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List of diplomatic missions in Chennai

This is a list of diplomatic missions in Chennai. Governments of several foreign nations have established diplomatic and trade representation in the city of Chennai. Many of them are at the consulate-general or deputy high commission level, in addition to a number of honorary consulates, with their respective embassies located at New Delhi. The consular presence in the city dates back to 1794, when William Abbott was appointed U.S. consular agent for South India.[1][2][3] As of 2012, there were about 45 foreign representations in Chennai.[4] The list is of countries that have established a resident consular presence in the city.

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Country Mission type Established Headed by Address Neighborhood Image
23x15px Argentina San Luis Commercial Office[5][6] 7 May 2013 Adriel Dalgaard Knott, Director 61–63 Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai Mylapore
23x15px Armenia Honorary Consulate[7][8] 24 December 2011 Shivkumar Eashwaran, Honorary Consul Shivsu Towers, 149 Poonamallee High Road Kilpauk
23x15px Australia Consulate General[9][10] 1995[11] Sean Kelly, Consul General (since January 2014) 9th Floor, Express Chambers, Express Avenue Estate, Whites Road Royapettah
23x15px Austria Honorary Consulate[12] B. H. Kothari, Honorary Consul Kothari Buildings, 115 Nungambakkam High Road Nungambakkam
23x15px Belgium Consulate General[13] 28 November 2013 Bart De Groof, Consul General (since November 2013) 18, 3rd floor, YAFA Tower, Khader Nawaz Khan Road Nungambakkam
23x15px Canada Trade Office[14] Subha Sundarajan, Trade Commissioner Suite 205, Hotel Park Hyatt, 39 Velachery Road, Near Raj Bhavan Guindy
23x15px Chile Honorary Consulate[15] Sunita Shahaney, Honorary Consul Oakland House, 7 Adayar Club Gate Road R.A. Puram
23x15px Czech Republic Honorary Consulate[16] Tushaar Mehta, Honorary Consul 64 Thirumalai Pillai Road T. Nagar
23x15px Denmark Consulate[17] Narayanan Sankar, Honorary Consul 9 Cathedral Road Gopalapuram
23x15px Ethiopia Honorary Consulate[18] 30 January 2012 Manikam Ramaswami, Honorary Consul 83 First Main Road R.A. Puram
23x15px Finland Honorary Consulate[19] M. Ct. P. Chidambaram, Honorary Consul 202 (Old 742) Anna Salai Mount Road
23x15px France Honorary Consulate[16] Devi Kausalaya, Honorary Consul Shri Vishwavandita, 19 Poes Garden Gopalapuram
23x15px Germany Consulate General[20] Achim Fabig, Consul General (since July 2014) 9 Boat Club Road R.A. Puram
23x15px Greece Honorary Consulate[21] N. Kumar, Honorary Consul General 37 Sterling Road Nungambakkam
23x15px Hungary Honorary Consulate[22] M. A. Alagappan, Honorary Consul Tiam House, 28 Rajaji Road Georgetown
Template:Country data Iceland Honorary Consulate[16] Chandi Prasad Khemka, Honorary Consul Bhavani Mansion, 2nd Floor, 4th Lane, 3 Nungambakkam High Road Nungambakkam
Template:Country data Indonesia Honorary Consulate[23][24] Kannan Jaya Kumar, Honorary Consul 2-D, Eldorado Building, 2nd Floor, 112 Nungambakkam High Road Nungambakkam
23x15px Ireland Honorary Consulate[25] 1 December 2011 Rajeev Mecheri, Honorary Consul Mecheri Centre, 49 Eldams Road Teynampet
23x15px Italy Vice Consulate[16] Ram Javhermal Shahaney, Vice-consul Ashok Leyland Limited, 19 Rajaji Salai Georgetown
Template:Country data Japan Consulate General[26] 1966 Masanori Nakano, Consul General (since May 2011) 12/1 Cenetoph Road, 1st Street Teynampet
Template:Country data Kyrgyzstan Honorary Consulate[16] Ajay Kalsi, Honorary Consul 2nd Floor, 35-36 Greams Road Thousand Lights
23x15px Latvia Honorary Consulate[16] N. Ramachandran, Honorary Consul Khivraj Complex II, 2nd Floor, 480 Anna Salai Nandanam
23x15px Liberia Honorary Consulate[16] Usman Fayaz, Honorary Consul 18 Cenatoph Road Alwarpet
23x15px Luxembourg Honorary Consulate[27] Jhangoo Daruwalla, Honorary Consul 2D South Gate, 17 Kasturi Rangan Road Alwarpet
23x15px Malawi Honorary Consulate[16] A. Syed Ali, Honorary Consul 83/41 Armenian Street, Golf Links Gopalapuram
