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List of honors and awards received by Jimmy Carter

File:Jimmy Carter with model of SSN-23.jpg
Former President and Navy submariner Jimmy Carter (left) hoists a replica of the USS Jimmy Carter (SSN-23) given to him by Secretary of the Navy John H. Dalton (right) at a naming ceremony in the Pentagon on April 28, 1998

U.S. President Jimmy Carter (born 1924) has received numerous accolates, awards, and honorary degrees. Several places, institutions, and other things have been named for him.

Honorary degrees

Carter has received honorary degrees from many American and foreign colleges and universities. They include:


Among the honors Carter has received are the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1999 and the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. Others include:

In 1998, the US Navy named the third and last Seawolf-class submarine honoring former President Carter and his service as a submariner officer. It became one of the first US Navy vessels to be named for a person living at the time of naming.[9]


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