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List of gothic festivals

List of gothic festivals
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Related genres Gothic rock, gothic metal, dark wave, industrial music, cybergoth
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The following is an incomplete list of gothic festivals, which encapsulates music festivals focused on gothic music. Goth festivals may feature genres such as gothic rock and gothic metal, as well as industrial music. The festivals also tend to feature aspects of the Goth subculture, such as fans and bands in goth fashion. Goth is a musical subgenre of post-punk and alternative rock that formed during the late 1970s. Gothic rock bands grew from the strong ties they had to the English punk rock and emerging post-punk scenes.[1] The genre itself was defined as a separate movement from post-punk due to its darker music accompanied by introspective and romantic lyrics. Gothic rock then gave rise to a broader subculture that included clubs, fashion and publications in the 1980s.

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Name Year Location Notes Picture
Wave-Gotik-Treffen 1987– present 23x15px Leipzig,
Annual festival is he largest gothic festival on this planet. Every year hundreds of artists and band from various genres perform at different venues throughout the city over a span of four days. 110px
Whitby Goth Weekend 1994– present 23x15px Whitby, North Yorkshire Twice-yearly goth festival with genres such as EBM and industrial 110px
Castle Party 1994- present 23x15px Poland Above the town Bolków stand the ruins of Bolków Castle, built in the 13th century. Devastated in the Thirty Years' War it became a property of Grüssau Abbey in 1703, though restoration efforts did not begin until 1905. Since 1994 the ruin is the site of the annual "Castle Party" Gothic rock festival. 110px
Convergence 1995- present 23x15px
North America annual net.goth party run by and for members of the alt.gothic and newsgroup, and other related Usenet newsgroups.Events at Convergence typically included live bands and club nights, bazaars, fashion, art shows, panels, and tours of goth-themed locales in the host city. In recent years, however, the festival aspects of this event have been stripped away leaving the event transformed into a meet-up for old friends from past Convergences to get-together. 110px
Bats Day in the Fun Park 1999– present 23x15px Anaheim, California Started in August 1999 as a joint effort between the promoters of the goth/industrial and deathrock clubs Absynthe and Release the Bats. It has become an annual three-day event 110px
Infest 2000– present 23x15px Bradford, England An annual festival featuring a mixture of electronic, industrial and gothic music. The festival features club/DJ events, live concerts from established international artists & new bands to the scene, both clothes & music stalls. 110px
Lumous Gothic Festival 2001– present 23x15px Finland commonly known as Lumous) is the largest festival dedicated to the goth subculture in Finland and the northernmost Gothic festival in the world. covering musical genres such as gothic rock, deathrock, industrial, EBM and neofolk
M'era Luna Festival 2000-present 23x15px Germany A festival of goth, metal and industrial music. It is held annually on the second weekend of every August, in Hildesheim, Germany. 110px
Reverence 2003–2009 23x15px Madison, Wisconsin An electronic music festival. Featuring primarily aggrotech, electro-industrial and synthpop bands, it has also included other electronic dance music genres as well.
Summer Darkness 2003– present 23x15px Utrecht, Netherlands Acts perform in various clubs throughout the city of Utrecht. The festival was a joint venture by Cybercase, Tivoli (Utrecht), EKKO and Mojo until EKKO made the decision in 2009 to quit. 110px
Eccentrik 2004– present 23x15px Raleigh, North Carolina A 3-day industrial and goth music festival. Started in October 2004, Eccentrik features various musical styles including deathrock, gothabilly, industrial, gothic rock, psychobilly, post-punk, synthpop and other related genres.[5]
Blacksun Festival 2005 – 2007 23x15px New Haven, Connecticut Was created in 2005 is a 3-day industrial and goth music international festival. Because larger goth festivals take place in Europe, the festival gives American bands a closer opportunity to play. 110px
Alt-Fest 2014 23x15px England a crowd-sourced alternative music and lifestyle festival, intended to run from 2014 onwards at Boughton Estate, Kettering, England.[6] The inaugural festival promised six stages and 180 bands, but instead, the event was cancelled due to lack of funding, with the controlling company consequently going into liquidation.[7] 110px


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