23x15px Malaysia Consulate General[28] 1961 Chitra Devi Ramiah, Consul General (since 2012) 7 (Old 3) Cenotaph Road, 1st Street Teynampet
23x15px Maldives Honorary Consulate[16] Manikam Ramaswami, Honorary Consul Royal Textiles Mills Ltd, 22 (Old 855) Anna Salai Mount Road
23x15px Malta Honorary Consulate[29][30] 6 January 2010 Thangamuthu Pillai Shantakumar, Honorary Consul 10 II Street, Seethamal Colony Alwarpet
23x15px Mauritius Honorary Consulate[31] Ravi Raman, Honorary Consul RR Tower, 94/95 Block 6, 8th Floor, Guindy Industrial Estate Guindy
23x15px Mongolia Honorary Consulate[16] C. N. Gangadaran, Honorary Consul Agastyar Manor, 20 Raja Street T. Nagar
23x15px Netherlands Honorary Consulate[32] Akhila Srinivasan, Honorary Consul 80/81, 7th Floor, MBC Towers Alwarpet
23x15px New Zealand Honorary Consulate[33] L. Ganesh, Honorary Consul Rane Engine Valves Ltd, Maithri, 132 Cathedral Road Gopalapuram
23x15px Norway Consulate[34] Arvind Gopinath, Consul Harbour Gate House, P.O. Box 1396, 44/45 Rajaji Salai Georgetown
23x15px Paraguay Honorary Consulate[35] 2011 A. V. M. Balasubramanian, Honorary Consul AVM Studios, NSK Salai Vadapalani
23x15px Philippines Honorary Consulate[36] Ashwin C. Muthiah, Honorary Consul Spic House, Annex Building, 8th Floor, 88 Anna Salai Guindy
23x15px Russia Consulate General[37] Sergey L. Kotov, Consul General (since May 2014) 14 Santhome High Road Mylapore
23x15px Serbia Honorary Consulate[16] C. V. Karthik Narayanan, Honorary Consul 3D, 5 Murrays Gate Road Alwarpet
23x15px Seychelles Honorary Consulate[38] M. Sesha Sai Mechineni, Honorary Consul Hello Telecom (P) Ltd, 62 Veerabadran Street Nungambakkam
23x15px Singapore Consulate General[39] 17 September 1987 Roy Kho, Consul General 17-A North Boag Road T. Nagar
23x15px Slovenia Honorary Consulate[40] 27 December 2011 Amit Goel, Honorary Consul Shanthi Apartments, Flat No. 4, 1st Floor, No. 22 Judge Jambulingam Road Mylapore
23x15px South Africa Honorary Consulate[41] R. Seshasayee, Honorary Consul 19 Rajaji Salai George Town
Template:Country data South Korea Consulate General[42] 7 February 2014 Kyungsoo Kim, Consulate General (since February 2014) 29 Radhakrishnan Salai Mylapore
23x15px Spain Honorary Consulate[16] Inez Lobo, Honorary Consul 6 Nimmo Road Santhome
23x15px Sri Lanka Deputy High Commission[43] 1957 Ahamed Lebbe Sabarullah Khan, Deputy High Commissioner 56 Sterling Road Nungambakkam
23x15px Sweden Honorary Consulate[44] Arun Vasu, Honorary Consul 6 Cathedral Road Gopalapuram
23x16px  Switzerland Honorary Consulate[45] R. Muthu, Honorary Consul I-6 Dr. V.S.I. Estate, Rajiv Gandhi Salai Thiruvanmiyur
23x15px Taiwan Representative Office[46] 2012 Frank Lin, Director General New No.30, Norton Road Mandaveli
23x15px Thailand Consulate General[47] 2005 Somsak Triamjangarun, Consul General 3 First Main Road, Vidyodaya Colony T. Nagar
23x15px Turkey Honorary Consulate[16] V. L. Dutt, Honorary Consul The KCP Ltd. Ramakrishna Building, 2 Dr. P.V. Cherian Crescent Egmore
23x15px Turkmenistan Honorary Consulate[16] Ravi Appasamy, Honorary Consul 3 Mangesh Street T. Nagar
23x15px United Kingdom Deputy High Commission[48] Bharat Joshi, Deputy High Commissioner (since October 2013) 20 Anderson Road Nungambakkam
23x15px United States Consulate General[49] 24 November 1794 Phillip A. Min, Consul General (since September 2014) 220 Anna Salai Gemini Circle 150px
23x15px Zambia Honorary Consulate[50] 23 May 2008 S. R. Krishnan, Honorary Consul Rosy Tower, II Floor, 7 Nungambakkam High Road Nungambakkam

Proposed missions

The agreement for establishing the Consulate General of People's Republic of China in Chennai, the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu had been signed by the prime minister of India Narendra Modi and Chinese premier Li Keqiang, during Modi's three-day visit to China in May 2015 [51]

As on 2013, several countries, including Bangladesh,[52] South Africa,[53] and Taiwan,[54] had plans to establish missions in Chennai which was never materialized.

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