stogies - Union Association (1884)
Pittsburgh Burghers - Players' League (1890)
Allegheny - American Association (1882-1883)
Pittsburgh Pirates - National League (1891 - mid-1909)
Pittsburgh Stogies/Rebels - Federal League (1913 as minor league, 1914-1915 as major league)
Location: South Avenue (north, first base) - corresponds to the current General Robinson Street; School Avenue (later Scotland Avenue, now Tony Dorsett Drive) (east, third base); railroad tracks and Allegheny River (south, left field) - just east of the future site of Three Rivers Stadium
Currently: Parking lot for Heinz Field
Recreation Park
Allegheny/Pittsburgh - American Association (1884-1886) moved to National League (1887-1890)
Location: Allegheny Avenue (west); Pennsylvania Avenue (north); Grant (now Galveston) Avenue (east); Boquet (now Behan) Street (south); Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway (now Norfolk Southern Fort Wayne Line) (northeast)
Currently: Businesses
Forbes Field
Pittsburgh Pirates - NL (mid-1909 to mid-1970)
Homestead Grays - Negro Leagues (1922–1939)
Pittsburgh Crawfords - Negro Leagues (1933-1938)
Location: Oakland district - Boquet Street (southwest, first base); Sennott Street (northwest, third base), Joncaire Street (south, right field); Schenley Park (northeast, left/center fields)
Currently: Park and buildings for University of Pittsburgh
Three Rivers Stadium
Occupants: Pittsburgh Pirates - NL (mid-1970 - 2000)
Location: 600 Stadium Circle
Currently: Parking lot for Heinz Field
PNC Park
Occupant: Pittsburgh Pirates - NL (2001-present)
Location: 115 Federal Street - Federal Street (east, left field); General Robinson Street (north, third base); Mazeroski Way (west, first base); North Shore Trail and Allegheny River (south, right field)

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