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List of countries and dependencies by domestic citizen population

This is a list of countries and dependent territories by population of citizens residing in their home country. It does not include population of temporary and permanent residents, stateless persons, nor immigrants of any kind, nor citizens residing in another country. Note that citizenship basis is ethnically blind, some foreign residents may be the same ethnicity as in the case of returning Joseonjok in Korea. In some countries, citizenship of former citizens residing abroad is automatically reinstated upon return (for example, in the case of Mexico, all other citizenships, including that of USA is automatically ignored when present in Mexico). The total number of citizens worldwide of any country is often unknown and unreported, but in many nations who supply labor (notably Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Myanmar) well exceed the total domestic population. One government estimate on the number of US nationals abroad was estimated at 4.33 million in 2010, up 60% from the decade before.[1]

Note: All dependent territories are shown in italics.

Rank Country (or dependent territory) Citizens Date % of world
% of total (domestic)
* 23x15pxEuropean Union 485,300,000 June 2013 6.65% 96.05% Eurostat
1 23x15pxUSA 291,536,000 January 1, 2014 3.99% 93.03% Current Population Survey 2014 "Non-Citizen" and "All Nativities"
2 Template:Country data Japan 125,527,000 January 1, 2015 1.72% 98.82% Monthly official estimate
3 23x15pxThailand 64,871,000 July 1, 2014 0.89% 95.58% Official estimate
4 Template:Country data South Korea 49,430,000 January 1, 2014 0.68% 96.92% KoreaHerald report
5 23x15pxSaudi Arabia 18,707,576 April 1, 2010 0.26% 68.94% Saudi Census 2010
6 23x15pxSingapore 3,870,700 June 2014 0.05% 70.77% Statistics Singapore
7 23x15pxUnited Arab Emirates 1,400,000 July 1, 2013 0.02% 15.22% UN estimate[2]
8 23x15pxQatar 278,000 December 31, 2013 0.004% 12.248% Population of Qatar by nationality

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