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List of fish sauces

File:Phu quoc fabication de nuoc mam.jpg
Fish sauce fermenting in large barrels

Fish sauce is an amber-colored liquid extracted from the fermentation of fish with sea salt. It is used as a condiment in various cuisines. Fish sauce is a staple ingredient in numerous cultures in Southeast Asia and the coastal regions of East Asia, and featured heavily in Cambodian, Philippine, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisine.

Fish sauces






  • MahyawaTemplate:Spaced ndash a tangy fish sauce made from salted anchovies and ingredients such as fennel seeds, cummin seeds, coriander seeds and mustard seeds. Originally from the southern coastal regions of Iran, it has become a popular food item among Arab states of the Persian Gulf, brought by the migration of the Persian Huwala and Ajam communities to the region.




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