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List of heads of state of Ciskei

File:Coat of arms of Ciskei.svg
Coat of Arms of the Republic of Ciskei

List of the Heads of State of Ciskei

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Tenure Incumbent Affiliation Notes
Ciskei Territorial Authority
November 1968 to 1 August 1972 Thandatha Jongilizwe Mabandla, Chief Executive Councillor CNP
Ciskei (Self-Rule)
1 August 1972 to 21 May 1973 Thandatha Jongilizwe Mabandla, Chief Minister CNP
21 May 1973 to 1975 Lennox Sebe, Chief Minister CNIP 1st Term
1975 Charles Sebe, Acting Chief Minister Mil
1975 to 4 December 1981 Lennox Sebe, Chief Minister CNIP 2nd Term
Republic of Ciskei (Independent)
4 December 1981 to 4 March 1990 Lennox Sebe, President CNIP Declared President for Life in 1983; deposed
4 March 1990 to 22 March 1994 Oupa Gqozo, Chairman of the Military Committee and of the Council of State Mil Resigned
22 March 1994 to 26 April 1994 Pieter van Rensburg Goosen + Bongani Blessing Finca, Administrators
Ciskei re-integrated into South Africa on 27 April 1994

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